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Our company produces PU leather fabric for sale alongside with other kinds of fabric available. Do you know the difference between real leather and PU leather, often known as polyurethane leather? There are a few different kinds of products that are collectively referred to as "Leather." Let us explain it to you. It should come as no surprise that genuine leather is regarded as the superior material for a diverse variety of products. It is well-known for both its durability and its aesthetically pleasing appearance. There are a lot of low-quality imitations available online that are designed to look just like the genuine article but cost much less. These products are produced from low-quality materials that are not designed to last for a long period of time. It is crucial for a purchaser to have a solid understanding of the distinction between genuine leather and fake products, particularly PU leather. What exactly is PU Leather, then? PU leather, commonly referred to as synthetic leather, is an imitation of genuine leather that is manufactured from polyurethane, a type of plastic that has a similar look and feel to leather but does not involve the use of any animals in its production. There are no animals involved in the production of 100% PU leather; it is an artificial substance or an imitation of leather. Vegan leather is commonly referred to as PU leather. The production of PU leather is often accomplished by applying a cover of plastic polyurethane or a polyurethane coating on a foundation consisting of fiber. This is the most frequent method (generally polyester). It is possible to create something that is referred to as "double-cast" leather by combining PU leather with actual leather. The "double-cast" leather can have a layer of PVC or PU on top of a base of divided actual leather. This layer is then used to create the finished product. In most circumstances, PU leather is lighter than real leather, but on the other hand, it is not as durable as real leather and has a tendency to break easily. In general, the PU leather has the same texture as real leather, which is made from animal skin. Because it is also more resistant to sunlight, it is widely used to cover automobile seats and faux leather furniture; this is one reason why it is so common. In addition to its low upkeep requirements, PU leather may be produced in a wider variety of surface textures and color palettes. PU leather, in contrast to genuine leather, does not have the same degree of breathability. On the other hand, in comparison to other types of synthetic leather, such as PVC, it has a higher level of breathability. PU leather, on the other hand, will retain the same look and feel throughout its life, in contrast to real leather, which has a tendency to grow more appealing and softer over time. This will not be the case with genuine leather. In conclusion, the price of genuine leather is typically quite a bit higher than that of PU leather. How exactly can one recognize PU Leather? It is in your best interest to be able to differentiate between genuine leather and synthetic leather, regardless of whether you are looking for PU leather or genuine leather. Consider that you are in the market for a leather bag; the easiest way to differentiate between brands is to read the tag or the description. Because there are products on the market that might not have tags, it is helpful to have the ability to differentiate between them. The cost is the key point of differentiation that you will discover. Because it is easier to create and made of a significantly more affordable material, PU leather will typically be available at a lower cost than real leather. Given that it is made of synthetic materials; PU leather will exude its own distinctive aroma. In contrast to genuine leather, the scent of PU is sometimes described as being similar to that of plastic or chemicals. The water test is another straightforward method for determining whether or not the material in question is genuine leather. Even though it's not a good idea to put something that you don't own through a "water test," genuine leather will soak up any liquid you put on it. The water will not be absorbed by the PU leather. You might be able to discern the difference between the two simply by looking at the goods, especially if you have sharp vision. The fact that genuine leather naturally contains blemishes and has a distinctive grain is what gives our handbags their antique appearance. It is true that PU leather will have a fake appearance, but it will almost have the appearance of an excellent patterned texture. The Good and the Bad of PU Leather When it comes to buying something made of leather, there are a lot of things to think about and take into account. The first and most fundamental question is, of course, which kind of leather do you prefer? There is real leather, of course, but there are also materials made of synthetic materials, such as pleather, that are designed to seem like leather. Additionally, there is PU leather, which is not actually leather at all but is designed to look like leather.

  • PU leather Advantages: - Since it costs less to make, PU leather may also be purchased at a lower cost.
  • PU leather is typically simple to maintain due to the fact that it is composed of plastic.
  • PU leather drawbacks: PU leather does not have a very long lifespan
  • It does not bend nicely
  • PU leather will eventually develop cracks and peels as time passes.
  • PU leather does not age or patina like other types of leather.

Our company is prepared to provide different kinds of leather to customers and business owners around the globe. We have built trust with our customers by providing with the best quality leather we have to offer. Therefore, our cooperation has lasted for a long time. We use the best tanning process to produce high quality leather with long durability and great strength. There are different patterns and colors of leather available. If you would like to gain more information about our leather fabrics, do not hesitate to contact our consultants who are available 24/7 to answer all your questions.

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