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Hexagonal Wire Mesh Price

Hexagonal wire mesh is the same as kitchen wire but this type of wire mesh has various applications such as constriction and farming.

Hexagonal Wire Mesh

Hexagonal wire mesh is considered as an economical and strong product for maintaining places and buildings as well as fencing and many other applications.

The texture and shape of the spring lace is hexagonal, the difference between this lace and other laces is the thickness of the wire used and the spring.

As it was said, persian netting is one of the most popular types of wire netting and is produced with hot or cold galvanized wire.

This product has high resistance in different weather conditions and it is also rustproof, that is why it is used in most weather conditions.

hexagonal wire mesh

Hexagonal Wire Mesh Features

This type of wire mesh has specific features that we are going to mention them in the following.

The length of the hexagonal net is usually around 20 meters and it is supplied with a width of 120, 150 and 180 cm.

Title Description
Special side  Thickness
Asvantages Economical and strong
Length and width 20 and 180 cm
Quality  Depends on humidity 

It depends on where you want to use this product, there are different sizes of it that are suitable for installation in different places and different weather conditions.

As you know, such products are used in places with high humidity.

High humidity affects its quality and efficiency in the long term and causes rust and oxidation of the wire.

But when the galvanized operation is done on the hexagonal mesh wire, it gets a longer life and becomes more resistant to moisture and other special weather conditions.

hexagonal wire mesh plastic coated

Buy Hexagonal Wire Mesh

If you want to buy this type of wire mesh, you need to consider the following items:

If the dimensions of the fountain are small, it is clear that their number increases for each square meter.

The higher the number of these dimensions, the more useful the wire will be.

Wire weight:

By increasing the amount of hexagonal wire mesh, the weight of the wire used per square meter will increase.

In most cases, lace is bought and sold based on its weight.

Wire type:

In most cases, the mentioned product is made of galvanized wire.

If the material of this product is black wire (which makes a very small percentage of nets this way), it has little resistance and is of a lower quality than other types.

hexagonal wire mesh fencing

 Hexagonal Wire Mesh Price + Buy and Sell

The following items has direct effect on the price of Hexagonal wire mesh in global market and you need to consider them before buy or sell this kind of mesh.

  • Acceptable strength
  • Visual beauty
  • Suitable for fencing
  • Resistance to moisture and corrosion

Hexagonal mesh has been widely used in the construction of special and fenced places, and for this reason, the purchase and sale of mesh and the right price of mesh in various construction and industrial fields are of great importance.

Also, it has an increasing consumption all over the world.

The price range is between $6.80 and $18.00.

You can use our website to know the latest price of the day as well as to communicate directly with lace suppliers to use our free advice and make your most secure purchase.

hexagonal wire mesh sizes

The Answer to Two Questions About Wire Mesh

1: What is the function of the wire mesh?

Wire mesh is useful in industrial and commercial applications, such as insect screening and animal fencing.

2: Is wire mesh durable?

Stainless steel wire mesh is extremely durable.

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