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Organic Dried Fig + Purchase Price, Use, Uses and Properties

The best organic dried fig come from many countries and a lot of people want to buy them online but the price of this product is very different from other similar which are non-organic. Dried Figs are one of the most popular products and are also in great demand because of their delicious taste and unique medicinal properties. Growing figs, and earning high profits from harvesting and selling quality products have always been important to many gardeners and farmers. The fig is a tree with yellow leaves and gray-green paws, up to six meters high, cultivated in temperate and tropical climates because it does not tolerate extreme cold. Figs are a nutritious and delicious fruit that contains sugars, nitrogen, fats, minerals, amino acids, and various enzymes and carotenoids. Best dried figs online According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Iran is the second producer of figs in the world, with an annual production of 305,450 tons. After Iran, Egypt and Algeria ranked third and fourth in the ranking, with the production of 167,622 and 131,798 tons, respectively. Iran is the second-largest fig producer in the world with an annual production of 305,450 tons. Most of the world's figs are produced in the Middle East. Of course, it should be noted that not only farmers, but even other people want to grow a fig tree at home or in the garden, and for that, it is necessary to know the best types of fig trees and their types. Due to the importance of dried fruit in the country's non-oil exports, this study aims to investigate the structure of the Iranian and world dry fig export market structures. The focus ratio and the Herfindahl index are used to determine the market structure. Iran's export market structure dominated during the reporting period, and Vietnam alone exported more than 21% of its dried figs to Vietnam. Except for 8112, which is a closed multilateral monopoly, the structure of the global dried fig export market is dominated by the dominant type of company in all study years. This means that during these years, more than 21% of the world's dried figs were exported from Iran. During the study period Turkey, Iran, the United States, Afghanistan, France, Greece, Germany, Spain, China, and Hong Kong were the world's largest exporters of dried figs. The calculation of export prices shows that although Iran's share of global exports is higher compared to countries with lower shares, export prices are lower due to weaknesses in the global marketing process.

Best dried figs online

Online shops are one of the best places to purchase best-dried red figs from. Dried figs are nutrient-dense fruits that are rich in vitamins, fiber, and iron, which are great for people with anemia. This fruit has many nutritional and therapeutic properties. This wonderful fruit is used to treat colds, pneumonia, measles, smallpox, and dengue fever. Dried figs strengthen hair, prevent hair loss, and eliminate dandruff. Other properties of dried figs include:

  1. Increase physical and sexual strength
  2. Prevention and treatment of constipation
  3. hair loss prevention
  4. Prevent bad breath
  5. Help improve memory
  6. strengthen bones
  7. blood sugar control
  8. blood pressure control
  9. Teeth Scaling and Whitening

Dried figs contain omega-3, which is great for pregnant women as it prevents premature labor in the mother and helps the growth and health of the fetus. If you eat dried figs with honey, the pain caused by heartburn will be reduced. Dried figs and obesity are linked to obesity. Dried figs can increase appetite and are great for those who want to gain weight and lose excess weight. Dried figs are rich in minerals and salts that help strengthen the body, so using them can compensate for your physical weakness and help you gain weight. To soak dried figs, first, open the dried figs and remove insects. Best dried figs in the world Wash the figs and soak them in a bowl of warm water for 24 to 48 hours. During this time, place the container of figs in the refrigerator to allow the figs to absorb water and soften. Eat soaked figs in the morning on an empty stomach. Soaked figs are also great for treating constipation. Be careful not to throw away the water you put in the figs, as this water has many properties that are effective in treating stomach ulcers and colds.

Best dried figs in the world

There are many countries known to have the best-dried figs in the world such as turkey, Iran, Egypt, Iran, and Afghanistan. Dried figs are one of the most popular dried fruits in Iran and are collected or sold in large quantities in the market. Estaban is famous in the province of Fars for its dried and tasty figs, so we can say that Iran’s best figs are well grown when dried in this great city. Organic dried figs One amazing thing about the dried figs of Estahban is that all the figs are dried on the tree, so it is natural and there are no tools or equipment to dry them. Estaban dried figs in modern China are purchased from the capital city of Fars at a lower price than intermediaries; so, by buying from our website you are selling directly, paying less as a buyer, on the other hand, you are directly selling a better-quality product.

Organic dried figs

There are many different types of dried figs but the best ones are considered to be the organic dried figs, Organic dried figs are considered the best and most popular figs in the world. This product is sold directly to customers which makes it more efficient and profitable for consumers. High-quality dried Turkish fig can be found in our store in quality and hygienic packaging. This product is very popular among most people because of its excellent quality, which is well-sold and popular in both domestic and foreign markets. The export of this product is a very profitable product for traders and exporters, who want to achieve a large amount of profit. The export product must be of good quality and at a fair price so that many customers will be familiar with it. Dried figs for sale Dried figs – are one of the most useful and delicious dried fruits that are rich in nutrients and can be eaten as natural and harmless sugar. Figs are similar in taste to grapes, but less intense in dates, although they are much tastier and sweeter, you will not find examples of them anywhere else. You can use dried figs instead of dates (in desserts, cakes, etc.) and enjoy the energy that dried fruit gives you. Of course, it should be noted that there is no problem with dates and their consumption, but you will be surprised to know that figs have a higher nutritional status than dates. So today figs should be the center of consumption and care should be taken for their consumption.

Dried figs for sale

Unlike fresh figs, Dried figs preservation for a long time has been one of the concerns of mankind from ancient times to the present. With the advancement of science, many foods can be stored in refrigerators and freezers. But some foods and fruits cannot be stored under these conditions. One of these mummies is the fig, which cannot be stored for long in the refrigerator. In this case, we proceed to the second method of food storage container, which is drying. Sun-dried figs benefits This way, by removing water from the fruit, we prevent the growth of bacteria and mold, and we can store it for a long time and be usable. Now we want to discuss this process in fig. Drying figs can be done in a variety of ways, such as heating them, drying them in the sun, and exposing them to the air, but the most effective and organic way is to place them in the sun.

  • First of all, wash the figs well, remember that all the figs are ripe.
  • The stems are now separate.
  • Monsters are aligned on one side of the black screen.
  • Depending on the speed and volume of drying, the direction of the figs changes so that all parts of the figs are completely dry.
  • A thin net is thrown over the figs to protect the figs from insects.
  • In addition, figs that rot when dried are separated from others and discarded.

Sun-dried figs benefits

Unlike non-organic dried figs Iranian sun-dried figs have another way of dehydration which make them more beneficial. Dried fig decoction treats inflammation of the respiratory tract, kidney inflammation, pneumonia, measles, scarlet fever, and smallpox. One of the benefits and properties of dried figs is that a concentrated soup of dried figs is very useful for cooling off and gargling for infected throats. One of the properties of German dried figs that can be mentioned is that dried figs can be used to treat indigestion. Dried figs can be used to eliminate bad breath. One of the remedies for dried figs is that the combination of dried figs with honey is very useful for treating stomach ulcers. Figs are good for those who have low blood sugar but suddenly feel weak because their sugars are quickly absorbed by the small intestine. Dried figs amazon If you experience decreased libido due to old age, eating figs can also help you with that. Figs are used to treat problems such as fever, earache, and purulent inflammation, and they also help treat the liver. Figs can also eliminate bad breath. Mixing figs with honey is great for treating stomach ulcers. Again, the fig tree should stay dry and natural. However, for the figs to dry out in the house, the fruit must be tied with string. Then a set of pink figs hangs in the sun. Sometimes the figs are dipped in flour before they dry out. Another method that can be used at home is to stop on the grill or in the oven. Hence, the oven should be preheated to 60 degrees. Then place the figs on the grill. It is important that the oven door be slightly open to remove moisture. Otherwise, the figs will overheat and overcook. Figs should also be put in the oven from time to time. Slightly dried figs remain in the oven for 12 to 18 hours. New figs ripen after two hours. Figs dry out when the water disappears completely and dry out.

Dried figs amazon

As one of the best markets for dried figs in Iran, we aim to sell specially Iranian dried figs to deliver our products to the global market and our dear consumers with the best quality. You can guarantee the quality of our products when you be our consumer. Our figs are brought to the producer from the best vineyards passing all the dehydrating procedures. We are one of the traders of dried figs, offering our basic products to our customers at an excellent price. We know that our best advantage is our respected customer’s trust. We offer our product with the best packaging and the newest mechanism. For better preservation, Store dried figs in airtight plastic, glass, or metal containers. Dried figs should be stored fresh. It is best to keep dried figs in the refrigerator. The most important cause of dried figs rot is moisture. Therefore, do not expose the figs to moisture. Fresh figs should be eaten for up to two weeks after ingestion, as they are juicy, but dried figs are available year-round and can be stored longer. Dried figs are dried in the sun to lose excess water. With so much fiber and nutrients left over, it becomes a very healthy snack. To have a healthy lifestyle, it is necessary to use non-transgenic and organic products Eating too much fast food and intoxicating foods, in addition to causing health problems, can lead to environmental pollution and environmental degradation. Products that are growing every day without a specific brand, the only solution to such problems is the use of natural products with a clear brand. We strive to provide you with products in the simplest and best way. The goal of our commercial group is to renew the lives of individuals through organic matter as much as possible.

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Suitable for all ages. Although dried figs might have higher sugar content that fresh figs, so if you have diabetes make sure you consult your health practitioner first before consuming.


Figs contain vitamin B and prevent migraine headaches


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Figs are very rich in vitamins and when they are dried, they have more vitamins and become more delicious


Online dried figs are one of the best-selling products that can be stored longer and are suitable for blood pressure and other vascular diseases


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Fig is a fruit that is rich in nutrients, vitamins and iron, and it is also consumed in the form of dried fruit, which is very tasty

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figs are safe for babies. They are a great nutrient and fibre source which can help your baby in growth and development.


Dried figs can be one of the delicious ingredients inside the nuts, which is very useful and prevents osteoporosis.


Dried fruits are produced by drying different and diverse fruits, they are very nutritious and delicious, including dried fig


Dried figs have high properties and benefits, and their consumption helps a lot in the health of the body. This product has many nutrients, including protein, carbohydrates, calcium, vitamin K, iron, potassium and magnesium.

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Dried Figs are one of the most popular products and are also in great demand because of their delicious taste and unique medicinal properties.


Since figs are full of antioxidants, they have also been shown to reduce the appearance of wrinkles by decreasing collagen breakdown.

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These dried figs are obtained by drying fresh and high-quality figs that you can order online.


Dried figs’ benefits for human health cannot be ignored as they can nourish the body back to vitality with their sweet flavor.


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One of the properties of dried figs is that this sweet and delicious fruit is rich in antioxidants; The amount of antioxidants in organic dried figs is even higher than natural figs.
According to the results of a study, compared to other fruits that attribute their antioxidant properties to vitamin C and vitamin E, dried figs have higher quality phenolic antioxidants.

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Figs have anti-cancer properties and are a delicious fruit

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The rich minerals and vitamins found in figs alone are a great reason to include them in your daily diet.


You can order first class natural dried figs online and offline, one of the most important advantages of buying this product online is that you can buy a product in bulk and at a cheap price in the shortest possible time.


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To have a healthy body, you can easily use natural products such as dried figs, because figs are rich in vitamins and calcium and are very useful for the body.

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Iran is the largest producer of dry fig
Estahban fig also is the best one

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If you are planning to buy dried figs in large quantities, we recommend that you buy them directly from your gardener, as this will give you a great discount on the product and help you eliminate the extra costs.

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Some dried fruits have added sugar or even some kind of corn syrup, which kind of negates a lot of the health benefits of eating this sweet fruit in the first place—so if there has been sugar added to your dried fig, the healthier option is definitely the fresh fig.

I want to tell my experience Colds, pneumonia, measles, smallpox, and dengue fever are all treated with this excellent fruit.


Dried figs have many healing properties for the body and taste good for continuous use as a snack


Organic dried figs,Packaged and completely healthy and hygienic, it is available in reputable stores in the country.


To prepare a delicious banana cake with walnuts and cinnamon, first turn on the oven at 170 degrees Celsius and let it heat up completely.

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The price of dried figs in the market depends on the type of packaging and its quality. Also, due to its unique properties, this product has high sales.


Figs are a sweet fruit that ripens for the summer season and are rich in vitamins


They have a wide range of important nutrients like aminoacides and sugar,minerals


Dried fruit is one of those products that the general public is increasingly interested in. If you are thinking of a healthy way to improve your general health, dry fruits


An over consumption of figs can cause calsium deficiency in the body


To compare the calories of fresh and dry figs, we can also point out that fresh figs usually have more calories if they are not washed with water or other detergents because excessive use of water causes the loss of calories. It can be found in figs, so we advise people either not to wash them if they use fresh figs or to use dried figs so that they can balance the calories in their body.

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Dried figs are one of the special snacks that strengthen the stomach


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