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Purchase of Wire and Cable Reels

Procurement Advertisement for Wire and Cable Reels

  • Ad Type: Supply of Goods
  • Ad Code: 56123
  • Product Name: Wire and Cable Reels
  • Buyer: Arad Branding (Representative of Guinea, Conakry)
  • Packaging Type: Coil and Bundle
  • Order Volume:

Wire 1.5 Reel: 20,000 meters

Wire 2.5 Reel: 20,000 meters

Wire 4 Reel: 10,000 meters

Wire 6  Reel: 10,000 meters

Cable 1.5×2 Reel: 1,000 meters

Cable 2.5×2 Reel: 1,000 meters

Cable 6×2 Reel: 1,000 meters

Cable 10×2 Reel: 1,000 meters

Cable 1.5×3 Reel: 1,000 meters

Cable 2.5×3 Reel: 1,000 meters

Cable 4×3 Reel: 1,000 meters

Cable 6×3 Reel: 1,000 meters

Cable 10×3 Reel: 1,000 meters

Cable 2.5×4 Reel: 1,000 meters

Cable 4×4 Reel: 1,000 meters

Cable 6×4 Reel: 1,000 meters

Cable 6×5 Reel: 1,000 meters

Cable 10×5 Reel: 1,000 meters

Cable 16×5 Reel: 1,000 meters

Cable 16×1 Reel: 1,000 meters

Cable 35×1 Reel: 1,000 meters

Cable 50×1 Reel: 1,000 meters

Cable 70×1 Reel: 1,000 meters

  • Container: 40-foot
  • Delivery Location: FOB Bandar Abbas
  • Payment Method: Cash after Signing theContract 
  • Buyer's Priority: Low Price and Short Delivery Time
  • Required Documents: Ad Code + Proposed Price + Phone Number + Full Name
  • Contact Information: sale@aradbranding.com

Individuals capable of supplying these goods are requested to send the required documents via the specified email.

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Comments (33 Comments)

Ahmad Ashkian

Our dear allies requirements have been posted by Arad Branding to help them find the supplier in most effective way👍🏻.

Sharife Nateghi

There are many potential manufacturers of this category of products in Iran, and due to the high usage rate of these items, there are also many potential buyers demanding these products for their own markets.

Saba Sadeghikia

When we want to work on wire and cable products, we need to have detailed technical information. Also, when we want to take an order, we must ask the customer for the exact specification

Hasan Kaviani

Wires and cables are great products for export, especially for exporting to african countries. There are different varieties of this products, so you have to make sure what exactly you need.

hadiseh motlagh

Wires are pieces of metal that transport electricity. They are usually flexible which makes them easier to use. These electrical conductors are key to all electrical devices, from the electric circuit board in a computer to the transformer in a neighborhood, or even the electrical transmission system carrying electric power hundreds of kilometers.

Mahdi Alavi

Seeing special offers every day through the website is actually motivating for everyone who still haven't entered export business yet.

Mahdi Rezaei

Wire and cable is a specialized product that we must have in mind to be able to work from this product and that it has a very good profit margin.

Amene Abbasi

African markets have a great potential for construction materials. To be connected with the market of iron products, having a contact can be a great help.

Marzieh Olamaei

The business of wire and cable are very profitable because there are lots of ready costumers for them and if you be involved in this business you can receive lots of profit from this business

Zahra Rezaei

The request from the Guinea Conakry representation team emphasizes the importance of wire and cable products. They have repeatedly highlighted this matter in meetings, mentioning that they have purchased this product in large quantities from India. However, after visiting wire and cable factories in Iran, they were genuinely astonished and found it hard to believe that Iran produces such products, especially in terms of volume and quality. Based on the condition of receiving fast delivery and competitive prices compared to India, they express their willingness to purchase these products from Iran.

Mostafa chaldavi

Products that are introduced with all the features are a good option for those who compete in the business market

Seyed Mahdi

Iran, endowed with abundant copper resources, stands as a significant contributor to the global copper industry. Given the current position of the wire and cable sector in the country, there are ample opportunities for expanding exports. Technological advancements, process optimization, product quality enhancement, compliance with international standards, and the establishment of trade networks can play pivotal roles in boosting competitiveness and attracting global markets. Furthermore, financial incentives and tax facilities for export-oriented units can contribute significantly to exploring new export domains and fostering the growth of this industry. Through judicious utilization of these opportunities, Iran can emerge as a key player in the global copper market, leveraging its export potential intelligently.

Rahele Nateqi

every expanding country is in need of these wire and cable. so you need to know the target market and their needs.

Mahdi Rezaei

Wires and cables have very good customers in different parts of the world due to their high variety and different prices

M. Abbas Mohsenian

Overall, the purchase of wire and cable reels offers numerous benefits, including efficient storage, protection, ease of transportation, cost-effectiveness, versatility, workplace safety, and enhanced productivity. These advantages make wire and cable reels a valuable investment for businesses that rely on wires and cables in their operations.

Fatemeh Afrad

Wire and cable reels are the products that the customers are looking for to import. because the quantity of that for every deal would be large so it can be profitable for businessmen.

Fatemeh hosseinkhani

Most of the industries in Iran have very high potential in producing products at the global level, and with the presence of our collection, Arad Branding, exports will increase. And one of these products is wire and cable

Seyyed Mojtaba

Wish fruitful deal

Reza Karimi

wire and cable are highly profitable products, while many may consider it as a product which doesn't worth working on.
The demands are high for these two products worldwide.

Muhammad Fazeli

Iran is one of the best supplier of cables and wire in the world ne of these companies is Bakhtar which supply the most valued markets in European countries

Javad, Gh.

Hello to all readers

Wire and cable products are used in most industries and are highly valued in Africa. Again, Aradbranding asks those who can supply this product with specifications and cooperate. I hope we can export Iranian products to different countries.

Fatemeh Faraji

Iran is one of the best sources of cooper p and is a big manufacturer of Cooper productions. Our merchants should use this opportunities.

Roohollah Akbari Salim

Many factories in Iran are producing wire and cable.
Due to the strong needs of Iran and other countries, Iranian manufacturers succeeded in increasing their production in this field, both to meet the country's needs well and to be active in the export of this product.

mohsen jabbri

the fact that Iran is actively engaged in the trade of wire and cable, catering to both domestic and international markets. With a well-developed manufacturing sector, Iran produces a wide range of high-quality wires and cables for various applications, including electrical power transmission, telecommunications, and construction. Iranian wire and cable products are known for their reliability and adherence to international standards.

amin mirzaei

Companies involved in the trade and sale of wire and cable reels can cater to specific customer needs, offering customized products and specialized solutions.

Fatima Radmanesh

By the trade of cable and wire, we can find access to great lucrative markets which will lead us to more income, for sure.

Mahya Soleimaniun

I have experienced working with this product in the past. It is a product that has a direct effect on inflation, dollar and gold, and it can be said that there is no loss of capital, and if you buy a large amount of it and do business, it will give you a very good profit. In one sentence, the product is really good

Mohammad Sadeqi

The demand for wire and cables are on the rise in most African countries who are involved in construction.
So, this is a great opportunity for all business people out there.

R Rezaei

Thousands of tones of wire products are exported yearly from Iran to other countries. This material can be a good source of income for our traders inside and outside of Iran. Here, Arad Branding company can be good start point for manufacturers.

Venus Falahati

Wire and cable are the products that have many customers, if it has a good supplier, it is very profitable due to the high order volume. I hope the suppliers appreciate the opportunities that we provide them and use them.

Azin Fakhr

This inquiry is amazingly diversified in the matter of sizes and verities, so anyone who is willing to conduct business must be reasonably capable of providing all that is needed.

Mohamamd moosavi

Iran is one of the largest producers of electric cables in the Middle East, which provides a good capacity for the export of this product, which can be a good option for exporting to the whole world due to its incorruptibility


Hi every body in my arad family،
It is of great importance tha our country by the ،very efficient and practical efforts of arad corporation could export such merchendise which is of high level strategic industial importance.it makes us proud to do better job t0 earn better and more money.thank you.farzin farasat