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Spring Onion in Sri Lanka (Scallions) White Round Appearance High Antioxidants Mild Flavor

Spring Onion in Sri Lanka It is a type of white, round onion that looks like chives but has a different taste.

Spring Onion in Sri Lanka

As you know, onion is a very popular and famous vegetable all over the world.

This plant is native to southwestern Asia and some consider its origin to be Iran.

The use of onions as food has a very long history and many benefits have been mentioned for it.

Among the types of onions, white onions have a good taste and are mostly used raw in salads.

Onion is cultivated in many parts of the world because of its various species.

Onion is a product that grows well both in cold and temperate regions.

Spring Onion

Spring Onion Features in Sri Lanka

White onion is a very versatile vegetable that has many uses in cooking.

In addition, this nutritious food is very useful for the health of the body and helps the health of the bones.

Title Description
Appearance White and Round
Contain High Antioxidants
Eaten Raw, Cooked, and Fried
Storage Tip Dry and Cool Place

Onions contain high antioxidants that is effective in preventing cancer.

There are different types of onions and their shape and color differ depending on the type of planting area.

White onions are often eaten raw because they have a milder flavor than red and yellow onions.

White onion is one of the agricultural products that can be stored for a long time.

Keeping onions in a dry and cool place will keep them healthy for a long time.

spring onion vs green onion

Buy Spring Onion in Sri Lanka

White onion is one of the best types of onion, which is in high demand due to its high consumptions.

If you want Buy Spring Onion in Sri Lanka, you should pay attention to its appearance so that it is be completely healthy.

Onions that are damaged due to improper harvesting will rot very quickly and cannot be stored.

When buying, pay attention to the texture of the onion, be completely white, healthy and firm.

The onion should not be soft or frozen in any way.

Since the harvesting seasons of onions are different, onions harvested in autumn are more suitable for storage.

Therefore, if you intend to buy in bulk, it is better to buy autumn onions.

Also, try not to buy sprouted onions because they dry quickly and do not last long.

green onion

Spring Onion Price in Sri Lanka + Buy and Sell

The price of white onion in the Sri Lankan market depends on various factors.

Among these factors, we can mention the area of ​​white onion cultivation, the amount of demand for its purchase and how to buy onions.

Considering that white onion is an export product, the dollar rate and its fluctuations have a great impact on the price of white onion.

Spring Onion price in Sri Lanka is between 30 and 40 cents according to its quality, which varies according to the amount of the order.

To buy onions in bulk and at a reasonable price, you must buy them from the main supplier.

Our company is a major supplier of white onions and you can buy this product with excellent quality and reasonable price from our site.

spring onion meaning

The Answer to Two Questions About Spring Onion

1: Are Spring Onions good for health?

Spring Onions are low in calories, carbs, and fat. 

2: What is Spring Onion?

Spring Onion (also known as Scallions or green onions) are vegetables derived from various species

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