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Basalt stone tiles as magic stones for any area of use from flooring to cladding and countertop making with fairly cheap price are exovolcanic  rocks in texture that exist in the form of columnar prisms in several parts of the country, the most important of which is the Sarbisheh mine in South Khorasan, which is more than 100 years old and has abundant reserves3,4, The different sides of 5, 6 make the basalt reserves in this area unique in the world, in addition, basalt reserves from other areas are abundant; due to many volcanic activities, this stone was found on the Haraz and Mako roads. On the other hand, abundant deposits of this mineral are found in Torbat Heydarieh and areas found on the volcanic belt. currently, basalt prisms with special aesthetic qualities are used for the construction of tables, walkways, paving stones in parks, building facades and rock wool used as insulators in various fields. In addition, basalt is also used to produce fiberglass panels due to the presence of silica in this mineral. The national basalt reserves are more than tens of millions of tons. But because the stone has a prismatic shape in the mine, special precision and finesse are required in order to extract the stone safely, which increases the time and thus the cost of extraction.

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On the one hand, the potential reserves of this stone and its wide application in various modern industries, on the other hand, make Europe and developed countries have a strong desire to purchase this mineral. Although not only domestic demand is met, but we are also seeing its exports to some European countries such as the Netherlands. In addition to increasing exports in this processing sector, minerals will also bring more added value to the country. The variety of minerals and their use in various sectors has led many developed countries to make huge investments in the mining sector. It should be noted that mining of minerals alone is not a finished product, and the main part of mineral production occurs after mining and processing operations, so that minerals can obtain the necessary economic benefits.

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Meanwhile, basalt is one of the minerals obtained from volcanic activity, and the processing of this mineral offers the possibility of using it in everything from road construction to fiber production. This kind of stone is called alkaline stone because of the lack of silica, and it is also abundant in Iran and used by the ancients for a long time. Of course, it is important to note that many industrially developed and developed countries currently rely on modern engineering knowledge and equipment to process this mineral and use it to produce light and strong armor, automobiles and ship hulls, and oil and gas pipelines. For the mentioned ideas basalt stone is a magic stone for any area of use.

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Basalt tile flooring comes from a volcanic rock mined in China, the United States, Mexico and parts of Sicily, Italy. Basalt tiles are predominantly grey, with varying shades of light and dark grey. High-quality basalt tiles require an even background and some mineral deposits; they should be very clear in color and choice. In addition, no large deposits of basalt are expected. The quality of basalt bricks must include uniform color and precise cutting using a double cutter to achieve precise dimensions. Basalt has a relatively high absorption rate, but basalt bricks can be used in intermittent wetlands. These granite tiles are not recommended for use in fully submerged areas. However, these tiles or slabs are functional and practical flooring materials. Basalt can be cut thin enough to be durable enough for a variety of commercial applications, and can be ground, polished, or finished in a variety of other ways to create a unique product that suits the buyer's wishes and needs.

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Basalt tiles and mosaics can be promoted with various forms of mosaics such as round mosaics, straight seam mosaics and 2 x 2 mosaics, making them the perfect stone to add style to your home. If a buyer needs to cover a fireplace or patio with longer blocks of basalt, we suggest that the builder can cut larger slabs to provide a uniform look. many large entertaining areas, such as dining rooms or kitchens, use basalt because of its low maintenance cost and durability. Unlike other stones, this particular tile color range is shorter and can actually enhance a buyer's color scheme and style in a desired space. with the peak of contemporary style homes and buildings, basalt tiles remain the best choice for elegant and unique style in shopping spaces. Basalt tiles and outdoor tiles are simple, durable and natural. Unlike comparing natural stones like granite or marble, basalt has a neutral color and can be combined with other colored stones throughout a space without colliding. Lighter and darker grays offer neutral tile variations that provide comfort and readiness for bringing any color into the space. If buyers eventually tire of the color scheme in their home, basalt tiles are a complement to the space and never need to be changed. Given the workmanship of basalt, these tiles are hard and durable.

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To see what basalt tiles price is first it should be said that the term basalt refers to the rough stone extracted from the quarry and supplied to the producer. Coop stone of basalt is a large cut of all types of basalt and is sent to large stone cutting factories for cutting and processing. Coop Seng is divided into 3 categories. Tek Kop stone is the first category and is the best stone of the three categories. Double-caged stone is the second type, which is smaller than single-caged stone. In fact, two caged stones form a single-caged stone. This also applies to Se Kop stones. The high value of single-cup stones is due to the ability of manufacturers to machine and cut them into different sizes and shapes. The fourth category is the smallest of the three-door coupes, called the Stone Carcass. If you are planning to buy basalt, it is important to keep in mind that triple goblet and waste stone are used to make square basalt cuts in sizes 30, 40, 50 to 80, while single goblet basalt is used for basalt slabs and be Du Kop stones are also used for cutting ceramic tiles . Tile and slab are two types of stone, produced by different cutting methods used in important parts of the building. Basalt is a cryptocrystalline (fine-grained) igneous rock with approximately 45-55% silica (SiO2) and less than 10% feldspar (by volume), of which at least 65% is in the plagioclase form. This rock is the most common type of volcanic rock on Earth, a major component of the oceanic crust, and the dominant volcanic rock on many oceanic islands, including Iceland, Reunion, and the Hawaiian Islands. Basalt usually has very fine grains or a glassy matrix full of grains where visible minerals are mixed together. The average density of this stone is 3.0 grams per cubic centimeter. Basalt is defined by its mineral content and texture. In some cases, physical descriptions without a mineralogy background may be unreliable. The color of this stone is usually gray to black, but it quickly turns brown or red due to the oxidation of mafic minerals (rich in iron) to hematite and other iron oxides and hydroxides. Although such rocks are often described as dark rocks, they exhibit a wide range of hues due to regional geochemical processes. Some basalts may have a light color, similar to andesite, due to weathering or high concentrations of plagioclase. Basalt has fine-grained minerals because the lava cools so quickly that mineral crystals don't have time to grow. Larger crystals (phenocrysts) are present and embedded in the fine-grained matrix before they form. These large crystals are usually composed of calcium-rich olivine or plagioclase, which has the highest melting temperature of any mineral.

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What are the pros and cons of basalt flooring? let's see! Anti-Slip: Basalt has been used for hundreds of years and one of its most popular uses is to create paths and roads, as the anti-slip surface is great for outdoor use, it can keep you in icy areas in rainy days or during the winter months. EASY TO CLEAN: Basalt is naturally stain-resistant, making it ideal for kitchen countertops that spill and soil frequently. If you spill something on the basalt floor, wipe it off with a cloth! No expensive cleaners or complicated cleaning methods are required here, just water. Durable and Antimicrobial: Because basalt tiles are polished to create a smooth, glossy finish, they are ideal for indoor use, ensuring they won't be damaged by walking. It also resists stains and water spots. In addition, with a porosity of less than 0.5% and a dense consistency, these tiles and marble tiles are not easily deformed and resistant to acids and alkalis. Due to its unique chemical composition, basalt tiles are naturally antibacterial and non-porous, so they can be used indoors and outdoors without worrying about mold or mildew growing on them. And disadvantages of Basalt could be that:

  • Fragile and not resistant to bending forces.
  • The American Concrete Institute, the International Federation of Structural Concrete, and other internationally recognized engineering code authorities are not required to
  • provide specific design guidance for their use.

Basalt fibers have great potential to become next generation materials. Basalt fiber consists of a single raw material and is superior to other fibers in terms of thermal stability, thermal and acoustic insulation, vibration resistance and durability. Basalt fibers and composites have potential advantages in a variety of applications. Basalt fiber is considered an ecological and harmless substance. It is not a new material, but its applications are undoubtedly innovative and its good mechanical, chemical and thermal properties allow it to be used in a wide range of fields, from construction to energy efficiency, from automotive to aviation. Therefore, basalt has received increasing attention as a reinforcing material, especially compared to traditional glass fibers.

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Basalt used in flooring almost always has a cryptocrystalline or fine-grained mineral granite texture due to the rapid cooling of volcanic magma. Basalt is a heavy volcanic rock that makes up most of the world's ocean crust. Some of these also erupt on Earth, but in general basalt is an ocean rock. Basalt ("ba-SALT") is darker, denser and more detailed than the familiar continental granite. This material is dark and dense because it is rich in heavy, dark minerals containing magnesium and iron (i.e. mafic) and is weaker than silicon and aluminum minerals. it is more accurate because it cools quickly on or near the Earth's surface and contains only very small crystals. Most of the world's basalt is found deep in the ocean, and along the ocean's height, the spreading zones of plate tectonics erupt silently. Fewer eruptions occur during large, occasional events on volcanic islands, high subduction areas and elsewhere. Basalt is a type of lava in which the rocks in the mantle begin to melt. If we think of basalt as the juice of the mantle, since it is the extraction of oil from olives, basalt is the first compression of fleshy material. The big difference is that when olivine holds the oil under pressure, an intermediate form of basalt is formed when the pressure on the mantle is released. The upper part of the mantle is made up of peridotite, which is more abundant than basalt, which is why it is called ultramafic. When the land plates separate at the ocean's edge, the release of pressure in the peridotite causes them to melt: the exact composition of the melt depends on many details, but it usually cools and separates into the minerals of clinopyroxene and plagioclase. of olive stone, orthopropene and magnetite. In addition, the water and carbon dioxide in the source rock also move towards the melt, which can melt even at low temperatures. Peridotite, which lacks olivine and orthortene, is dry and superior. Like almost all materials, molten rock is less dense than solid rock. Once formed deep in the earth's crust, the basaltic magma rises to the center of a central depression overlooking the ocean valley, where it accelerates into frozen water to form a lava mat. Below, the intact basalt has hardened into dikes, stacked vertically like cards in a deck. These dam complexes form the central part of the oceanic crust, beneath which are larger pools of magma that have slowly crystallized into plutonic gabbro. My company has for long been the lead in both supply and export of basalt products to all countries around the world and is hence gently honored to invite all dear customers and traders to join us in world trade of basalt and enjoy the best purchase ever in your life.

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Meanwhile, basalt is one of the minerals obtained from volcanic activity, and the processing of this mineral offers the possibility of using it in everything from road construction to fiber production.


The tiles are highly durable, resistant to moisture and water and create a unified appearance. Tiles are very suitable for kitchens, bathrooms and toilets due to the mentioned items.


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Basalt stone tiles come in a variety of colors and textures, with black, grey, and green being the most popular choices.


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