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Buy the Best Types of Walnuts at a Great Price

One of the most nutritious nuts is walnut, which has many properties and you can find different types at a great price.

Introductions about Walnuts

Producers and people who are active in the field of wholesale supply and sale of Tuisarkan walnuts have determined the price of this product.

Considering various parameters and factors to determine the price of this product has made its final price very fair and appropriate.

When the buyers and customers of walnut buy this product wholesale, they will spend less money, buying wholesale has many advantages for both sides of the transaction.

In our country, due to favorable climatic conditions, first-class and organic walnuts are cultivated, and this is the reason why this type of walnut is welcomed and noticed by many people in the international market.

introductions about walnuts

Kind of Walnuts

People who buy the best Tuiserkan walnuts directly from the farmer can spend less because the farmers have offered these products at a cheaper price.

The presence of middlemen and profit-seeking people in the market causes a huge increase in the price of walnuts, and our suggestion is to buy these products directly.

These products are priced according to their quality, and the walnuts with large and white kernels are more expensive, and their quality has won the trust of buyers and customers.

It may be interesting for you to know that walnut has many uses and this product is used in other pharmaceutical, cosmetic and furniture industries in addition to food.

kind of walnuts

Properties of Walnuts

The increase in the demand for the preparation and purchase of walnuts in the country has increased because people are fully aware of the properties and benefits of this type of nuts.

Various methods have been considered to measure the quality of walnuts, and in these methods, indicators have been considered that people with full knowledge can make a good choice.

One of the most important features and characteristics of first grade Iranian walnut is that the walnut kernel is quite large and the color of the kernel is very bright.

Among the other characteristics of first-class Iranian walnuts, we can mention its taste. If these walnuts are fresh and healthy, they have a pleasant and delicious taste, and the amount of oil in them is very high.

properties of walnuts

Specification of Walnuts

It is better for you to pay attention to the appearance of walnuts when buying this product. First-grade walnuts are free of any worm corrosion or holes, and their kernels are not moldy or discolored in any way.

Usually, these walnuts have uniform kernels and a high percentage of their kernels are completely healthy, and these products have been stored in proper conditions and in a special warehouse after harvesting.

The classification of these walnuts is based on factors such as color and the degree of breakage of their brains, and usually commercial walnuts have a bright color and are of very high quality.

Specification of walnuts

Walnuts in Iran and all Around the World

A thin-skinned walnut is easily broken, and the lower the hardness of the shell, the more likely it is to separate the kernel from the shell.

After harvesting, these products are sent to reliable factories and they are evaluated in terms of quality in this factory, and you can use these products with peace of mind.

The evaluation of walnuts before being released to the market leads to its grading in terms of quality, and the most important issue that buyers and buyers of this type of nuts care about is the quality of the product.

Buy the Best Types of Walnuts at a Great Price

Iranian farmers do not use chemicals and pesticides to produce first-class walnuts, therefore, the quality of these products is very high and they are organically produced.

There are reputable stores all over the country and various cities in the field of supply and sale of all kinds of walnuts, and you can make bulk purchases of these products through these stores.

One of the important points after bulk purchase is the proper storage method, and you should put the walnut in a dry and cool place to increase its shelf life.

Keeping it in a dry place preserves the quality of its brain, the presence of moisture in the environment has a great effect on reducing the quality of the product.

Buying wholesale walnuts is a wonderful purchase from an economic point of view, and you pay less for the purchase of these products.

The major walnuts that are purchased by reputable traders and trading companies have the highest quality and the most effective price, and you are able to get these products through reputable centers as soon as possible.

Buy the best types of walnuts at a great price

Interesting Facts about Walnuts

By buying in bulk, you get exceptional and amazing discounts, nowadays, due to the fluctuations in the market, a single and fixed price is not considered for the supply of walnuts.

The daily price list of walnuts may vary, and to get this list, it is better to go to a center and a store that has a lot of experience in the field of selling walnuts.

The increase in demand has caused many farmers to mass produce organic and fresh walnuts in the country's climate-friendly regions, and the increase in production encourages buyers to buy.

After making a bulk purchase, you can receive special advice from experts and be sure of the quality of this product. Paper skin walnuts are among the most popular groups in our country and are welcomed due to their high nutritional value and properties they have for the body.

In this collection, we have provided the possibility of online shopping for all applicants in all parts of the country, as a result, these people are able to buy and prepare the best types of products in a short period of time.  

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