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Dash Sprayer Trailer Buying Guide + Great Price

When you are working on vast farming lands and growing agricultural products, you probably know that there is a high demand for sprayer trailers.

Sprayer trailer for sale

You can find them in any sales agriculture market in the world. In this article, we are going to give you a brief explanation of the dash sprayer trailers. The dash comes equipped with two pumps: a high-volume water pump powered by a 13-horsepower Honda motor and capable of 430 gallons per minute (GPM), and an air-diaphragm pump with a GPM capacity of 40 for automatic rinsing and agitation of dry goods. The high-volume water pump is capable of producing 430 gallons per minute (GPM). The operators are able to load multiple goods before they refill the sprayer since the inductors will keep the chemicals separated from one another. Once the chemicals have been loaded into the appropriate inductors, the sprayer may be filled and rinsed without moving from a single location on the ground adjacent to the trailer. Chemicals may be pumped to the sprayer from a single control station on the ground once the DASH has been connected to the sprayer and is communicating with it. Each chemical is supplied by a distinct inductor, and the control handle that corresponds to each chemical can be turned to send that chemical to the sprayer individually. Two valves are opened when a handle is turned in either direction. Chemicals can be sucked out of the inductor and discharged into the water supply with the opening of a single valve at the base of the inductor. A second valve will then be used to turn on the rinse head once the inductor has been cleared of its load. It takes around 15 seconds to discharge each inductor, and during that time there is a rinse cycle that ensures all of the chemicals have been spread and that any residue has been eliminated. Customers have noted that the process of loading four different chemicals into a sprayer that holds 1,200 gallons takes less than four minutes. It is possible to store an extra 12 kL in tanks that may be mounted on top of the trailer, which gives the total capacity of the trailer 34.5 kL.   Sprayer trailer for sale

Sprayer trailer setup

The converted fs22 version that I discovered was unfinished and had been left abandoned for the past five months. The trailer has long been one of my favorites, but it was never finished to the point where it could be used in a real-world setting. I spent a few hours correcting all of the errors and adding lighting to the level of FS22. This included adding side markers and the right back lights, as well as a license plate and other features. To fulfill the need for industrial hay equipment, Philip Friesen launched PhiBer Manufacturing in 1996. Friesen was a dairy farmer for twenty years, and during that period he became aware of the demand for a method of hay gathering that was more effective without compromising the product's quality. Friesen enlisted the assistance of a skilled machinist in the launch of his first product, which was called the Strawboss.   The device was so effective that it allowed the personnel to be cut from 33 to only 2, while simultaneously tripling output. As always, PhiBer is working tirelessly to develop innovative technology that is custom-made to solve particular problems. The PhiBer Dash Tender System was designed with the primary objectives of accelerating fill cycles as well as maintaining chemical segregation throughout the system. The Dash comes outfitted with both a high-volume water pump and an air diaphragm pump as standard equipment.

A water pump with a linked 13-HP Honda motor allows for speedy loading of a variety of items; an air diaphragm pump is utilized for automatic rinsing and agitating of dry goods. This configuration makes it possible to load a large number of items at the same time, which enables the operator to load the sprayer more quickly. When a worker is finished wiring up a sprayer, it takes less than four minutes for them to load up to four different products into a sprayer that has the capacity to contain 1,200 gallons of liquid. A specialized nozzle located inside the tank of the Dash will automatically rinse the inductor whenever the machine is emptying its chemical holding tank. To exert control over the operation, an operator would stand on the edge of a trailer and use four separate handles. Each knob is a representation of a separate inductor in the circuit. The contents of two distinct valves will be released in response to the pulling of a lever. At the very bottom of the tank is a suction valve that can be used to remove chemicals, and at the very top is a second valve that may be used to flush the inductor. When you rinse the container, you get rid of any chemical residue that may have been left behind. The inductors are able to release their loads in around fifteen seconds. Advantages of the dash sprayer trailer are:
  • Cleaning
A specialized nozzle for the rinse process is used to spray clean water over each unloaded inductor as it is being unloaded. Because of this, there is a decrease in the amount of chemical accumulation that occurs on the walls of the inductor. Sprayer trailer setup  

Sprayer trailer with boom

When making product swaps that require a more in-depth cleaning, one of the inductors can be loaded with a cleaning solvent that can be used at that time. The operator would clean all four inductors by changing the source of the rinse pump to the inductor that held the cleaning agent. This would allow the inductors to be thoroughly rinsed. The Dash also makes use of a hand-held spray gun, which can be used for any kind of washing, whether it's an interior or exterior wash, or for rinsing off hands. Dash uses the spray gun to clean the interior of the vehicle as well as the exterior.
  • Isolation by Means of Chemical Processes
Many of today's crops require the use of complex chemical stews that are stored in tanks. To get the most out of each chemical, it is important to load them in the correct order and to keep them separate from one another. The Dash system makes this process simple and time-saving by automatically feeding chemicals into the sprayer at the appropriate flow rate whenever it is filled. This ensures that the sprayer is always properly stocked. The DASH approach ensures that you get the most out of each chemical application, which is especially crucial considering the high cost of these substances. This may be accomplished by ensuring that you get the most out of each chemical application.
  • The Amount of Time Needed for a Page to Load
The time it took to go from breaking up a park to breaking it down, on average, was 4.5 minutes when using a 1,200-gallon sprayer and loading it with four different chemicals, according to a review of the amount of time it takes to do so. The operator was able to spray an additional 320 acres per day since it could be loaded in fewer than four minutes. This will result in a significant increase in output as well as a significant reduction in the amount of money spent on depreciation.  

Sprayer trailer plumbing

In the rest of the article, we mentioned some fundamental characteristics of dash sprayers:
  • Concept
The Dash was developed with the intention of achieving two specific goals: reducing the amount of time spent mixing chemicals and filling the sprayer so that it can remain operational. The Dash comes equipped with not one, but two pumps: one is a high-delivery water pump that is driven by a 13-horsepower Honda motor, while the other is an air diaphragm pump that has a flow rate of 40 gallons per minute and is used for automatic product rinsing and blending. Due to the design of the sprayer, it is possible to preload a large number of items at the same time while still preserving chemical separation. The operator can load the sprayer with up to four different products without moving from his or her position at the side of the trailer once it has been attached to the trailer. It will take your time less than four minutes to load a sprayer with 1,200 gallons of water and four different kinds of insecticides.
  • Design
When it was time to transfer chemical from the inductors into the sprayer tank, the operator would stand behind the trailer and utilize up to four handles. When the handle is pulled, there will be an opening in both of the valves. At the bottom of the tank is a valve that opens a nozzle, which allows for the chemical to be sucked out of the tank and put into the main water stream. Another valve then opens a nozzle, which allows for the inductor to be rinsed clean. Once the rinse step of the process is finished, every trace of the chemical will have been eliminated. The same method is utilized in order to ensure that the inductors are shielded from any remaining chemical accumulation. Once the 15 seconds have passed, the inductors are no longer under any stress. Sprayer trailer with boom

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