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Dried and fresh figs purchase price + quality test

Dried black figs are one of the best-selling examples of dried fruits on the market. This product is mainly offered to customers by distribution companies in different packages. As you can see, figs have a lot of fans in a variety of markets. This product is grown and harvested in different regions of Iran, which has led to a great diversification of the supply of this product in the market. Fortunately, in Iran, dried figs are produced in a wide range. Since it has a wide variety, it is being offered to customers in different packaging with different brands. The distribution of dried black figs in Iran is done through shops and dried variety distribution agencies all over the country. Distributing this product in the best conditions via internet sites can have a lot more followers. Today Dried black figs are distributed by this center in various packages for all customers all over the world. Special species are offered to customers of this center, who can finally buy products at reasonable prices. Figs are in high demand due to their many benefits. Naturally, the achievement of the best examples is one of the goals that people pursue. Because the low-quality samples have no nutritional value. Only the consumption of fresh and first-class varieties makes it possible to enjoy numerous benefits.    Biggest dried fruits market in world

Biggest dried fruits market in world

Figs are garden products that are produced in both rainfed and irrigated form, and according to published global reports, Turkey, Egypt, Algeria, Iran, and Morocco are the top five producing countries of this product in the world. According to these reports, in the crop year 2020_2019, more than one million tons of figs were produced globally, of which Turkey is the largest producer of figs in the world with a production of 305,000 tons. On the other hand, Egypt had a production of 167,622 tons this year and was in second place. These reports also say, Iran also had a production of 70,000 tons during the mentioned period and is the fourth largest producer in the world. However, it shows the, the number of dried figs exported to Iran in 2019 was 13,500 tons, and exported 47.3 million dollars was exported that shows the fifth rank in the world after Turkey, Egypt, Morocco and Algeria. Indeed, over a period of 5 years, from 2016 to 2017, Iranian exports of dried figs increased by 95% in weight and $76 in value. Luxurious Dried Fig Factory has been able to attract positive customer feedback by offering quality products at reasonable prices. Since dried figs can be bought online and remotely, the parties to the transaction spend less time and energy. Access is very easy. Because in such conditions it will not be necessary to leave the house and go to crowded markets. Dried figs can also be easily obtained. Dry fruits exporting countries

Dry fruits exporting countries

Asia has the best figs. Because it was the first exporter to other countries. In Asia, Iran has the most dried trees and figs. This export fig is generally destined for the provinces of Fars in Iran. This type of export fig is of 2 types parak fig, 101fig grades. Foreign customers often purchase this product in bulk. The best-selling center for the sale of dried figs in the province of Fars is the city of Estahban. This city is the largest producer of natural dried figs in Iran. This large sales center produces a variety of dried figs. The best and highest quality dried figs for export in this city are in the AAA category. This type of fig has a higher price than other dried figs due to its superiority. Persian dried figs are one of the most popular dried fruits in the world. It has many benefits for the human body and a unique taste. You can use them in your sweet recipes. We sell premium quality dried figs, which are produced from fresh and quality figs from Fars province (the center of fig production in Iran). Iranian dried figs contain valuable nutrients. If you ask "Where do we buy dried figs? The answer is simple. We only sell high quality, fresh, organic, natural and original Iranian dried figs with best prices and quality shipping services by Shadiz Production and Trading Complex in domestic and export markets. As mentioned in the previous sections, Estaban is one of the centers and centers of fig production in the country, whose products can be seen in the dried fruit market. One of the characteristics of figs in this area is that it is both fresh and it is also sold in dried form. The main purpose of drying figs is to be able to supply and use them in seasons when this product is not fresh.  

Best dried fruits company

The luxury dried fig factory in Iran is operating using the best standard and modern products and methods in the world. In fact, it aims to increase customer satisfaction. Therefore, as a reliable reference, the needed goods can be provided in this way. This makes everyone buy without intermediaries. Figs are one of the most valuable fruits that many people have included in their diet. Especially those who pay special attention to the health of the body. Due to the fact that it is difficult and somewhat impossible to keep varieties fresh in all seasons, dry varieties are more important. Various methods are used to produce dried figs, the main ones being traditional and industrial. In the traditional method, this process is usually done without special devices and rules. But in another method, the need for fruit dryers can be clearly felt. In industrial methods of drying figs, advanced machines with different capacities, which are gas, electric or diesel, are used. Drying conditions also vary depending on the type of fig. Different temperatures and times must be used to achieve acceptable results. Figs are offered as one of the most consumed types of dried fruits by Estahban fig sellers in various forms, for example, one way of selling may be by selling in bulk and without packaging. In this model, buyers request dried figs in bulk and may be the owners of factories that pack and label the figs themselves. At the same time, this product is offered in the form of different packages and under a special brand that has its own customers.

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they are so yummy and
You can add some sweetness to your day by enjoying dried fruits.


Dried fruits can be a source of antioxidants in the diet. Dried apricots and peaches are also good sources of carotenoids, which your body turns into vitamin A.


consumption occurs in all
country ranking first in the world in terms of dried fruit productio
cultures and demographic segments.Fruits can be dried whole


Using the brain of dried fruits strengthens the memory


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hana esmaili

Black figs are one of the fruits that are also used in dried form, and black dried figs are very popular in the dried fruit market.


Dried fruits have attracted many customers. Dried fruits are suitable for the winter season. Dried fruits have a very delicious taste.


we can eat dried fruits and nuts together When eaten together, the sugar from dry fruits combines with the protein fat of the nuts leading to fermentation in the gut


focused on the top-line analysis of potential international exportScotland the percentage ran up to about percent single privately dling products that may enter world This


Dried fruit exporting countries are well presented in this article


In addition to being delicious, dried fruits available in the market, one of its characteristics is that its properties do not change


Dried fruit is one of the best-selling foods. Dried fruit is consumed a lot in winter. Dried fruit can be healthy snacks for children.


Dried fruits are produced a lot in the world because they are very tasty and everyone is a fan of them


Estaban is one of the country's centers and centers of fig production, as was described in the sections before; its goods may be found on the dried fruit market.


Distribution Channel Insights. Supermarkets and country ranking first in the world in terms of dried fruit production ... August is the best time to harvest figs, which later are dried by


All kinds of nuts and dried fruits that have a very fresh and delicious taste and are of high quality and are fortified


Today, the dry fruit market, especially figs, has become very hot and is in demand by people. Delicious figs are exported from countries like Iran to all other countries.


The use of dried fruits is that they can be prepared in any season of the year and they can be stored in the freezer and eaten in the season when summer fruits are not available.


You can have a variety of dry fruits at home, which are very nutritious and you can always use them.

Sadaf baradaran

You can order a variety of delicious and high-quality dried fruits online

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You inspire and guide us well every day with your wonderful pen


Dried fruits are sold all over the world, and dried fruits are very suitable for winter and springtime guests and also taste very delicious.


Dried fruits are very good products that sell very well


Nuts are great for weight gain


Figs cannot be had in all seasons, but dried figs can be kept for a long time, dried figs retain their properties and do not spoil.

Zohreh mirsofian

The properties of dried fruit are good for diabetes, very good for hair and skin, and also very useful for pregnant women and children


dried Dates also have a low glycemic index, so they do not typically contribute to a spike in blood sugar

Kimia davodi

Dried fruit is useful for the body and is very useful for those who are underweight and want to gain weight

Zohreh mirsofian

As you know, dried figs are very popular all over the world and there are other dried fruits that have many vitamins.

Zohreh mirsofian

Instead of using unhealthy snacks, we can use a variety of dry fruits instead of snacks, which have many properties.

Ehsan rajabali

One of the great snacks is dried fruit with hazelnuts and other things, which is great


There are different types of dried fruits that have a lot of vitamins and are very useful for the bod


Dry fruits can be used instead of unhealthy snacks, which taste much better than them


Hello, don't worry, dried black figs are one of the fruits that are widely distributed in the market

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The combination of figs and dates is one of the wonderful combinations that you can eat for breakfast and as a unique combination after breakfast and before dinner.

hadi safavi

Instead of using unnatural ingredients and junk snacks, you can use dried and natural fruits for your snack, because this way you can have a healthy and healthy body.

mani alipor

Dried fruits are among the best foods and can be used at parties and in many cases in a simple way to easily eliminate the deficiencies of your body with natural ingredients.

mahdi sobkhiz

By drying fruits, you can significantly increase its vitamins, because by reducing excess water, you will only benefit from the useful calories of the fruit.


The production and export of fresh and dried figs is one of the measures that the country receives a significant amount of currency every year, and paying attention to production capacity and creating added value in this sector can help the country's economic situation.


Iran is the 15th largest exporter of dried or fresh figs.
India, Germany, France, the United States and Austria have the highest imports of figs, respectively.


Due to the fact that these types of fruits are not exported by land due to spoilage, air facilities are also limited and there is not much export, and they are mainly exported abroad in the form of dried fruits, vinegar, juice and concentrate.


Hello thanks for your good content about Greatest Dried Fruits Distribution in the World. Good luck


Dried figs can be considered very useful and nutritious. This nut is rich in vitamins and minerals that can prevent the body from lacking nutrients and strengthen bones.


Dried figs are a rich source of fiber. The fiber in dried figs increases satiety and eliminates the feeling of hunger, and as a result, the person consumes less food and loses weight.


Dried fruit has many properties and is one of the most popular snacks among children


Good day.Instead of using unhealthy snacks, we can use a variety of dry fruits instead of snacks, which have many properties.

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The largest distribution of dry fruits in the world is here to say that this excellent distributor is the best in the world


The largest distribution of dry fruits in the world is here to say that this excellent distributor is the best in the world

hamid mozafari

To relieve constipation and have a healthy body, you can use seven figs a day to provide the calcium your body needs and you can easily solve digestive problems.

ali farhadi

Fars province and Estahban city are one of the most famous producers of figs in Iran, which provide high-quality figs and sells them to the market for export or sale as soon as possible.

ali farhadi

In my opinion, if you want to buy products in bulk, you can get the product you need directly from the gardener to pay a lower and more appropriate price for more quality.

Alexander Cooper

I think Estahban fig dealers provide figs as one of the most popular varieties of dried fruits in a variety of ways, such as selling in bulk and without packaging.


You have any connection with the online shopping and selling industry or online export, Amazon website is one of the best options to achieve maximum sales potential and ultimately maximum income.


Dried fruits are one of the most popular snacks around the world, a bomb of vitamins and minerals. And they have 3.5 times more fiber and nutrients than fresh fruit. And they have many benefits for the health of the body.


Dry fruit can be used in all seasons, it has a delicious taste, strengthens the immune system, and is rich in fiber.


Quality and delicious dried fruits that are available in Asian countries such as Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc. are rare in the world


Dry fruits can be used in all seasons and have many properties for the body.


Dried fruits are very popular in the markets today because of their high nutritional value


Distribution Following the expansion, it became the largest cranberry processing plant in the world. -Aug: Sun-Channel Insights. Supermarkets and hypermarkets


Dry fruits are very special and delicious and can be used in all seasons of the year and are among the popular snacks.

آراد برندینگ

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