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In the world full of electrical devices, wire and cable manufacturing companies are one of the leading and important groups in technology development. Consolidated electronic company is also included in that group, due to the fact that it is one of the top quality wire and cable producers. Wire and cable are two terms often used in electricity and communication today. Many people do not have complete information about these two disciplines and mistakenly think that they are similar, but in fact they are completely different. In this article, we have tried to briefly explain the difference between wire and cable. The simple definition is that several portable wire embedded in a larger rubber mold are called cables, but the wires are one or more strands of metal, 99% copper, wrapped in the rubber mold. The power cord can be called one of the most important components in any kind of electronic device because without it the device cannot be turned on. In addition, these products are used to implement electrical systems in various buildings.

consolidated electrical wireWire

The most significant and basic difference between wire and cable is that the wire is in a single set but the cable is a set of conductors separated from each other which are placed together with a jacket or insulation. Dear users, if you are planning to buy all kinds of wires and cables and want to know more about these products, please pay attention to us. The terms wire and cable are often used to describe the same thing, but they are actually quite different. A wire is a single electrical conductor, while a cable is a group of wires wrapped in a sheath. The term cable originally referred to a sea line of several ropes used to anchor a ship in an electric field where cables, such as wires, were used to carry electrical current. Whether it's indoors or outdoors, proper wiring and cabling is essential - ensuring power flows and passing electrical inspections. From fuse boxes to outlets, appliances and appliances, all wires and cables must be installed carefully. The National Electrical Code (NEC) and local building codes govern the installation and types of wires and cables for various electrical applications.

Consolidated electrical cableElectrical wire

consolidated electrical wire

consolidated electronic company is also one of the electrical wire producers. The electrical wire can be divided into many categories depending on the specifications of the product. A wire is actually a wire that contains one or a group of twisted strands of conductive material (conductors). This material usually consists of aluminum, copper and sometimes steel . Wires can be exposed or covered with plain or colored protective sleeves. The thread is in the form of a slim, rigid cord, which of course has the option of being molded and bent. Solid wires have less resistance, so they are often used for jobs that need to handle higher frequencies. Stranded wire consists of several solid wires drawn into very fine, flexible filament-like strands that can be twisted or braided together to form a single unit of comparable size and weight to their solid counterpart conductor. This rope model is usually great for jobs that require more flexibility.


The following types of coated wire are available on the market: Single strand wire Semi strand wire Ground wire Electrical wiring is one of the most important elements in building safety. Because if the wires are not standard, there is a risk of causing a fire. For this reason, when preparing the wire, one should choose from a wide variety of high-quality wires. The following small series introduces the specifications of high-quality wires to you. What specifications should one pay attention to when identifying high-quality cables? The insulation of the copper wire must be easily separated from the wire in an elastic manner. Also with regard to the cable, the wires must be easily separated from the jacket. The outer surface of the cord must be free of dents or protrusions.  


Another characteristic of good quality wire is that when the wire is cut, the copper and conductor parts of the wire must be exactly in the middle of the section. Contrary to popular belief, having large diameter insulation on a wire is not a sign that the wire is safe. By increasing the diameter of the insulator and reducing the diameter of the copper and conductor parts of the wire, many manufacturers intend to keep its weight in balance in addition to increasing the safety of the wire. But this can lead to fires and wiring problems. Characteristics of copper conductors for high quality wiring The copper wires in the wire must not oxidize (turn black). The copper in good quality charlotte wire must be made from pure annealed copper. High quality thread should have a completely transparent and glossy finish. The amount of copper used for each wire size must be in full accordance with the tables and standards. Using less than standard copper can lead to undesirable results and risk of fire. Using more copper also means that the wire ends up being expensive.

Consolidated electrical cable

In term of producing the electrical cable, the consolidated company also manufactures high quality products according to the international standards. In today's world, with advancements in technology, cables are one of the most useful human products that can help people make their lives easier. Cables have a variety of uses and can be found in almost all buildings, industries and types. Household appliances, tools, electrical appliances and other products are all around him. Cables are introduced according to their type of use. Cables that run through electrical conductors are called power cables. Power cables are very different from other xple cable used in other industries. They are used in the telecommunications industry. Gold is the best conductor of electricity, but due to the high cost of this metal, it is often used in cables to pass copper and aluminum cement. Cables often consist of two or more wires twisted or braided together to form a single assembly. For lifting, towing, towing or transferring power through towing. In electrical engineering, cables are used to transmit electrical currents such as data, telephone signals, etc. The cable mainly consists of three main components: Conductors, dielectrics and clothing. The conductors in the cable provide the direction of the current. Insulation or dielectric strength resists service voltage and separates conductors from other objects. The jacket does not allow the conductor wires to reach the wire cable and protects the cable from all external influences such as chemical or electrochemical attack, fire, etc. The main components of the power cable are described in detail below. What is the definition of power cable? Cables used to transmit and distribute electrical energy are called power cables. Power cables consist of two or more wires or electrical conductors held in a protective or insulating material. It can easily be said, that in the electricity industry, the task of these wires and cables is to transmit and distribute energy. Gold metal is best for current flow, but due to the high cost of this metal, it is often used in cables through copper and aluminum conductors. Cables are classified according to a number of specific criteria. These standards include use based on application, location, environmental factors, voltage ratings, current ratings, etc.

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