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Kabkab Fresh Dates Purchase Price + Sales in Trade and Export

Looking for companies supplying delectable Kabkab dates along with a reasonable price? Although the choice depends on price and your location, you can get good values from Iranian suppliers, no matter what! As you proceed with reading this article, you will find out some facts about the features determining the price of this tasty fruit coupled with its origin.

The color of this date when unripe is light yellow and has a slightly bitter taste, unlike other dates, but when the date is fully ripe, it turns dark brown and becomes ambrosial.

Kabkab dates

Recently, due to the deteriorating quality of packaging, Kabkab dates have not found their place in the world market.

But since they are delicious in taste, Kabkab dates are still feasible and certainly competent, and perhaps efforts can be made to accelerate the speed of exporting Kabkab dates.

Appropriate advertising can help with the plan. This product is usually sold in pressed packages.

However, dates should not be crushed, and date seeds should be mixed with the flesh. Speaking of packaging, this factor matters the most in defining a quality product. Kabkab dates are packed in different sizes and shapes from 500 gm to 12kg.

Iranian suppliers are capable to package dates in different weights. Packaging kebab dates can be carried out in either plastic or paper boxes, but one of the popular packages is the 10 kg package, which has a special effect when selected from the last row of the product.

Another type of packaging has a weight of 2 kg and consists of 6 boxes, each of which is placed in a large bundle.

Kabkab dates calories

Another type of packaging is a kilogram box containing 12 packages. Plastic bags are packaged according to two standards; Buckets and books. Aquarius type has many fans in Iran, 1kg, 1/5kg and 2kg books are also available. With this specialty, Kabkab dates are a good option for export to date-loving countries.

More importantly, due to the reasonable price and unique taste of this date, many gardeners have recently begun to grow this date in an effort to improve product quality and achieve a more competitive price in the market. In general, the estimated price per ton of Kabkab dates in 2020-2021 should be between $400 and $600. Kabkab dates have numerous advantages for both the company and the customer.

This ambrosia is often produced in the provinces of Khuzestan and Bushehr, and then sold directly from the grove. Behbahan and Dashtestan dates (particularly Poshtkouh) are more well-known than dates from other cities. It should be noted that Kabkab dates mature faster than other types, allowing them to be sold sooner.

The “Rutab” of this product is also ripe by a honey colored dyed, called honey date, during the harvest season, which begins in mid-August and lasts until mid-September. To summarize, there are a number of elements playing roles in defining the quality and accordingly the prices of dates, not to mention the place of growth and the conditions thereof.

Kabkab date grade

Kabkab dates

Among all varieties of Iranian dates, Kabkab dates come second to none, sold to all parts of the world. Reading the article, you will obtain some information on the specifications of this scrumptious and nutritious fruit. Moreover, you will gain a deep insight into the export share of this product.

Iranian Kabkab Dates are moist dates with a semi-dried texture that are long and dark brown in color. This Date, after Astamaran, Shahani, and Mazafati Dates, has the most affordable pricing in Iran. Since the production of this product is more widespread in the southwest of the country, the price of the product is on average in the production areas, which are mostly located in the provinces of Fars, Bushehr, and Khuzestan.

This product's cost is determined by both production and annual inflation.

Dashtestan dates are usually more expensive than Behbahan dates, owing to their higher quality and larger size. This cultivar's dates are mostly harvested as Rutab and sold in plastic bowls. Rutab Kabakb, or honey yellow dates, are the name given to them.

It is interesting to note that Kabkab Date is one of the most popular and delicious moist dates in the world, and it may be grown in most of Iran's tropical cities.

Kabkab date functions

Nevertheless, practically all Iranian Kabkab Dates are produced in the Khesht and Kamarj sections of Kazerun and Dashtestan towns (Borazjan). Other cities where this Date is cultivated in proper conditions are Khormuj, Behbahan, Kazerun, Jahrom, and Tabas.

In comparison to Dashtestan Kabkab Date, the planted Date palm in Behbahan has a sweeter flavor and is smaller. Dashtestan Kabkab dates and Behbahan kebab dates are two good examples, both of which are less expensive and more suited.

The date industry, as well as the provision of jobs and cash, can benefit from the export and packaging of dates. More importantly, Kabkab Date is a moist Date fruit that could be stored at room temperature for up to 6 months without needing to be refrigerated (doesn't need to be refrigerated). It should also be kept dry and cold for lengthy periods of time. Kabkab date is a delectable and high-sugar date widely consumed across the world.

This one-of-a-kind product can only be cultivated in our nation, which is why there are so many people interested in purchasing it. As a result, our country's date export business is thriving. This product is sold in specific packets to various marketplaces during the time of harvest.

According to studies, the demand for first-class Kabkab dates has been quite significant in many regions. This product is well-suited to the environment of the nation and has a high yield. As a result, this product has a wide distribution. According to recorded data, Kabkab dates are of the most popular goods on the market in this industry, and they are purchased in bulk and in small amounts by applicants, so the manufacturers have chosen to provide them with higher quality.

It is worth mentioning that the popularity of this type of date is evidenced by the exponential expansion of special sales of dates in various markets. Customers and purchasers verify that kebab dates are easy to use and they do not have to worry about safeguarding them because of the easy storage circumstances.

In terms of selling and providing this sort of date to buyers in different markets, it can be noted that the domestic market is a good location to sell and deliver this type of date, and it has been well welcomed in this sector. This one-of-a-kind product is also available in foreign markets. All things considered, Kabkab dates are hugely popular around the world while boasting a number of features drawing the attention of so many buyers.

Kabkab dates calories

Do you crave sweet and savory dates with a lot of calories? Kabkab is a delicious Iranian native date that is packed with minerals. This essay will first go over the benefits of Kabkab dates, such as aiding digestion and preserving healthy organs.

Second, it will discuss the nutritional worth of the food being consumed. Kabkab, a delightful fruit with a wealth of characteristics, is an essential element of every healthy eater's diet. To begin with, by eating this fruit, you will absorb several fibers that will aid in digestion and heart health. It's worth noting that eating this substance will also help you with anemia.

Kebab dates are high in folic acid and iron, making them an excellent source of iron for persons who suffer from anemia. Last but not least, by taking Kabkab date, you are increasing your chances of having stronger bones, not to mention the fact that this fruit is high in calcium. Kabkab dates are a good source of carbs. It is the neurological system's only source of energy, which allows the body to avoid digesting protein and absorb calcium and phosphorus, which is why so many people have started eating them.

It's worth noting the calories in Kabkab fresh date prevent premature aging by preventing the entrance of radicals into the tissues. Then there's vitamin C, which is one of the most significant ingredients in Kabkab and helps to prevent a variety of viral ailments as well as Scurvy.

More importantly, its antioxidants have been shown to be useful in the prevention of cancer. In conclusion, Kabkab is a highly nutritious date with unrivaled qualities that makes it a wonderful fruit for persons suffering from obesity and anemia.

Kabkab date grade

Kabkab date is one of the most nutritious dates ever known across the globe. However, the yield, or in other words, the grade is quite dependent on a number of elements determining the quality or grade of the product. This article shed light on the factors involved in defining the grade dates, especially Kabkab.

Following that, it will give you better insight into the export value of the aforementioned product. Grading dates, particularly Kabkab dates, necessitates a set of criteria to determine how much it will pay off in the long run.

The quality of Kabkab is one factor in classifying them. The more quality, the better profits you may witness in the process of exporting Kabkab dates. That is, the property of not becoming rotten is most important; this is what the term "rancidity" refers to. When exposed to fungi, yeasts, and bacteria, they change color, taste, and smell, which has a significant impact on the pricing.

Furthermore, the presence of exo-substances, straw, trash, and other portions of sub-plant organs adds fire to the fuel, lowering both the quality and the grade in the process.

Then there's granulation, which has a negative impact on dates in particular. This means that the sugar inside the date crystallizes, forming crystals on both the exterior and interior surfaces. Last but not least, any live animals or insects, such as Hexapoda and mites, contaminate the product and reduce both quantity and quality.

Kabkab is not only one of Iran's most popular dates benefits, but it also has a lot more to offer, notably in terms of economic development and export worth. Kabkab dates, in particular, are quite popular, and many people prefer them over other kinds of dates.

More significantly, Kabkab is a top export commodity, as well as a treasured fruit that has been well received by the majority of the world's inhabitants. Above all, as research reveals, the rise in date prices has prompted many to resort to Kabkab in recent years, owing to its lower price compared to other date kinds and unique flavor.

To summarize, grading and valuing an item requires particular criteria and is done based on certain situations, as well as other elements that impact the export value.

Kabkab date functions

Have you ever wondered what properties and functions Kabkab dates have? If not, reading the article will help you get to understand the benefits of consuming Kabkab dates.

Moreover, you are going to read about the target market for Iran. Kabkab dates are one of the most beneficial dates for supplying energy to the body, especially during the day and for athletes who engage in strenuous physical and mental activity.

This date is an excellent thirst quencher as well as a wonderful source of iron and nutrients for the body.

To illustrate, they contain a lot of energy and replenish the body's lost strength. Rich in magnesium, Kabkab is a good option for weight loss.

Not only does it contain a great deal of iron, but also it is good for persons suffering from anemia and heart issues. It should be mentioned that Kabkab is high in calcium and beneficial for ossification and bone formation, featuring antioxidants that prevent cancer. Last but not least, the calories in Kabkab dates prevent premature aging by preventing the entrance of radicals into the tissues.

Kabkab has enjoyed a well-deserved reputation throughout the globe. Dashtestan Kabkabvand piarom dates are marketed both directly and through big trade firms in the provinces of Khuzestan, Fars, Tehran, Hamedan and Isfahan, Mashhad, Tabriz and Shiraz, and even in Arab nations, Europe, and Australia.

These dates are particularly excellent, as Bushehr produces large quantities of them. It should be mentioned that the cost of different varieties of Kabkab dates is determined by quantity, quality, market volatility, and product packaging. The bottom line is that Kabkab dates, having loads of customers all around the world, feature a variety of functions leading to numerous Impacts on the body mechanism.

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The antioxidants present in dates keep the effects of free radicals in check and delay appearance of wrinkles


This fruit contains many nutrients that help increase your energy levels. It also contains natural sugars such as turpentine, fructose and glucose, all of which provide an energy boost


but the full-ripe fruit harvest begins in midDates are a popular type of date in Iran and the world. This date is oval-shaped with sem

Amirhosein Hashemian

Kabakab dates have a lot of calories and help digestion and body health a lot


To increase metabolism, reduce cholesterol and lose weight, eat dates in the morning.


This date lasts up to 6 months and is very tasty


Thanks for this information! Do dates contain citric acid? If so, is it high or low in the spectrum? I can’t find information about this anywhere. Thx!


I adore dates, but do they contact lectin???I believe dates are low in lectin!


but the full-ripe fruit Dates and Mazafati Dates, this Date has the most economic pricharvest begins in midSeptember and continues until mid


Hello, good day, I am very lucky to read this editorial, Thank you very much


price in world markets depends on various factors, each of whichIranian Kabkab Date has semi-dried texture, and also it is long, row, Shelf life and Storage


This food can be considered one of the most useful snacks for all classes of society due to its protein and nutritious ingredients.


Kabkab Dates are a popular type of date in Iran and the world. to their natural nutritious substances have high nutritious value. Kabkab date, Zahedi date, Piarom date, Rabbi date,

Sara ahmadi

You can also use these large leather bags as a laptop bag


The right price for a unique date is the price of Kabkab dates, which people use and are satisfied with during the day of tasting.


Two suitable examples that are less expensive and more appropriate are Dashtestan Kabkab dates and Behbahan kebab dates.


These Kabkab dates are one of the most beautiful types of dates and are very special

Bagher Rasouli

Arad Branding team is a very strong team with high goals and I appreciate them


This date model is very high quality and long lasting

Mona hajimirzakhani

Among all varieties of Iranian dates, Kabkab dates come second to none, sold to all parts of the world.


These dates are very high quality and Kabkab dates are a very reliable and familiar name for everyon


Dates have abundant properties and have natural sugar, for people with diabetes, consumption should be done with caution


Roasted meat dates are one of the familiar and well-known dates among Iranians, enjoying a high reputation and popularity among date consumers.


Although the amount of iron in dates is not so high, but for blood production, the body needs three nutrients, folate, iron and vitamin B12, which are found in animal foods, and therefore, for this purpose, you should use a variety of foods.

Dates are a fruit from which many by-products can be obtained, such as date juice and date cake, date sugar, and many of these products can be produced.


Dates are a product that is exported every year in large quantities to neighboring countries, and thus earns good foreign exchange for the country


The southern provinces of our country and the coast of the Persian Gulf are very suitable regions for the growth and development of these trees and the production of date fruits. Bulk date distribution companies supply this product directly from production to consumption.

Hossein inanloo

These dates are sweet and juicy, useful for the fresh body and a valuable product

Kimia davodi

Contact me for date export business to discuss and start this reward


Dates are great for treating kidney stones and contain natural sugar


Your site offers unique and organic dates, thank you


Good day.Dates have abundant properties and have natural sugar, for people with diabetes, consumption should be done with caution

Reza javadi

Kabkab Dates is one of the most famous and oldest brands of dates in Iran, and it really has organic and delicious dates, and you can visit the Arad Branding website to buy.


Kebab dates are one of the familiar and well-known dates in Iran, which have a great reputation and popularity among date consumers. This date is also considered as one of the types of dates exported from Iran


Kebab dates are one of the most important types of dates in Iran, which is in a special position in terms of economy and exports. Every year, a lot of currency enters Iran to sell these dates to neighboring countries, American, European and African countries.


Iran has the best and highest quality dates and it is good that it also exports to other countries

Behrokh dehghan

Excellent quality as always
great price
and complete information
Thank you for Arad's website and their professional team
And all those who work hard for these articles


Hello, by using dates of Kabkab Kar, you can provide the energy needed by the body during sports activities


The date fruit is high in natural sugars like glucose, fructose, and sucrose.Therefore, it is the perfect snack for an immediate burst of energy.

zohre mirsofian

One of the original Iranian dates is Kabkab dates. To order this product, we must act through reputable and official sellers so that we can provide this product at a reasonable price.


Kabkab date is one of fresh dates, which can be consumed both raw and wet. Honey syrup, which is very famous and popular, is produced from this date. Kabkab dates are very energizing, and can compensate for the body's lost strength.

Mohammad amin Razavi

Dates have a very warm nature, extremely sweet taste, juiceless and completely dry, long shelf life due to its dry texture, etc. are among its most important characteristics.


Kabkab dates are oval in shape and are considered semi-dry or wet dates in Iran .

Davood kazemi

Kabkab dates,It is one of the most characteristic and best-selling dates produced in the country, and a very large amount of it is exported to neighboring countries every year.

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