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Purchase of Export-Quality Farmed Shrimp (Frozen Shrimp)

The procurement advertisement for export-quality farmed shrimp, referred to as frozen shrimp, is detailed as follows:

- Ad Type: Commodity Procurement

- Ad Code: 73246

- Product Name: Export-Quality Farmed Shrimp

- Buyer: Arad Branding (Representative of the United Arab Emirates)

- Order Volume: 1 Container 40ft

- Product Types: Size 20/30 and Size 30/40

- Packaging Type: 2 kg

- Delivery Location: Mersin, Turkey

- Payment Method: Negotiable with LC as a priority

- Contact Information: Email at sale@aradbranding.com

- Required Information: Ad Code + Proposed Price for delivery in Mersin, Turkey + Phone Number + Full Name

Individuals capable of supplying this product should send the required information to the specified email.

Note: Expressing collaboration readiness in the comments is not accepted, and communication should solely occur via email.

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Azin Fakhr

Thanks for clear specification for the right engagement between buyer and seller

Sharife Nateghi

Seafood are types of food itmes which are popular in most parts of the world. Exportation of these products has great profit for traders and suppliers of this product.

Fatemeh Faraji

I appreciate, it's good news for our traders and suppliers. This type of advertisement is beneficial and will be increase our website visits.

Venus Falahati

Due to our access to warm ocean waters, shrimp and all kinds of fish and aquatic animals that live in warm waters are included in our export products. As one of the most popular marine products, shrimp has a great export potential.

Morteza Hosseini

Love the shrimp advertisement! 🦐 Stunning visuals, mouth-watering presentation, and a clear invitation to all suppliers. This ad has truly elevated the allure of shrimps. Well done to the creative minds behind it!

Ahmad Ashkian

Iran offers a various types of fishery commodities which all of them are available in high quality.

Alireza Rohanii

Fish industry and shrimp farming is a very profitable source of income and business.
This news, like the news of buying raisins, is very useful for traders and they can take advantage of this opportunity

Mahdi Rezaei

Shrimp is a product that, contrary to its appearance, may not be beautiful, but it is very nutritious and cures many diseases

Zahra Alavi

Good opportunity for a high-quality product. I hope traders can take their chance

hadiseh motlagh

Iran's position in production and trade is that currently, the production of shrimp is about 45 thousand tons per year, while the amount of sea catch during the past years has always been constant between 5 thousand tons and the rest is farmed.

Amene Abbasi

Such a great one! We have huge sources of seafood and capability to supply.

Hani Rostami

If you are going to supply this order : Select fresh shrimp, freeze them, package in moisture-resistant materials, label properly, and choose appropriate shipping methods to export frozen shrimp.

Fatemeh hosseinkhani

Iran ranks 10th in the world in terms of shrimp production. And this means that Iran has a very high export capacity in this product

Zahra Rezaei

The large Arad collection, due to numerous business relationships and countless trade lines established in recent months, has the capability to access a vast network of buyers, producers, and wholesalers worldwide. The essence of commerce is facilitated through these connections and accesses, resulting in anyone joining our collection benefiting from extensive global access, regardless of geographical boundaries and product limitations. Each economic player can assess their current potential and explore which areas they can engage with Arad.

Mahdi Alavi

shrimp is that kind of foods that is in favor of many people around the world so this makes it a great product with high potential to export.

mostafa Cheldavi

Hello and have a good time!
Like other crustaceans, shrimp has a special nutritional value that provides a meal that can usually be sold frozen

Muhammad Fazeli

Shrimp has an unavoidable potional for business and because of its aspects has a good market also for exporting shrimp specefic permissions are not needed

Alireza Sharifi

Shrimp produced in Iran is of exceptional quality. This product has attracted customers in numerous locations and has been exported to numerous countries. The merchants of Arad supply their clientele with shrimp of superior quality.

Fatemeh Afrad

Giving a chance for providing some products to other traders can be a great event for them. because they are always happy to start international exportation. so here is the chance available for them. Go ahead...

R Rezai

Iranian shrimp has a good quality and most of countries purchase and trade it. many criteria must be considered while buying it.

Mohammad Sadeqi

That is a piece of great news for all business people out there to take advantage of.

M. Amir Eftekhari

Grabbing this opportunity, everyone can boost their sales and witness more revenues in their income.

Mahya Soleimaniun

Arad has provided the best platform for development and progress for suppliers and traders. It is really a very good opportunity.. I hope that many suppliers will announce their readiness and the deals will be done. Hoping for more progress.


When talking about sea food, we have to pay attention to the shelf life of the product and provide suitable environment for keeping, shipping, and delivering it.

Reza Karimi

How great it is that Arad Branding also uses its businessmen in its business, and this is a blessing that is given to businessmen and helps them to start their activities at the international level.
Hope this opportunity will be useful for all the traders of seafoods.

Alex Addis

we can do any work

Marzieh Olamaei

As long as you don't have sufficient and necessary information about your product, you cannot negotiate well, and as a result, your negotiation will not lead to a contract. So, try to get good information about your product as much as you can.

Rahele Nateqi

shrimp is a one of the most popular seafoods around the world, and this product will have a great market but you need to be careful about the country you choose as your target market!

Marzieh Olamaei

As long as you don't have sufficient and necessary information about your product, you cannot negotiate well, and as a result, your negotiation will not lead to a contract. So, try to get good information about your product as much as you can.

Seyyed Mojtaba

Iran is one of the great producers and exporters of Shrimp
so our trader and agents according to their country taste and usage can work and focus on its trade to handle business with them and do deals to earn profit

Mehdi Saadatmand

Exporting frozen shrimp presents a lucrative opportunity due to its extended shelf life, global popularity, and convenience. Frozen shrimp maintains its freshness during transportation, making it a reliable and versatile seafood product appreciated in various international cuisines. With year-round availability, exporters can meet consistent demand, and the freezing process allows for quality control and preservation of essential nutrients. The cost-effective transportation of frozen shrimp, coupled with its ability to cater to diverse market preferences, positions it as a sought-after commodity in the global market, offering profitability for those engaged in shrimp exports.

Fatima Radmanesh

The idea of puttings these ads to get the best offer for dealing on different products is perfect.
Little by little we will get our hands on the best offers possible.

Mohamamd noosavi

The shores of the Persian Gulf are rich sources of access to the fishing and breeding of quality shrimps, which I hope will increase the export of this product with our capacity

Javad, Gh.

Friends who are looking for an online and remote job, you can have a website, logo and personal brand find the publication and supply in this product and start your business. All arad branding team support.
In addition to its many nutrients, shrimp can be a suitable commercial product for people in the south of the country or the place where this product originates... By branding this product, its sales can be multiplied.

Mohamamd moosavi

My field of academic study was in the field of aquaculture and shrimp farming. One of my dreams is to grow in Arad to become one of the largest exporters of aquatic shrimp in Iran, which will definitely not be achieved without the help and capacity and infrastructure of Arad Branding.