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Zimbabwe Barbed Wire Price

Zimbabwe barbed wire includes different types such as ordinary barbed wire and galvanized circular barbed wire and the price of it, depends on the type.

Zimbabwe Barbed Wire

Barbed wire is one of the essential tools for security fencing.

It is produced from wire, which has a metal barb in its body (edge).

Zimbabwe barbed wire is called barbed wire in English.

Barbed wire is made of galvanized wire and is produced in different linear, needle, and circular barbed wire types.

Circular barbed wire is divided into two types: needle or ordinary wire and ax or sharp that dimension of their rings are 60 and 90 cm.

Barbed wire is playing the main role in security and protection in military areas and agricultural lands.

Barbed Wire

Zimbabwe Barbed Wire Features

Galvanized wire is used as raw material for barbed wire in production because it is resistant to rust and climate change and has a long life.

The most common type of barbed wire is circularly barbed which its diameter is 2.5 mm.

Title Description
Application Security
Produced from Wire with Barb
Material Galvanized Wire
Diameter 2.5 mm

This barbed wire is used around military areas and barracks for protection.

Linear barbed wire is different from circular barbed wire in terms of appearance and application.

Linear barbed wire is used for special places such as gardens, semi-finished buildings, etc.

What is the main function of barbed wire?

The unique purpose of barbed wire is to keep in and out

Barbed Wire Fence

Buy Zimbabwe Barbed Wire

Buying of Zimbabwe barbed wire should be according to needs and purpose.

The first step is to consider quality and then find the product.

For example, it is suggested to use the circular type to create more security in a special area.

It has high resistance, if someone wants to penetrate inside, they must use special tools because it is very tough to cut.

It is economical to use barbed wire.

Because it is possible to keep secure agricultural, residential and industrial places with lowering costs.

They can install very simply and easily.

When purchasing this product pay attention to the size of the barbed wire which is according to your needs.

Iron Barbed Wire

Zimbabwe Barbed Wire Price + Buy and Sell

It will be possible to buy barbed wire online.

Since many websites sell this product, the quality and price of this product must be considered.

Customers must order from a reputable website to they are satisfied with purchasing.

Pay attention to the suitable packaging of this product when buying.

This website offers high-quality products at wholesale prices.

the price of Zimbabwe barbed wire is different on various websites because of its high quality and its price is changeable.

The price of this barbed wire can vary from 1 to 4 $ per meter depending on the thickness of the wire.

Customers can trust us easily because this company is one of the reputable websites.

We have long experience in the field of export and import.

So, for more information about this product, you contact with us.

galvanized iron barbed wire

The Answer to Two Questions About Barbed Wire

1: What are barbed wire good for?

Barbed wire is one of the essential tools for security fencing.

2: What are the dimensions of a normal barbed wire?

The most common type of barbed wire is circularly barbed which its diameter is 2.5 mm.

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