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Tata Barbed Wire Price in Bangalore

Tata barbed wire in Bangalore is thick (2.2mm) with high resistance to animal impact, more durable over time, and easy to unroll and stretch.

Tata Barbed Wire in Bangalore

Tata barbed wires are wires manufactured with a technique called Continuous Torsion – a more rudimentary technique for the manufacture of barbed wires.

This barbed wire is produced with a rope composed of 02 thick strands, always twisted clockwise.

It is a very high-quality wire, incredibly soft and easy to handle and install; however, it is thick and heavy.

Due to their weight, they are also commonly known as " iron wires " - even the heaviest barbed wire on the national market.

This barbed is highly valued for its ease of installation and handling, widely used where the customer's main requirement is the ease of installation.

Barbed Wire

Tata Barbed Wire Features in Bangalore

Tata barbed Wire is strong, soft, and durable, so a good one is an ideal choice for building secure fences and keeping animals from crossing these boundaries.

With 2.2 mm thick wires, it resists impacts from animals, lasts longer, and guarantees us from beginning to end, as it has an internal spool and identified tip.

Title Description
Minimum Breaking Load 350KGF
Torsion Continuous
Galvanizing Light
Quality  High Quality

The twist is continuous (firm strands), and the barbs are intertwined, which ensures uniform spacing.


  • Minimum Breaking Load (kg): 350KGF
  • Torsion: Continuous
  • Galvanizing: Light

The barbs can be woven inside or outside the wire, but in practice, this doesn't make much difference as long as they are made with good-quality material.

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Buy Tata Barbed Wire in Bangalore

One can buy Tata barbed wire in rolls packaged in special casings for greater protection during handling.

Tata barbed wires are great for those in regions with high levels of corrosion and need a barbed wire with a heavy layer of zinc.

Before building a fence with barbed wire, it is necessary to consider some crucial points which will determine the product's durability and the index of resistance to climatic activities.

The first point is to consider whether the fence will be permanent or temporary.

For enclosures that will be exposed to the sun for a long time, the most suitable models are those with a thickness of 1.60 millimeters.

As for those that will have to be placed and a 1.52 mm specimen is sufficient after a short period of removal.

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Tata Barbed Wire Price in Bangalore + Buy and Sell

Tata barbed wire rolls of 100, 250, and 500 m are the most sold in the market.

This size indicates the length, and, of course, what is ideal for you depends on the dimensions of your land and how many turns the wires will take.

The price is between $3 to $8 per kilogram.

Most wires average is 1.6 mm in diameter.

It is impossible to speak with certainty about the price of buying and selling barbed wire because the market fluctuates considerably.

The materials used in the production of barbed wire and the currency price affect the pricing of this product.

Contact us for more information about how to buy and sell these products at the best price.

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The Answer to Two Questions About Barbed Wire

1: How long does barbed wire last?

Lasts seven to 10 years.

2: What was the purpose of barbed wire?

Barbed wire was a low-cost means of controlling cattle movement.

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