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One of the most effective methods to gather information about the top companies' wire and industrial electrical wire is to look at the published and available catalog of the product. Today, the progress of science and technology and the emergence of new technologies have also brought about a huge change in the world of advertising, so organizations and companies are looking for productive media and print ads to properly introduce themselves, and one of these effective ads is design and catalog printing. In fact, the directory is the first and most prominent print advertising strategy that can play an important role in introducing your business or organization's brand and ultimately attracting many customers.

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Catalogs are an advertising print medium used by large manufacturing or service companies to introduce customers to their product range, complete product specifications, and their uses. A catalog is a representation of your company or organization that describes your goals, values, and products. Basically, a company that plans to print a catalog gathers a list of important products that it wants to introduce to its customers and considers useful and important explanations for each product to somehow improve the service it offers. Application details for customers. Catalog design and printing can communicate your goals and message to customers, and you can effectively promote your business with the most detailed information by compiling your collection of products in the form of brochures. Therefore, all newly established companies and organizations today start advertising effectively through a dedicated library.

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So here is the question of how we can recognize top quality wire and industrial cable and what factors should be considered. One of the most important steps in the implementation of a construction project is wiring, for which you need to choose the appropriate wires and cables. Before buying wire and cable, you should know a number of information about the product so that you can make the best purchase and avoid making the wrong choice and the resulting loss. Points to consider regarding wire and cable safety and standards include: The first focus when choosing wire and cable is the conductor material used in its construction, be it copper or aluminum. Due to their high cost, copper conductors are used less often in wiring, in favor of lightweight aluminum cables, which are good conductors. It should be noted that the outer surface of the wire and industrial copper cable must be smooth without bumps or protrusions. One of the signs of wire and cable quality is the resistance of the conductors, which depends on the wire or the number of conductors used in the job.


Quality is very important for wires and cables, and almost half of all fires are caused by the use of inferior wires and cables and their connections. The quality of products such as good wires and cables cannot be distinguished from weight and packaging. Therefore, it is best to obtain the standard form from the seller at the time of purchase. In fact, a high voltage cable is a conductor with an insulating coating. Cable structure consists of different parts:

  • Conductor
  • Insulation
  • Metal shell
  • Filler
  • Armor
  • Sheath

Every mentioned item has its own task, to determine the quality of the wire, they strip the end of the wire. The outer surface of the wire and cable must be completely smooth without depressions or protrusions. The diameter of the insulation layer or wire sheath should not be too large.


Unfortunately, some manufacturers have reduced the weight of copper required in the wire and ethernet cable and increased the diameter of the insulation or jacket to make the product weight seem appropriate. However, this product cannot be used in the specified situation, and if used, it may cause problems such as fire. The conductor must be centered, which means that when we cut the wire from the diameter, the conductor (copper) must be placed in the center of the insulation. When the wire insulation is separated from the conductor (copper), it must be easily and elastically separated from the copper. Regarding cables, it must be taken into account that the wires and the jacket can be easily separated

Top wire catalog

A top and professional catalog to introduce a high and top quality wire has some criteria. A wire is part of a cable, in other words, it is the sum of several wires that make up the cable. A wire is a piece or group of conductive materials made of aluminum or copper. Wires and network cable is known as an important part of the energy transmission system, and their specific names are defined in a standard way based on the different characteristics of the electrical industry; they are based on the type and material of standard conductors, reference voltage, the form of use, etc. Catalogs are actually product guides or product lists, which usually contain lists and products produced by a factory or company. Companies, services, social or cultural institutions can be introduced in the catalog design. When the catalog is printed, the product name, model, number, or question and its image are accompanied by a brief technical specification or other brief description necessary to assist buyers in their decision. Some catalogs also allow people to place purchase orders, so they can request the goods they need from the store they want based on the catalog list, or order their goods by looking at the specifications of services, cultural institutions, or various companies within the occupation. Customers are those who need a specific product or service and seek out producers to fulfill their needs. Manufacturers' catalogs can guide them to buy the products they want. The better catalog design and printing, the easier it is for customers to choose the products they want, so catalog design and catalog printing will play an important role in the selection of customers. The more expressive the images and content, the easier it will be for viewers to decide to buy and all their questions will be answered. In general, the information in catalogs may refer to photos of products and descriptions of how they are used and produced, and sometimes prices. This information is mainly for customers, and sometimes for sellers, items such as wire length, weight, thickness, material, etc. in the spool are added to the catalog.

Top cable catalog

A top quality cable and the specifications regarding the cable or wire can be technically shown and analyzed in a catalog. So here is some technical information about wire and cable that you should pay attention to it: Numbers on the cable Other characteristics of the cable that should be considered are numbers showing the number of wires and the cross-section of the cable's conductors. To determine a xple armoured cable or wire, first, mention the number of wires and then the cross-section of the conductor. Example of multi-conductor cable sizes: 4*1.5, 4*2.5, 4*4, 4*6, 4*10, 4*16, 3*10+25, 3*35+16, 25+ 50* 3, 70 +120*3, 70+150*3, 95+180*3, 120+240*3. For example, the term NYY 16 + 35 * 3 refers to copper cables (Protodur) with insulation and PVC coating. It has three conductors with a cross-sectional area of ​​35 square millimeters as the main phase and one conductor with a cross-sectional area of ​​35 square millimeters, which is 16 square millimeters. Signs and properties of low-voltage cables In the German standard, the structure of the cable is indicated by letters like this:

  • First letter, conductor material (N for the copper conductor, NA for aluminum)
  • The second letter indicates the insulation of the wire (Y is a plastic sign, G is a rubber sign, if there is no letter, it must have paper insulation).
  • The next section determines the type of sheath. (Y is plastic sheath, K is lead sheath, KL is aluminum sheath).
  • The next section specifies the armor type (B for steel wire, Gb for galvanized steel wire).
  • The last part indicates the shell material, where A indicates the vegetable fiber (jute).

Below are some of the brands and specifications of low voltage cables used for power. Standard low voltage cable Ground wire (NYY) NYY: Copper core insulated plastic sheathed cable Such industrial cables for cables laid in the ground, in water, in channels and in places where mechanical shock is not possible are called cables with a nominal voltage of 60 volts. The structure of this type of cable is a multi-stranded wire with a copper core that is softened and covered with PVC insulation. The conductor cross-section of this type of cable is circular or triangular. After twisting, the insulated wire is inserted into the putty to make the cross-section circular. Plastic tape with triangular conductors wrapped around the cable. NAYY: Aluminum core insulated plastic sheathed cable NGG: Copper cables, insulation and rubber coatings NYKB: Plastic-insulated lead-coated steel armored cable NYYGb: Copper core insulated plastic sheathed galvanized steel armored cable NKBA: copper core, paper insulation, lead sheath, steel armor, vegetable fiber sheath cable, high voltage cable with exquisite structure.

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To transfer electric current from one place to another, wires and cables are used. The agent of electric current transmission in the wires is the current-conducting metal.

Hello and good time, one of the most effective methods for collecting information about the wires and wires of industrial companies of the top companies is to refer to the catalog of published and available products. Lose exactly as well.


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The catalog of each product is like a birth certificate for each product
One of the most effective ways to gather information about industrial electrical wire and wires of top companies is to refer to the published and available product catalogs.


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One of the good ways to know the wires and cables is to refer to the catalogs introduced with them. For more information, read this article.

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A power cable is one or more wires that are bundled or braided together to form a single assembly.


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One of the most important steps in the implementation of a construction project is wiring, for which you need to choose the appropriate wires and cables.


You can first see the catalog of wires and cables and buy according to your needs


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Hello, good time, wires and cables are one of the most used items in construction


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