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Since the last several decades, our firm has been in the business of providing high-quality stone flooring. Initially, we supplied economical natural stone kitchen tiles to our sister businesses. Along with our own line of wood flooring, we have become one of the most prominent suppliers of tiles made of natural stone, porcelain, terracotta, handmade, and salvaged materials. Continue to visit our website to learn more, and remember that our showrooms are open so that you may see our flooring displays for yourself and chat with a staff that is both polite and educated. To add to our already large selection of products, we are continually on the lookout for natural stone tiles and porcelain floors that are innovative and fascinating. Our showrooms also have a selection of both solid and engineered wood in a variety of species and finishes.

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We have a big inventory of flooring in stock, and expedited shipping is an option for the majority of our products. In order to discuss your needs now, please give us a call or fill out the relevant form on our website. We would be happy to offer prices, catalogues, samples, and professional advice. Limestones with a tumbled polish, Tumbled Limestones, are hard-wearing sandstones. With its worn-in appearance and gentler edges, the tumbled texture is ideal for more traditional-styled residences. The colour of this stone is neutral, yet it has flecks of shells and minerals. Tumbled finish on the surfaces. Tumbled is the coating used on the edges of the blade. Interior flooring may be used. Yes, there is baseboard heating. Waterproofing is necessary. Consolidation of seashells and marine sediments produces limestone, a sedimentary rock. A pale colour with subtle shell and mineral mottling characterizes this calcareous stone. The darker kinds of limestone are less common than the lighter ones. To satisfy your project's specific requirements, we provide a wide range of colours and designs.

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Limestone floor tiles with a tumbled finish provide a great texture and a completed appearance similar to natural flagstone. Antiqued Limestone is a stunning natural stone that has grey and brown tones running throughout. It has a semi-honed surface, which gives the impression of an old traditional flagstone, and it is available in a variety of colours. Tumbling produces an old, antiqued appearance with rounded edges, as seen in this Antiqued Limestone Tile, which has been tumbled. They are available in a number of different sizes, each one has a thickness of 20 millimetres, and may be used alone or combined to create a unique design. We have re-created a genuine quality tile collection by working directly with quarries all over the globe in order to develop a huge range of contemporary and antiqued flagstone floor and wall tiles. This selection has an exceptional choice of colours and finishes and comes in a variety of sizes. Our natural stone comes straight from quarries that live up to our stringent requirements in terms of quality, ethics, and the health of the environment. The stunning natural stone that is part of our collection may be utilized to cover the flooring of any room in your house. Your space will be filled with warmth, and it will have a beauty that will never go out of style. This beauty will suit any kind of design or furniture, whether it be rustic, contemporary, or modern. Because of its wear-resistant components and long-lasting nature, our natural stone is suitable for use with systems that heat the floor from the bottoms. Igneous rocks that are mostly made up of a variety of various calcium carbonate crystal shapes. Limestone is a material that is often used in construction because of its high strength; it also has a long lifespan and is resistant to the effects of exposure.

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The limestone that we use for our floor tiles has been given an honed surface, and there is very little difference from tile to tile. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours to choose from. There is a vast selection of aged stone flooring and white limestone tiles, each of which comes from a unique region in a selection of countries throughout the world. We provide a range of classic Persian aged stone flooring options, including granites, marbles, cement, and limestone from Iran. We also provide a choice of tumbled limestone porcelain tiles, which include tumbling marbles and many other kinds of tiles, in addition to our more costly aged stone flooring options. In the event that you are interested in more robust tones, we can have more vibrant colours such as the aged. Because they are resistant to frost, many of the items that we provide in our selection of natural stone tiles are suitable for use outside as well. Limestone is an underappreciated flooring option since most people choose Marble, Granite, or synthetic stone. Limestone's popularity doesn't diminish its skill. Limestone may be a terrific choice for flooring, but it's underestimated since most people only consider Marble, Granite, or manufactured stone. Limestone's popularity doesn't diminish its skill. We've compiled five reasons to pick Limestone for your flooring, besides the fact that it's cool (literally!). Durable limestone flooring: Limestone is tough. Sedimentary rocks are quite durable. It doesn't wear readily, making it the finest indoor or outdoor flooring alternative. They're soft and comfortable on the surface. Smoothness doesn't sacrifice durability. When properly coated, these stones don't chip, scrape, discolour, or get damaged, making them ideal for busy locations. Limestone floors are classic: Limestone was formed by geological processes millions of years ago and has earthy, natural appeal. Limestone has distinct hues, patterns, and tones. If you pick Limestone Flooring, you may create a non-monotonous, varied floor. Fantastic! Easy-to-clean limestone flooring.

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With our selection of tumbled marble, there is no need to worry about picking which type of marble to go with. Our selection comes from the excellent Ionic Stone Marble collection, which is known for its high quality and gorgeous polish. a Sky Grey Marble Tumbled has a beautiful antique marble colour and is very durable and cost-effective. As an excellent substitute for polished platinum marble, these tiles use the same natural stone and manufacturing technique as the originals, giving them a stunning matt appearance. They are as old as the originals, dating back centuries. The Opus Franco Pattern is a one-of-a-kind design that is offered in two variations. Due to the structure and adaptability of marble tiles, they are a classy and timeless alternative for any design style. Any location will seem opulent thanks to the use of marble as a wall or floor covering that is ideal for both internal and external applications. Due to their extensive usage over thousands of years, marbles have played a significant role in human history. T hey were often used for sculptures and buildings because of their robust structure and lovely texture. We continue to utilize them as accessories, ornaments, and ornaments in the current world. They may be utilized for practically any task, including load-bearing columns as well as wall covering, flooring installation, stair and pool capping, bathroom and kitchen designs, and fireplaces. Marbles, particularly those with varied colour tones and fine veining, may be used for tables, worktops, coffee tables, souvenirs, chandeliers, and ashtrays. When deciding what kinds of locations and functions the marble will be used for, the main considerations are its kind, finish, and colour.

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Stone flooring is a fantastic choice because of its durability and natural beauty, which will make a long-lasting statement in any home. 'A tumbled finish provides an aged look, its worn edges, textured surface, and natural markings make it extremely forgiving with day-to-day crumbs and dirt,' says the manufacturer. The use of the same stone across the bottom floor and smoothly to a terrace creates a beautiful feeling of spaciousness both inside and out. We've gathered our favourite stone floor ideas, as well as a guide on selecting the right kind for each room in your house. Stone flooring works beautifully in a rustic kitchen. Why not tie in your floor with smooth limestone ceramic tiles in a flagstone style if you have a light and cheerful space? Limestone will look stunning when combined with exposed stones, white kitchen cabinets, and a variety of natural finishes and accessories. If you want a more seamless aesthetic, pair a contemporary Scandinavian room with plenty of wood and stone with big format limestone sliced length ways to show a fascinating, wood-like appearance. The floor just adds to the aesthetic of this bathroom's textural appeal. While colour, pattern, and finish are important considerations when selecting stone, address the practical issues first.

  • Does your property have wood floor joists that can sustain the added weight?
  • Is underfloor heating in your budget, since stone might be cold?
  • Do you have little children or dogs who could be bothered by the harsh, unforgiving surface?

A stone floor is a significant investment, so consider it carefully. Glass and chinaware can shatter if dropped, and toilets may get slippery, according to one concern regarding stone in kitchens and dining rooms. It is almost unbreakable, simple to clean if properly sealed, allergy-friendly, and a suitable option for moist places because to its resistance to damp and floods.

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First grade tiles are used as flooring and wall covering. These goods have color stability and people can clean its surface from any contamination using detergents available in the market.

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These tiles look so beautiful. They feel l great to walk on and they're easy to clean.

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Ceramics and floor coverings with various designs and dimensions that are of high quality and are very suitable as material


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These floorings are excellent and are made of excellent material and have a very economical price and are excellent for flooring rooms


Floor tiles come in different colors and qualities for different parts of them house or outside


mosaic are very durable as they are moisture resistant and most are able to handle high amounts of foot traffic. This prevents deterioration and decreases the likelihood of regular flooring maintenance.


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For places that are washed with water, such as the yard and balcony, it is better to use floor tiles that can be washed easily.

Bagher Rasouli

Even though it was very professional content, it was easy for me to get it


Ceramics are one of the main products of clay and pottery, whose surface is covered with a layer of matte, semi-glossy, or colored gloss glaze. Ceramics are graded based on quality after firing in the kiln.


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What they will all have in common is lending a very high-end sophistication to your space.


A neutral coloured, aged limestone with pretty shell and mineral detail. A very durable and practical stone suitable for all internal and external applications.


Hello good day.A neutral coloured, aged limestone with pretty shell and mineral detail. A very durable and practical stone suitable for all internal and external applications


The floor stone of the yard must be of rough material and its resistance is high, if its color is bright, it can add a lot to its attractiveness.


Hello. Flooring has a great effect on the beauty and decor of the environment, and a good flooring prevents people from slipping. The floors of your brand are of good quality


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Tiles can be used in homes as wall decorations, on kitchen counters in restaurants, around bathtubs and showers.

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Hello,Antiqued Limestone is a stunning natural stone that has grey and brown tones running throughout.


Many people use these high-quality tiles and it has gained many fans


Tiles have a dual purpose. They are used both to decorate the building and to insulate it, as a result, they basically consider the tile as a two-dimensional or dual covering, because it will be very difficult to distinguish between the use of the tile as a covering and insulation.

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Tumbled tiles add great depth to any flooring. They deliver a rough and a pitted surface, and broken, rounded edges and corners


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Orobico arabescato marble: This is a very dark marble with light gray to brown sweeping veins.


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