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Depending on how much fruit you wish to dehydrate, you'll need drying trays. After trying numerous methods, I opted on using free fruit trays from a nearby shop (see above photo). Fruit trays are convenient since they stack, allowing for compact storage.First, harvest figs carefully. Always choose whole, flavorful figs when buying. Step 2: Spread dried figs on drying trays. In your garden's sunniest and windiest region, dry trays. My trays are on the patio's roof, which gets the most sun and wind. Daily flip figs so they grow on the other side. Regularly performing this process will prevent fruit from decaying and ensure that it dries evenly on all sides. Cover fruit trays with netting or light cotton if you see insects, wasps, or ants. Cover fruit trays with mesh if you see insects. The fruits are ready to be kept after.

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a week in the sun and breeze. The drying process turns the fruit from dark yellow to brown. A greenish part takes longer to dry. After drying the figs, you'll need seawater. (approximately 3 to 5 liters, depending on how much fruit you have). If you can't get sea salt, dissolve it in water. 100 grams of sea salt in 5 liters of water. Boil the basin of water. While the seawater boils, place figs in a mesh bag in the sink. I use the bag that comes with potatoes (see below photo). Fill your bag with dried figs. Sixth phase: submerging fruit in boiling seawater (saltwater). I repeat the process eight times, pausing 15 seconds between each. The figs rest for 20 seconds between dippings to drain excess juice to prevent crushing. Step 7: Drain the fruit for two to three minutes.Spread dried figs evenly on a parchment-lined baking pan. Since the figs are now edible, they must be clean. Put the dish in direct sunlight for a few hours to dry any remaining liquid. Cover food with mashed potatoes or cotton to keep insects away.While the figs dry, prepare wild fennel and bay leaves. Cut up wild fennel and bay leaves.

Sun-dried fig recipes

 Sun-dried fig

A cotton bag is required for sun-dried figs. Item storage is typically done in this manner. Dry figs can be stored in a dark, drafty, and cool environment for months. A dry food container can be used to keep figs fresh. Everything should be sealed to keep moisture out. A minimum of six months should be kept in the freezer. To deep freeze dried figs, just separate them on a plate before placing them in the freezer. Wait for 12 hours before serving. Frozen figs can be stored in a freezer-safe bag until the following day. The figs should be stored in the refrigerator. Because each fig is frozen separately, you can take out whatever number of figs as needed. For figs to dry to their full potential, they should be placed on a branch and exposed to the elements. Fruit from trees typically falls to the ground as a result of this option. Make a netting system out of mesh to catch the falling fruit. As a result, the fruit won't fall out and go bad. Nothing on the ground will go bad this way. Remove the fruits from the netting daily. cereal and milk were part of the morning meal. I utilized apricots and almonds in some of my recipes, whereas in others I didn't. I used to make a fruit and milk smoothie after work and store it in the fridge overnight. The fruit had softened overnight and was ready for my breakfast the next morning. Dry figs keep me going all winter long.

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Sun-dried fig recipes

You can use dried figs in a range of snacks, such as cheese snacks, or baked products, such as Christmas cakes, puddings, bread, and bakes with other types of fruit and nuts. The color of the fig's skin can range from green to purple, depending on the variety. There is a reddish hue to the inside of a fig, and the entire fruit can be eaten, including the skin. Figs have long been used as a folk treatment to treat a wide range of ailments, including digestive, reproductive, pulmonary, and endocrine system ailments, among others. Practitioners of Indian medicine have long used figs as a therapy for diseases involving the following body systems: Endocrine, respiratory, digestive, reproductive, and immunological systems are all included. The following are some of the properties of figs, according to certain research: Cell-protective, anticancer, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant.

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The following characteristics of figs are regarded to have medicinal effects. The World Health Organization (WHO), a reputable source, has recommended that persons with diabetes can use traditional botanicals to aid in their treatment. Eating figs may aid to preserve the liver and lower blood sugar levels, according to studies. This is an area where the little study has been done. However, a small study conducted in 1998 by a credible source found that fig leaf extracts reduced the quantity of glucose in the blood after meals when taken by eight people. Supplementing with fig leaf extract resulted in a decrease in insulin requirements in the study participants. In a trial on rats with type 2 diabetes, researchers showed that fig leaf extract might increase insulin levels and lower blood glucose levels. Trusted sources did the study. According to another study, researchers found that diabetic mice were an excellent model to demonstrate that extract from fig leaves can either entirely stop or severely decrease glucose synthesis in the liver.

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The Organic Sun-Dried Figs sold by Nature's Superfoods are cultivated in Turkey's rich plains using organic methods, are hand-picked, and are dried under the warm sun of the Mediterranean. There is no added sugar, additives, or preservatives, and our figs do not contain sulfites. FIGS: When dried, the nutritional value of figs is elevated to even higher levels. The antioxidant activity and mineral content of dried figs are significantly higher than that of fresh figs. Dried figs are an excellent source of vitamins A, B, E, and K and are a great source of dietary fiber. Among the minerals that dried figs include are potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, and copper. They are also among the foods that have the highest alkaline content and can assist in maintaining a pH balance in the body. How To Make Use Of: 1) These figs are already prepared for consumption; all you need to do is take them out of the bag and snack on them!! 2) To give your salads, cereal, trail mix, yogurt, smoothies, and granola that yummy-licious sweetness, add them whole or sliced them. You can also use them in smoothies. Recommended daily serving size is 40 grams, which is equivalent to three to four figs (yields about 5-6 grams of fiber, which accounts for about 20 percent of our daily requirement as adults). Appropriate for people of all ages. If you have diabetes, you should make sure to check with your doctor before ingesting dried figs because they may have a greater sugar content than fresh figs. Fresh figs are always the best option.

Freeze-dried fig

Place the freeze-dried figs in freezer bags or containers that are airtight. When stored in the freezer, how long do dried figs typically keep their quality? If they are stored correctly, the freshest flavor of dried figs can be preserved for up to 18 months after they have been dried. It should come as no surprise that the things you put into your body have a big influence on how it performs. Many people in the United States are plagued with chronic constipation as a direct result of the standard American diet. There is a correlation between consuming insufficient water and fiber in the diet and experiencing constipation. A gastroenterologist named Dr. John Fortunato, who works at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, believes that it is a more significant problem than the majority of people understand. The frequency of your bowel movements is a good sign of how effectively your bowels are being cleared. Dr. Fortunato notes that over time, stool can pile up in the colon, which can cause the colon to stretch, hence making it even more difficult to urinate.

In severe circumstances, chronic constipation can create leakage, which in turn may require surgical intervention. One of the most important things you can do for your health is to select meals that will either relieve your constipation or help you avoid getting it in the first place. Bran porridge or prune juice may be already among your go-to foods when you need to relieve constipation. It is not necessary to wait until you are experiencing symptoms of constipation before you start eating a diet that is more beneficial to your health. Consume both fresh and dried fruits in your diet. One of the foods that may help reduce the symptoms of constipation is a fruit that is high in fiber content. One example of this is dried fruit. Together with water, fiber contributes to the formation of stools that are less difficult to move through the digestive tract. Raisins and prunes, along with apples and apple juice, are among the fruits that are considered to be among the most beneficial for those who struggle with constipation.

freeze-dried fig powder

The fig is the fruit of the ficus tree, and it is similar in appearance to the mulberry (Moraceae). They are known by their scientific name, Ficus carica, and they are members of the genus Ficus.

A fig is a little, tasty fruit that can have skin that is either green or purple and very thin. It is possible to consume the entire reddish-colored flesh that is found on the inside of figs. Figs are known for their unique sweetness, plus they have a texture that is both soft and chewy, and their skin is covered with seeds. Figs are an excellent source of soluble fiber, minerals, and natural sugars. Figs are an excellent source of antioxidants due to their high mineral content and the vitamins A and K that they contain (which include potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, and copper). The positive effects that eating figs can have on your body are widespread. Fig fruit powder from VenkateshNaturals is an excellent addition to a diet that emphasizes healthy eating because it contains a high concentration of beneficial elements and a calorie count that is quite low. Consuming a diet that is high in flavonoids may provide several health benefits, including the prevention of constipation, improvement of bone health, maintenance of a healthy weight, and reduction in cholesterol levels. These are just some of the potential advantages.

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Thank you for teaching how to dry figs. Figs should not be exposed to sunlight for a long time because they harden.


Thank you for teaching how to dry figs. Figs should not be exposed to sunlight for a long time because they harden.


Calcium is one of the most important minerals in dried figs, which increases the properties of figs, because calcium is one of the most common minerals in the body, which increases its properties and multiplies the nutritional value of figs.


Dried figs remove bad breath and are used as a kind of mouthwash. Although it is sweet and sticky, it does not harm the teeth.


Figs have anti-cancer properties. Contains carotene

Fatima Abbasi

Figs are very tasty and of high quality, they are soft and taste great and are great for health


Dried figs have high nutritional value and are very tasty


Figs have many vitamins and have high nutritional value


When drying figs, you must be careful that they dry well so that they do not spoil


Dried fruits are dried because their properties are multiplied and their taste becomes more delicious


Figs have many benefits, especially for people who suffer from constipation


Organic dried figs prevent cancer and are very useful for health, and the value of buying them is higher than other fruits.


We can dry all kinds of fruits naturally at home under the sunlight


If you want to use figs at the right time, be sure to use them fresh


To prolong the life of figs, they can be dried and used later


You can use dried figs in the meal before and after training

Reza javadi

Dried figs are one of the most delicious snacks that you can prepare at home. You only need to make a few holes in fresh figs and place them under the sun.


If you have a stomach ache, I recommend dried figs on an empty stomach


To be able to use the sweet and delicious fig fruit in seasons other than summer, it is very important to dry it, and your tips in this article were excellent, we used them, thank you.


In addition to the mentioned content, the effect of technology should not be neglected


Hello, dried figs and fresh figs are the same in terms of quality. You can choose dried figs because they stay healthy longer


I believe that the world of technology will achieve new things every day


I believe that the world of technology will achieve new things every day


Dried figs are very useful for constipation and strengthening the stomach


I use figs to decorate my cakes, it makes it very beautiful and delicious

Mino Rad

Dried figs are rich in minerals and vitamins, and are high in fiber and healthy antioxidants

Hossein inanloo

Hello, I bought this product, it's great, I can't say enough about it, I recommend it, it's a great fruit for cancer


If you are looking for a healthy and delicious snack, dried figs are the best option, which is also beneficial for human health


Dried figs are one of the most useful dried fruits that are very tasty


Dried figs are a healthy snack and its taste is very good and delicious


Dried figs have attracted many fans because of their very good taste


One of the favorite dried fruits of Iranians is dried figs, which are very delicious when combined with berries


Figs are a sweet and very tasty summer fruit, they are also used as dried fruit


By using dried figs during the day, you can help better digestion and better functioning of the digestive system


This instruction is a very simple and easy instruction and you can easily use this instruction at home

Hossein inanloo

Hello, I bought this product. It's great. I can offer you figs at a reasonable price


Dried figs are very tasty and nutritious and one of the fruits that can be dried and used throughout the year

Seyyed Mohammad Babaei Chigini

Drying figs like this is really great and very tasty, and dried figs have a lot of vitamins


Dried fruits and the size of fresh figs are delicious and sweet and have many properties


Some believe that figs should be dried in front of the sun, but others believe that it can also be done in the oven

shirin asli

Dried figs are obtained by taking water and drying fig fruits. They are very tasty and have the same properties as wet figs.

Mona hajimirzakhani

Dry figs can be stored in a dark, drafty, and cool environment for months.

Sahar kamali

Dried figs spoil very quickly and it is better to use them immediately after drying them or keep them for a week at most.


Figs are rich in nutrients and vitamins, including calcium. It is a nutritious nut. It is recommended for people who are deficient in iron and calcium

sara mir

Dried figs are obtained by taking water and drying fig fruits. They are very tasty and have the same properties as wet figs.


Hey, good time. Dried figs are very tonic and special, which has natural sweetness and sticks alongside tea


The distribution of dried figs throughout the country is done without intermediaries and at the production price, which you can purchase.


Figs contain vitamin B and are very tasty

reza meri

The producers of dried figs in the world are many countries that supply this product to different countries around the world, including these countries, Iran is one of these countries.


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Greetings and greetings to you and your supporting team Readers need ‌ a reliable guide to be successful, ‌ and your posts about Sun-dried fig and Sun-dried fig recipes and organic sun-dried fig can ‌ be a good guide. Many thanks to you.


Figs are one of the most delicious and nutritious fruits that you can eat both fresh and dried as a healthy snack.


Greetings and have a good time. Readers can ‌ achieve more success with the help ‌ of this company and using the ‌ the sayings as to Sun-dried fig and Sun-dried fig recipes and organic sun-dried fig. I wish you success and victory.


Hello good afternoon.Dried figs are obtained by taking water and drying fig fruits. They are very tasty and have the same properties as wet figs.

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