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Purchase of 50g and 70g Ketchup Sachets

Procurement Advertisement for 50g and 70g Ketchup Sachets

  • Ad Type: Supply of Goods
  • Ad Code: 59472
  • Product Name: 70g and 50g Ketchup Sachets
  • Buyer: Arad Branding (Representative for Somalia)
  • Order Volume: 80 tons of 70g sachets, 40 tons of 50g sachets
  • Product Quality: Brix 22 and above
  • Packaging: 100-unit cartons
  • Delivery Point: Factory gate (EXW)
  • Payment Method: Cash
  • Contact Information: sale@aradbranding.com
  • Quality Inspection: Submission of shipment video and presence during the purchase is required.
  • Required Documents: Ad Code + Delivery Time + Proposed Price + Contact Number + Full Name

Interested parties capable of supplying this product are requested to submit the required documents to the specified email address.

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Hasan Kaviani

Iranian tomato is great for tomato paste and ketchup and it is well known in the middle east. Use this great opportunity to do business especially with African countries because of it's small packaging which is popular in those countries

Mohammad Reza Shafaie

Tomato paste is one of the most prominent ingredients of every cuisine. So it provides great opportunities for business.

Reza Karimi

Ketchup sauce is very consuming and so its sachets are highly required.
The designs are different based on the different areas.

Javad, Gh.

Hello to you all readers

That is a great opportunity for those factories and even suppliers to work on this commodity. you can supply with the best price then Aradbranding do the exporting and deliver it.

Mahdi Saadat

Iran's ketchup export industry has grown significantly, driven by the global demand for the unique-flavored condiment made from high-quality tomatoes cultivated in the country. Utilizing modern production techniques and maintaining stringent quality standards, Iranian ketchup has gained competitiveness in the international market. Through strategic partnerships and collaborations, Iranian ketchup exporters expand their market presence, contributing to the economic development of Iran and establishing the country as a noteworthy player in the global condiment trade.

Amene Abbasi

This type of packaging is really popular in African countries. They prefer to use this type for daily uses.

Mohamad moosavi

If someone is really looking for money or wealth, she can easily get a significant profit from this news by finding a suitable supplier of tomatoes.(feminine)

Marzieh Olamaei

Iranian tomato paste is of very high quality and its exportation is very high due to its good taste.
Not only to Arab countries but also to African and European countries, especially Russia.

Fatemeh Faraji

I remember in one of Aradbranding meetings our Somalian representative said in Somalia people use tomato paste in sachets not in cans.

Rahele Nateqi

tomato paste is an inseparable ingredient of the kitchen in all parts of the world. it is a great product to work on.


It is really important to be taken into consideration that there are so many important points regarding to expectation of this item from Arad or anywhere else to all rights and that is an analysis and also caring about delivery time

Mahya Soleimaniun

The conditions of this deal are very good.. If you can supply this product, please announce it immediately

Mostafa chaldavi

This kind of ad has all the specifications in terms of packaging, weight, delivery and type of packaging, it is a suitable option for friends who are looking for a great offer


The Tomato Ketchup Sachet is an indispensable addition to any food establishment seeking to provide its customers with quality condiments. With the Tomato Ketchup Sachet in your inventory, you can be sure of providing your patrons with satisfying flavors while maintaining high hygiene standards within your business premises

Fatemeh Afrad

I remembered those days when one of my colleagues and I were trying to set up a PI for this product. there are a lot of necessary items to know and pay attention to for exporting that.

Mohsen Imam

Whether you dream of working abroad or working in an organization that is engaged in business on a global scale, having an international perspective to business gives you a competitive edge in today's workforce.

Seyyed Mojtaba

Tomato paste is one of Iranian great products we are exporting
So I hope for good future on this trade

Zahra Alavi

A perfect chance to get your deal. I invite all those who are capable to supply this product to open a gate to Africa.

mohsen jabbri

it is important for Arad's traders to know that Iran is a prominent player in the global trade of tomato paste. Renowned for its rich and flavorful tomatoes, Iran produces and exports high-quality tomato paste to various countries. With a well-established processing industry and advanced production techniques, Iranian tomato paste has gained recognition for its taste, color, and versatility in culinary applications.

mohammad taskhiri

Iran has a very good experience in producing tomato paste

R Rezaei

Tomato products are used in the whole world and have a good market. This most important destination to export them is African countries.

Mahdi Alavi

Well Iranian tomato paste is well known product in the global markets and it could be great opportunity for everyone to work on this product.

Ahmad Ashkian

Now a days you can find these ketchap sachets in all countries. It is not a surprise that there are high requirements for it.

Alireza Rohani

The purchase of paste sachets is very large and has many fans
Its door is easy to open, suitable weight, occupies less space, easy to use compared to other packages, resistant to impact and also very affordable and has four layers of sewing packaging.

Mehdi lotfi

Tomato paste is one of the most important food products globally
All the business companies in this field can use Arads help to expand their sells

Sharife Nateghi

Food items are always profitable products for traders to work on, specially ketchup and other sauce and flavors which are used commonly by majority of people.

Muhammad Fazeli

Tomato paste and it's subproducts have a very good markets because all countries in the world use these products also sachet is very popular because of its unique aspects

Mahdi Rezaei

Tomato paste is one of the best-selling products that families buy a lot and it sells better in African countries


Iran is a powerful supplier of tomato products in the world. Both the quality and the price are competitive in almost every market.

M. Abbas Mohsenian

Sachets can be an effective marketing tool for businesses. Customized sachets with branding and logos help promote the brand and create a unique experience for the customers

jalal rezaei

as I know and discussed with my friends from Africa, 70g and 220g tomato paste and sachets are very popular in west and east africa.

Morteza Hosseini

Ketchup, a versatile condiment, enhances the flavor of a variety of dishes with its sweet and tangy profile, making it a popular and delicious choice for many. The demand for it in the international market is always high and consumers seek the quality type and rich one.

Mahdi Rezaei

Tomato paste is one of the products whose production has grown greatly in recent years. The nutritional value and calorie content of tomato paste is 82 calories per 100 grams. This product is one of the most important seasonings of Iranian food, and in addition, it is the raw material of many products such as sauces and various preserves.

Venus Falahati

Tomato paste is one of the best-selling products in the world. The global market of this product is very profitable. Somalia is an African country and exporting to this country can be a good introduction to entering the African market

Roohollah Akbari Salim

Ketchup Sachets have a very good market, especially for export. It is one of the widely used products all over the world.

Mohammad Sadeqi

Iran is a significant producer of tomato paste and has a well-established industry for its production. Besides, Iran has been exporting tomato paste to various countries worldwide.

Fatima Radmanesh

Tomato sachets are the ultimate choice for so many people in many countries, like Somalia, UAE, etc.
It's easy to use, immune of molds and portable.
I do personally prefer this type of Tomato paste in these small packings to other ones.

Azin Fakhr

Sachet tomato paste is perfectly popular among African countries. Due its quantity and packaging with leads to a cheaper rate it is Highly in demand in such countries.

M Amir Eftekhari

When it comes to exporting goods to another country, one should be aware of the packaging. Whether packed in bulk or sachets, the trader should know if there is going to another demand for that or not.

Fatemeh hosseinkhani

Tomato paste, this cheap and delicious food flavoring, has a high production in Iran, so dear traders, take advantage of the opportunities

amin mirzaei

Trading and exporting tomato paste can help a company diversify its sources of revenue, reducing dependence on a single market or product.

Zahra Rezaei

Certainly, speed is a crucial factor for success in business. The swiftness in delivering what the customer desires, along with providing the best quality at a reasonable price, can place you ahead of competitors in the business arena. In the world of commerce, customers do not tolerate delays and expect to receive their orders in the shortest possible time. Arad also aims to capitalize on those among its audience who exhibit a greater speed in delivering what the customer desires.