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In this article, we will see how dried figs can be expired vs how to store fresh figs for longer date self-Like. Storage conditions affect the shelf life of dried figs. Therefore, the manufacturer /company that sent the product to you must fulfill the storage conditions correctly. After you receive it, it would be appropriate to keep it as I will write below. You will be able to find an answer to the question of whether dried figs are spoiled. Fresh figs are in July. August-September is the dry fig season, as the figs will start to dry on the branch. In some periods, even October is the season for dried figs. You need to know the season of figs. Because after buying the fig, you had to evaluate the expiration date according to the fig season. As long as dried figs are stored properly, they can be consumed for about 18 months without spoiling. However, this period should be calculated from the fig season. For example, you should know that the dried figs you bought in April were produced 8 months ago. How to store dried figs First of all, the fig should not see the sun. If the fig sees the sun, it starts to get worms and sour. Fresh vs dried figs self-life You can store dried figs in the refrigerator. Dried figs last for more than 1 year if stored in the refrigerator. If you do not have a place in the refrigerator or do not want to store it in the refrigerator, you can store it in an area out of the sun. The region where the fig is located should be cool. You can store the figs in a closed container in an area out of the sun. In this way, figs do not deteriorate for about 1 year. However, be careful not to let the fig air. Dried figs are spoiled, but every deformation state of the fig should not be seen as spoilage. Since dipping is done in dried figs, the upper part can be sweetened after a certain period of time. Since the fig is honeyed, it starts to give its honey out after a certain period of time. If it comes into contact with cold, the top may become white taffy. This does not mean that it is broken and it is not a troublesome situation. If you do not want to eat it this way, leave it in hot water for 2 minutes and leave the dried figs in the sun for 7-8 hours. It will become soft and sugar free. When you eat dried figs, you can sometimes get a sour taste. Souring of dried figs is generally related to the drying method. If dried figs are collected before they are completely dried and put into storage areas. Since it is not completely dry, it may turn sour. If a few figs have rancidity in a package you bought, they are probably overlooked during drying. However, in general, if they are all sour, you may think that you should not eat them and that it is a different situation. Expiration date dried fig

Fresh vs dried figs self-life

How to Store Dried vs fresh figs for longer self-life? one of the most frequently asked questions. In this article, we will try to give a detailed answer to this question.

  • How to store dried figs in the refrigerator?
  • Can dried figs be put in the freezer?
  • How can we protect figs from moisture, mold and infestation?
  • Does dried figs have an expiration date?
  • Can dried figs be washed? You can find answers to more detailed questions such as:

Dried figs are sensitive and need to be protected both during the drying phase and after they reach the houses for consumption; It is an easily perishable nutrient. Especially if the figs you have bought are not really natural and chemically processed, the risk of spoilage will increase if the necessary precautions are not taken. Chemical processes allow figs to be stored for years without spoiling, but they pose a great risk to human health and they largely destroy the unique aroma and flavor of the fig. If the amount of figs you have purchased is not very large and you think that you can probably consume them all in 7 to 15 days, your job is easy! You can store your figs in an airtight glass jar or in cotton cloths at room temperature. The important point you should pay attention to when storing dried figs at room temperature, Dried vs fresh dried figs

  • the room temperature is not too high,
  • figs are not exposed to direct sun
  • kept in a moisture-free environment
  • and the storage period is not very long.

Figs should never be stored in plastic bags for long periods of time! Figs in the bag will sweat, become moist and tend to spoil!Glass jars and 100% cotton fabric bags provide the ideal environment for storing all dry vegetables and fruits. When storing figs at room temperature, adding 3-5 bay leaves between the figs will reduce the possibility of worming, while adding a pleasant aroma to your dried figs. If you have taken a little too much dried figs, it can be risky to store them at room temperature for a long time. In this case, it would be wiser to store your figs in your refrigerator. The fruit and vegetable compartment of the refrigerator is the ideal part for storing dried figs. It is good to have the figs in glass jars or cotton bags. Dried figs will harden a little in the refrigerator, depending on the heat. But this situation is not permanent. Your figs, which you will take to room temperature just before consuming, will regain their old consistency in a short time.

Expiration date dried fig

For longer storage, it is wise to store dried figs in the freezer section of the refrigerator this makes dried figs’ expiration date longer. There is no loss of flavor and aroma in figs stored in the freezer. The expiry date of properly dried and stored dried figs is 1 year from the date of production. According to some opinions, this period can be up to 18 months, that is, up to one and a half years.  However, even in ideally dried and ideally stored dried figs, sugaring and color changes can be seen from the 9th month. These color changes and sugaring do not prevent the consumption of figs, they do not pose a threat to human health, but the taste, aroma and appearance of the product are lost. Yes, it is wise to wash dried figs just before eating them to avoid possible threats. It is a very good idea to wash dried figs, which you do not know the source of and which are suspected of pesticides. Washing dried figs before eating also eliminates the possible risk of aflatoxin to a very high extent. All dried fruits and vegetables, not just figs, should be washed just before consumption. Figs should only be washed just before consumption and only in the amount to be consumed.Dried figs can never be stored after washing! It deteriorates, molds and can become mothballed. This powder is normal in ripe dried figs, but not seen in fresh figs. It is formed when the starch in the fig rises to the surface over time and is completely harmless. It is also thought to add flavor to the taste of figs.Another possibility is that this whiteness is flour. The flour is very honeyed and can be preferred in order to prevent the fresh figs from sticking to each other and spoiling . Click to view our all-natural variety of dried figs that have been properly dried and have not met pesticides! You can subscribe to our newsletter and follow our Instagram page to be informed about our informative articles, current product and price lists, and campaigns. When it comes to storing dried figs, you can either store them at room temperature or in the fridge.  The first method is to leave the dried figs in their original  container and then seal, the lid tightly with tape or sealant so that air cannot get into them. This method is usually preferred when storing different types of fruit together since it prevents the fruits from rubbing against each other and getting spoiled.  It’s best to store dried figs in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight or heat. This will ensure that the fruit lasts for a long time. The second method is to store them in the refrigerator. Wrap the figs with a piece of parchment paper or wax paper. Then place them into an airtight container or resealable plastic bag.

Dried vs fresh dried figs

Here are a few tips to store dried vs fresh figs for longer self-life. Nuts are among the indispensable products of every home and office. Nuts, which are consumed fondly as a snack, are also frequently used in desserts, cakes and pastries. The most important feature of the dried nut varieties, which are consumed with pleasure at every moment of the day in daily life, is that the nuts are fresh. You can pay attention to a few points to understand fresh nuts. The issue of freshness is very important, especially for the most commonly consumed nuts. The most commonly consumed types of nuts; sunflower seeds, peanut varieties, roasted chickpeas, and nuts such as cashews.

  • The Easiest Way to Understand Fresh Nuts: Freshness is the most important issue when buying nut varieties. Fresh nuts can be understood from the taste. Stale nuts have a bitter taste. The reason for this is the loss of oil balance in nut varieties. Products that lose their oil balance are products that start to deteriorate. The taste of these nuts will also be different from their normal taste. It is recommended not to use products with a bitter taste. Defective products can cause poisoning. For this reason, if the nuts are to be served to your guests, it will be more beneficial to taste the nuts before the treat.
  • The way of packaging is important: When purchasing nut varieties, product freshness is important to reach a delicious product. Therefore, when buying nuts, you can look at the way they are packaged. Products offered in airtight packages can be consumed comfortably fresh. No matter how closed the packages of some nuts may seem, in some cases there may be punctured or deformed packages. Deformation in the packages of nut varieties may cause the nut to breathe in the package. Airy nut varieties go stale faster.
  • When buying nuts, you can also consider the possibility of deformation, apart from the fact that the package is closed. There should be no air entry into the nut package.

  • Pay attention to the area where the nuts are located: When purchasing nuts, it is important to pay attention to the area where the nuts are stored. The fact that the nuts are not in a place that receives light for a long time is one of the important factors for the freshness of the products. For fresh nuts varieties, an area that does not receive light is required. Nut varieties that are exposed to too much light or too much heat go stale in a shorter time. This causes bad taste.
  • Check the Price: Nut prices are something to consider when buying nuts. Prices of nuts that are not fresh or will lose their freshness in a short time may be lower than normal prices. Therefore, nut prices can be one of the situations where nut freshness can be understood. When buying nuts, the prices of nuts should not be much below the average price.
  • Hot Nuts Are Not Fresh Nuts: The fact that the nuts are sold by being heated does not mean that the products are fresh. Hot product is not a criterion for freshness. The important thing for fresh nuts is heat, light and air contact. For this reason, you should not consider that the product is hot when buying a product. In the sale of dried nuts, there may be cases where the product is heated and offered for sale. Hot nuts are not always fresh. For this reason, the fact that the product is hot when buying is not an indicator of freshness.
  • Pay Attention to the Packing Date of Nuts: When purchasing fresh nuts, you can consider the product packaging date written on the package of nuts. Nuts varieties have a shelf life of 1 year from the date they are packaged. For this reason, you can buy nuts by looking at the date written on the package of nuts. The expiry date of products with a recent packaging date is 1 year from the date of writing. You can choose products whose packaging date is close to the date you receive the product.

In order to preserve the freshness of the nut, it is also important to store the nut after receiving it. For fresh nuts, it is necessary to store the product in airtight containers. Nut varieties kept away from heat and light can maintain their freshness for a long time. Nuts stored in suitable conditions can be easily consumed fresh. You can store fresh nuts in ziplock bags, airtight plastic or glass containers to keep them fresh. fresh

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