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Dried Figs in Turkey; Sundried Summer Fruits 2 Types Yellow Black Contain Iron

Dried figs in Turkey are a delicious and popular food that we suggest you include in your meals because of their amazing properties.

Dried Figs in Turkey

Figs are one of the delicious summer fruits that both fresh and dry types have many benefits.

The most common types are yellow and black figs, which also have a unique taste.

Yellow and well-colored figs are used for drying.

In the fig production orchards, the method of drying under the sun is used that we call them sundried.

The fig fruit remains on the tree until half dry.

After the fruit falls and is collected from under the tree, it is poured into a special place that has been made in advance.

In factories, drying materials are used to dry figs.

Usually, most food drying processes include the use of hot air.

Dried Figs

Dried Figs Features in Turkey

The drying process of figs doubles its benefits.

Dried figs have five times the calories of fresh figs.

Title Description
Types Yellow and Black
Contains Iron
prevents Cell Destruction and Kidney Stones
Mthods  Sundried

Dried figs contain iron and are useful for anemic people because iron helps the movement of hemoglobin in the blood.

Dried figs are a rich source of useful sugars, that's why diabetic patients are advised to consume dried figs, but they should not eat too much of them.

Antioxidants in dried figs prevent cell destruction and cancer.

The abundant calcium found in figs prevents osteoporosis, for this reason, vegetarians are advised to include figs in their diet.

The potassium in figs balances sodium in the body and prevents kidney diseases.

what to do with dried figs

Buy Dried Figs in Turkey

When buying figs, make sure that the fruit does not look rotten or have bad color.

Dry figs should not smell sour and rotten.

You can also taste some of them, the taste of figs should not be sour or bitter.

Make sure that there are no signs of mold and worms on the dried figs.

Dried figs have different qualities that you can choose based on your needs.

You can see spots on some dried figs, which is a sign of their low quality.

Quality figs usually have a clean, blemish-free appearance.

Buy dried figs in turkey from stores that are trustworthy.

Dried Figs Price in Turkey + Buy and Sell

Since each country grows a slightly different variety of figs, the quality and cost of dried figs vary widely depending on their country of origin.

The quality, maturity, and size of dried figs determine their market value.

There is a range of quality from "3A" to "1A" and "B" when it comes to dried figs.

There is no denying that dried figs of 3A quality cost more.

Dried figs price in Turkey is between $5.85 to $4.80 USD.

Our dried fig selection is extensive so that you can find exactly what you're looking for.

Get in touch with our sales staff for additional details on figs and the varieties available.

calories in 2 dried figs

The Answer to Two Questions About Dried Figs

1: When will dried figs go bad?

Dried figs can keep for up to a year in a sealed jar in the cupboard.

2: What Kinds of Figs can be dried?

Yellow and Black figs are suitable for drying.

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