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lulu date in uae

Living or residing in the UAE, you have definitely noticed that folks there enjoy eating Lulu dates and that they frequently serve them to guests or children on special occasions.

Dates are also a common staple at Iftar meals throughout the month of Ramadan.

You may also believe that dates are merely a part of Arab hospitality or tradition; nevertheless, did you realise that dates hold a specific value in the culture of the Middle Eastern countries? In fact, dates are known as "holy fruits" across the Middle East and North Africa.

Dates, in addition to having a flavour that is both sweet and savoury, are loaded with a variety of nutrients, which makes them a perfect choice for a snack, a present to bring to special occasions, or a treat that is given to children in Middle Eastern countries.

And due to the fact that dates are regarded as a luxury good in the Middle East, both natives and visitors to the region are eager to get their hands on this one-of-a-kind treat.

 Continue reading the sections that follow if you are interested in learning where you may purchase dates while you are in the UAE.

You can buy dates almost anywhere you go in the United Arab Emirates or anywhere else in the Middle East, including supermarkets, souks, shopping malls, and even directly at the airport.

Dates are a staple food in the region.

And in order for us to gain a deeper appreciation for this well-known delicacy that is common in Middle Eastern countries, the following knowledge about dates is quite crucial.

5 of the Best Locations in the United Arab Emirates for Purchasing Dates If you have a hankering for dates and you're in Abu Dhabi or any of the other cities in the United Arab Emirates that are governed by Emiratis, you won't have any trouble finding a location to satisfy that craving.

The following is a list of some of the most common locations in which you can locate them:

  • Supermarkets specialising in food and household goods

You may purchase many brands of packed or packaged dates at food shops such as LuLu and Carrefour, both of which are enormous supermarket chains in the Middle East.

These stores allow customers to purchase the dates immediately as a snack or to take them home. 

  • Souks or Markets

Souks and other traditional markets are the places to go if you want to buy some fresh dates or dates that have just been picked.

In addition to fresh dates, the region is home to many other well-known products, including textiles, jewellery, perfumes, and all kinds of trinkets and mementoes.

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