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Golden Grade A Export-Quality Raisins Purchase

Purchase Advertisement for Golden Grade A Raisins:

- Ad Type: Commodity Procurement

- Ad Code: 98123

- Product Name: Golden Grade A Raisins

- Buyer: Arad Branding (Representative of Somalia)

- Order Volume: 1 Container 20ft

- Product Quality: Grade A Export-Quality

- Packaging Type: 10 kg

- Delivery Location: Factory Door (EXW)

- Payment Method: Cash

- Contact Information: Email at sale@aradbranding.com

- Quality Inspection Method: Submission of cargo video and on-site presence during the purchase is required.

- Required Information: Ad Code + Proposed Price + Phone Number + Full Name

Individuals capable of supplying this product should send the required information to the specified email.

Note: Collaboration expressions in the comments are not accepted, communication should exclusively occur via email.

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Comments (36 Comments)

Alireza Rohani

It was another good news that I read on Arad's website during these years and I was very happy for the opportunity it has provided to its traders.


im so glad to hear that there is such nice potential within our country to benefit from ,it is now up toour traders to turn these chances to wealth .

Venus Falahati

A good opportunity has arisen for the respected raisin traders to introduce their product to the market of this country by supplying this product to the representative of the company in Somalia.

Morteza Hosseini

Brilliant ad! Captivating visuals, compelling message, and spot-on creativity. Kudos to the team for crafting an ad that truly stands out.

Alireza Sharifi

Golden Grade A Raisins is one of the 4000 products that Arad's traders, businessmen, and businesswomen deal with. Like other products, the Raisins have a high quality and are provided with a reasonable price. The product is exported to many countries.

Fatemeh hosseinkhani

Raisin is one of the profitable products that has different types, golden grade A raisin is one of its models that is cultivated in the northwestern provinces of the country and has its own fans. Advertising to find suppliers is one of Arad's interesting plans

Hani Rostami

If you wanna take care of this order, please pay attention to this points:
Sort and clean the raisins to remove impurities. Package them securely and seal the packaging tightly to maintain freshness. Label the packages with relevant information such as product type and origin. Store the packaged raisins in suitable conditions to preserve quality until export.

Mahdi Rezaei

Due to its special features, such as pleasant taste, nutritional properties, and the ability to be used in various industries, raisin has a high attraction for foreign markets. The export of sour raisins can help the country's economic development and increase foreign exchange income

Sharife Nateghi

It's a great opportunity for the suppliers of this product to present their products to other people, and to be able to export their products to other countries.

Mehdi Saadatmand

Raisins are great for exports because they have a long shelf life, are lightweight, and can be used in many types of food. They're easy to transport, don't need much processing, and appeal to a wide range of markets due to their natural sweetness and nutritional value. This makes them a cost-effective and popular choice for international trade, meeting the demand for healthy and convenient food options and benefiting exporting countries economically.

mostafa Cheldavi

Hello and have a good time!
Raisins with nutritional value are rich in iron, potassium, calcium, and B vitamins
Has antioxidant properties to prevent cell destruction
Raisins contain the right amount of fiber, antioxidants, and energy to prevent colon cancer and abnormal cell growth
Blood sugar control in the body
Useful for treating stomach problems and constipation

Amene Abbasi

A perfect opportunity for anyone who has the ability to supply this product and make a deal here.

hadiseh motlagh

We invite big producers and manufacturers to expand their business and be able to use other platforms too.

R Rezai

Raisins have different prices and qualities in Iran. merchants of different countries can start selling them and have a high profit.

Marzieh Olamaei

The export of raisins from Iran to other countries has progressed so much that Iran has won the third place and this is really a source of pride.
Hopefully, we will be able to increase the quantity of this highly demanded product and increase the rate of import into the country.

Fatemeh Faraji

Our African representatives are very active and I'm so proud of them. African countries have good demands for our suppliers.

Fatima Radmanesh

I liked the idea of having these sort of offers on our website so that we make the most of this platform for more and better deals.
I am sure this can open new gates for us.

Mohamamd noosavi

Raisins is great for athletes . Raisins are rich in iron, potassium, calcium and group B vitamins and have antioxidant properties and prevent cell destruction. Raisins contain the right amount of fiber, antioxidants and energy

Javad, Gh.


Iran is one of the countries that has something to say about the raisin crop. And the business transaction in this product was very high in the world l over the last year.
What a beautiful job Arad Branding has done to find a supplier for the representative of Somalia. Those who have the ability to supply and want to be active in the field of export, it's a good fortune for you to contact the email address provided.

Fatemeh Afrad

Different types of products that other people in different countries are looking for to import to their countries shows that we have a vast chances to do business with them, especially some products like raisins as Iranian nuts can be more favorable for them.

Zahra Rezaei

Representatives from numerous countries such as Somalia, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, Guinea, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Iraq, Lebanon, and Algeria have been present in Iran over the past months. Each of them has had requests for products that are more popular in their own countries. Essentially, any physical presence in Iran by these representatives is an unparalleled economic opportunity, as they are all actively engaged in substantial volumes of work, and each has extensive links and connections to various countries. Therefore, being associated with them means ongoing and regular requests in the fields of trade and business.

Azin Fakhr

It brilliant how you engage all the suppliers for multiple products

Muhammad Fazeli

Iran has great capacity for producing raisin and it has a great market in African countries too due to its quality with good advertising and making market traders can work on it

Seyyed Mojtaba

you can see that trade are happening through our trader and representatives by their branding process and purchasing order so you can do it easily as a new member by training and working on the field

Rahele Nateqi

Raisin is one of the important agricultural products in many countries and its export is also carried out globally. The main raisin producing and exporting countries are: Turkey, Iran, America and Australia
In addition, raisins are mainly exported to other countries, including Germany, England, France, Canada and China. Raisin export is very important as an additive due to its wide use in food industry, preparation of sweets and bread production.

Mohammad Sadeqi

A very great way to inspire all suppliers and entrepreneurs out there to get in touch with one another.

Mahya Soleimaniun

If you are looking for an international product, it can be a good choice. I myself used this product for a while. You should know that there is a good market, especially if you cooperate with Indian and Pakistani businessmen. Iranians are very demanding of raisins.


It's best not to limit yourself on one product and try do business in every opportunity you can. You might find a golden opportunity and make big money out of it

Reza Karimi

Raisin product is one of the most profitable businesses in Iran and in other countries. Iran has a great potential for export of this product and it can have a very good profit for traders.
Traders who have the ability to supply this product will benefit a lot.
This would be a great opportunity for them.

Mohammad Sadeqi

Such brief and outstanding advertisements are a great opportunity for suppliers to grab!

Mahdi Alavi

yeah Iran is one of the biggest producer of types of raisins with high quality and great potential to export.

davood sharif

with diversity of products Arad is exporting .the world will soon notice huge potential of Arad Branding comapny .


Hi my splendid arad family,
This tyle of raisins is of very high quality ,which many ciuntries thriught thr world are enthusuatic to buy such good merchendise ,if they lucky rnough to buy it un this safe and beneficial msnner,that is to trade with arad corporation and our arad fellow traders .thank you. FARZIN FARASAT


Good to see this company

Mohammad Ali Hussain Babla

There is a demand for Irani golden raisins in Bangladesh and it is imported to Bangladesh from Iran.


Very good profit for trader who have the ability to supply this product