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Tata Barbed Wire Price in Jaipur

Tata barbed wire in Jaipur is kind of high demand product, and the price of barbed wire depends on many factor such as material and length.

Tata Barbed Wire in Jaipur

Barbed wire manufactured in Tata company is a wire product consisting of a main wire and a sharp member that is braided in certain steps of the straight wire.

The barbed wire can be placed linearly in one stretch or it can cover the desired width and length in the form of consecutive rings in a specific diameter of one to two meters.

The place of application of barbed wire can be at the bottom of the fence, at the back of the fence, or at the top of the fence post.

Sometimes a combination of these places is chosen for placing barbed wire.

In some cases, linear barbed wire is installed in several parts of the fence.

Choosing the type and placement of barbed wire depends on the security factor expected by its user.

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Tata Barbed Wire Features in Jaipur

Tata manufacture any types of barbed wire with specific featured such as:

Barbed wire is packaged in coils or "barbed wire balls," with each coil weighing approximately 25 kg.

Title Description
Place Bottom,Back and at the Top of the Fence Post
Broad categories Linear and Circle
Made of Main wire and a Sharp member
Choosing type Depends on the Security Factor

The straight wires and the wires used for the barb are 2 or 2.5 mm in diameter.

2X2 barbed wire means that the wire used in the main strand and the barb are both 2 mm in diameter.

The distance between the thorns can range from 7 to 10 cm.

Each kilo of 2X2 barbed wire is approximately 12 meters long, 2X5 barbed wire is approximately 10 meters long, and 2.5X2.5 barbed wire is approximately 7 meters long.

Two broad categories of barbed wire are proposed in this discussion:

  • Barbed wire that is linear
  • Barbed wire in a circle

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Buy Tata Barbed Wire in Jaipur

As there are standards for electrical devices, there are also mandatory standards for this product that you should pay attention to when buying.

Standards such as the materials used, the length and angle of the teeth or spines, and the distance between the spines are very important for it to function properly for protective purposes.

Pay attention to the quality of steel used in this product Because this product is mostly used to create security and protection in different environments, it is obvious that it should have high resistance and hardness.

Therefore, the type of steel used has a great impact on its strength.

Pay attention to the proper packaging of this product when buying as mentioned in other parts, its rolls weigh between 15 and 30 kg or more.

Therefore, if it is not packed properly, it will be difficult to transport them.

Before making a final purchase, always find out about the packaging capabilities of the company or store you are looking for.

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 Tata Barbed Wire Price in Jaipur + Buy And Sell

When buying or selling barbed wire from Tata company, you should pay attention to a few key points and details.

For example, you should prioritize its quality.

Given that the purpose of barbed wire is to protect and establish security and that it is used in open areas, it must be of high quality.

Circular barbed wire is widely used as a form of protection and safety equipment in a variety of industries, including petrochemical, iron smelting, steel, and others.

Because these products are widely used in the industrial and security fields, they can be very cost-effective.

You can easily connect with a large number of first-rate barbed wire suppliers directly and without intermediaries by using our site's wholesale marketplace.

the price of barbed wire per kg starts from 0.80 to 2$.

The price for the roll of  14 gauge is approximately 30$ to 40$.

You can use our website to know the latest price of the day as well as direct contact with barbed wire suppliers

tata barbed wire price per kg

The Answer to Two Questions About Barbed Wire 

1: How long did barbed wire last?

Class I barbed wire typically lasts for seven to ten years, while Class III galvanized products can last for twenty or thirty years.

2: How many types of barbed wire are there?

There were 800 barbed-wire patents and several unpatented versions, totaling 2,000 varieties. Some have single or double-stranded barbs.

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