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The Price of Verified Tiles + Purchase and Sale of Verified Tiles Wholesale

The highest grade of clay, silica, and quartz are compacted to form a solid ceramic tile to create vitrified tiles. Vitrified tile costs for floors and walls start at roughly Rs. 82 per square foot and go up from there. Vitrified floor tiles come in four different varieties: polished, glazed, double-charged, and complete body. The term "vitrified tile" refers to ceramic tiles that have been strengthened, compacted, and made more resilient by the use of molten clay and silica. One may pick from a variety of styles, patterns, and colors for vitrified tiles to match the inside of their home. It is superior to more conventional flooring materials like marble and granite in this regard because they don't provide as many design options. How comfortable and long-lasting are vitrified tiles? A more lasting option for flooring is vitrified tile; despite the tile's water resistance and suitability for outdoor applications, the temperature of the floor changes depending on the weather. Therefore, experts suggest installing a heated rug or something similar for a pleasant floor. Vitrified tiles are simple to maintain. To keep the tiles' brilliance and texture, all that is necessary is a daily wipe-down with a moist towel. Additionally, they are resistant to water and frost because of their low porosity rate. It is superior to regular ceramic tiles because of the anti-skid coating. On vitrified tiles, other blemishes like stains or patches are simple to see, but what about live organisms like germs that are invisible to the human eye? Although traditional flooring choices like vitrified tiles are suitable for your needs, the issue is: why settle for decent when there are superior possibilities right now? Nothing is more trustworthy than our firm when it comes to the highest quality and most varied flooring solutions.

floor tiles 2x2 price listTile

floor tiles 2x2 price list

The well-known "2x2" tile size of 600x600mm is regarded as the optimal floor tile size for both residential and commercial settings. Before obtaining the pricing list, you should be aware that these tiles are just the right size to fit in both large and little locations. They are neither "too big" nor "too tiny." The vitrified tiles and eternal tiles are the most commonly used ones because of their strength. They are made from materials like ceramic, double-charged, and vitrified. These tiles may be purchased for between 55 and 327 rupees per square foot. Given that these tiles come in a variety of finishes, including matte, super glossy, glossy, lapato, and satin matte, you will have many alternatives for giving your room a touch of elegance.

vitrified floor tiles 2x2 priceFloor Tile ceramic

Stylish and water-resistant ceramic floor tile is a great alternative for flooring. Ceramic is a more cost-effective option to genuine stone and works great as floor tile in bathrooms, kitchens, and showers. While wall tile is thinner and lighter for easy installation, floor tile is made to be strong and very durable in order to withstand foot traffic. Depending on the size and weight, certain floor tiles can be put on walls. I advise you to get expert advice before deciding to mount floor tile on your walls. How flooring tile will function as a wall treatment depends on a variety of things. Because it is too thin and delicate, wall tile will never make a decent flooring material. Not all tiles for sale can be the same, despite the fact that they may all appear and even feel the same. Depending on your demands and budget, different varieties of tile will be more suitable for you. Decide which option is ideal for you after learning about the variations between ceramic, porcelain, and genuine stone.

vitrified tile flooringPorcelain ceramic floor tiles

vitrified floor tiles 2x2 price

Because there are various kinds of tiles available, from porcelain and glazed to vitrified floor tiles, the average market price of 2x2 tiles is constantly changing throughout the globe. If you're changing your flooring, vitrified tiles are your best option. Additionally, several sizes and pattern prints are offered. If you want Italian marble, but your budget won't allow it, you may use Italian marble-printed tiles, including statuary and botticino. The most popular flooring size is 2 × 2 (600 mm x 600 mm). All brands, large and small, maintain these sizes and ranges. for instance, Kajaria, RAK, Nitco, Simpolo, etc. The finest qualities of vitrified tiles that set them apart from other tile selections are as follows: Composition Clay and silica are combined to create vitrified tiles. High temperatures are utilized to fuse this material, giving it its distinctive texture. It is non-porous and has a glass-like sheen to it. Additionally, unlike ceramic tiles, these tiles do not require additional glazing.

vitrified tiles 600x600 pricePorcelain kitchen floor tiles

Strong Compared to granite or marble that is found in nature, these tiles are more durable and have more mechanical strength. Additionally, it is stain-and scratch-resistant. The colors of the tiles remain vibrant even when they are exposed to direct sunlight. It is the best option because to its attribute of color persistence. Thickness These tiles are about as thick as real granite and marble stone, at 10 to 12 mm. Durability Vitrified tiles seem to be a durable alternative when compared to many other tile selections on the market. For this reason, homeowners frequently choose these tiles as their preferred type of tiling. Installing these tiles couldn't be simpler. After the tiles have been installed, there is no need for polishing or setting time. As a result, after just two days of installation, it is ready for use. Quality It is crucial to realize that these tiles are of a high caliber and come with a high-caliber warranty. Before being packaged and sold, each tile goes through a brief examination. The tile producers also make sure that the marble  tiles are uniform in terms of size, thickness, and color. tiles price per square feet

vitrified tile flooring

The sole difference between vitrified tiles and ceramic tiles, whether they are used for walls or floors, is that vitrified tiles are superior to ceramic tiles. It is a form of tile that has undergone the vitrification process, giving it extremely low porosity and a meager water absorption rate. The most pleasing feature of vitrified tiles and slabs is their extreme strength and hardness. The pros of vitrified floor tiles 1) Durable These tiles are a more durable alternative than marble, granite, and ceramic when compared side by side. This choice lasts longer than any of the others. 2) Simple Cleaning This flooring option's advantage is its simplicity of cleaning. Nobody enjoys spending half their lives maintaining a tidy, spotless floor. 3) Bright Compared to less reflective or matte-polished tiles, a floor with vitrified tiles that sparkle and shine will make your entire home appear considerably brighter. The additional light will be covered up. vitrified tiles price in india Cons of the design of vitrified floor tiles 1) A slippery surface These floor tile patterns are pretty slick, particularly when the ground is wet. 2) A less environmentally friendly choice This sort of flooring is not eco-friendly since the process of making these tiles uses a significant amount of energy and emits a lot of carbon dioxide. Therefore, installing this in your house is generally not a good idea if you enjoy the outdoors. 3) High installation costs Installing these granite tiles in your home needs the help of a professional. Since these requirements cannot be met without the assistance of a professional, the installation procedure is costly. The installation must also be level, thin, and have clean connections between the tiles. 4) Repair Cutting the grout lines on the sides is required to remove any tile that becomes broken during usage. The issue is that the nearby tiles may also sustain harm by doing so. The issue also arises from the possibility of discovering the identical tile years later.

vitrified tiles 600x600 price

There are many different 600x600 vitrified tile pricing possibilities on the market, including room, interior wall, and square tile. The options include non-slip, wear-resistant, and acid-resistant, as well as contemporary, historic, and modern. And whether the cost of the outside 600x600 vitrified tiles. Vitrified tile is one of the most commonly used types of tiling in Indian houses. These tiles have improved properties, including being extremely stain-resistant, robust, thick, and sturdy. Vitrified tiles' varied types and quality are produced using various production techniques. Examine the three various types of vitrified tiles that are offered for flooring. 1. vitrified tiles with glaze Glazed vitrified tiles, also known as GVTs, are made with a glazed surface and printed using digital technology, allowing for different tile patterns and appearances, including imitations of materials like wood, bamboo, and marble, and more. Additionally, they are called digital glazed vitrified tiles. They are only appropriate for places with low to medium traffic since the coating of glaze that is printed on the tile is typically less than 1 millimeter thick. 2. tiles with a full vitrified body The color of whole body vitrified tiles is consistent throughout their thickness. As a result, the tile never ages over time. Due to the fact that scratches are scarcely noticeable, full-body vitrified tiles are the best choice for high-traffic areas. They became the most expensive as a result. In order to provide a homogenous color that is continuous throughout the tile, the pigment mixture is introduced early on in the production process. It is important to examine the technical parameters of the vitrified tiles before you acquire them for your house since, on the surface, glazed vitrified tiles and whole-body vitrified tiles may appear to be identical.

tiles price per square feet

Here is a tutorial on how to pick bathroom tiles for the walls and floors of Indian homes, the cost of bathroom tiles per square foot, and color design suggestions you may take into account while choosing bathroom tiles. Modern homeowners beautify their bathrooms with chic designer tiles that are safer and more practical for cleaning and maintenance. Bathroom floor tiles can prevent sliding and tragic accidents, while bathroom wall tiles can shield the walls from dampness and water seepage. Additionally, bathroom tiles are a great way to decorate the area on a budget. If you pick the right tile for your bathroom's needs and according to the available space, it will also seem clean and contemporary. Here is a guide on selecting bathroom tile designs that will give the space an exquisite appearance. There aren't many bathroom tiles options because of this area's high humidity levels. Marble Both the floors and the walls can be covered in marble tiles. Depending on the size of your bathroom, you may choose any color from a large selection of marble colors. Don't choose glossy marble for your bathroom floor, though. Also, marble needs a lot of care because it is porous. Limestone Limestones are ideally suited for bathroom floor tiles because of their light finish. These give the bathroom a fashionable touch. Dark colors of limestone are typically favored. They must be routinely sealed to prevent warping over time. Since it adds elegance and creates a cozy atmosphere in the bathroom, people frequently choose these types of bathroom tile ideas for the shower area.

vitrified tiles price in india

A well-known manufacturer of ceramic and stone tiles in India, Kajaria sells polished vitrified tiles that are the pinnacle of sturdiness, splendor, and luxury living at affordable price. The professionals at Kajaria put forth a lot of effort to produce vitrified tiles of the highest caliber. Each tile has a unique charm, from polished vitrified tiles to digital vitrified tiles. These vitrified tiles have an incredibly shiny surface with a mirror-like appearance that can make any space appear opulent. These tiles are made with durability thanks to the ultra-modern, cutting-edge technologies we employ in their production. The premium collection of polished vitrified tiles by Kajaria is a lovely synthesis of technical and creative skill. The materials utilized, the exact technology used in their manufacturing, their rating, and their structure are just a few of the numerous elements that affect the ultimate cost of the tiles you choose. It's also vital to consider the cost of labor for actually installing the tiles, since this might occasionally influence your decision-making process for your subsequent design job. Materials & Manufacturing Methods for Tile As one might anticipate, certain natural tile finishes will be more expensive than those made of ceramic or porcelain. Due to their lengthy mining and preparation procedures, as well as their rarity, natural stones like marble, slate, or terrazzo will all be more expensive. Naturally, precious metals will have a higher price tag, with specialty materials like yellow gold, for instance, being priced in accordance with the material's current market pricing.

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The highest grade of clay, silica, and quartz are compacted to form a solid ceramic tile to create vitrified tiles.


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Before obtaining the pricing list, you should be aware that these tiles are just the right size to fit in both large and little locations.


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With a wide range of colors, styles, and textures available, you’ll be sure to find the perfect tile to match any decor.

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