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1 kg Onion in Nepal Today; Sulfur Quercetin Source Lower Cholesterol

1 kg onion in Nepal Today has many properties and benefits.

This plant can be eaten raw or cooked and still benefit from its properties.

1 kg Onion in Nepal Today

Onion is a useful plant with many properties.

Although it does not taste very good, its benefits have made it popular among people.

This product has many uses.

It is used to cook all kinds of food or eat raw.

Among other vegetables of its family, we can mention garlic, leeks, chives, and shallots.

This plant has bluish-green leaves.

This product is cultivated all over the world and in almost all weather conditions.

Its aroma is very strong and with the first cut you can smell its spicy aroma.

Types of onions include white, red and yellow onions.

Each of these contains large amounts of essential minerals and vitamins for the body.

yellow Onion

1 kg Onion Features in Nepal Today

The flavonoid in red onion can help heart health.

This plant is rich in sulfur which can help prevent heart disease.

Quercetin in it has the potential to fight heart diseases.

Title Description
Cultivation Almost All Weather Conditions
Colors White, Red and Yellow
Source Sulfur, Quercetin 
Healthcare Lower Cholesterol

This vegetable has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help heart health.

Onions can also lower cholesterol.

This plant prevents platelets from sticking together.

They can also prevent high blood pressure.

This plant has antiseptic properties and can be useful for colds.

Onion contains selenium, which stimulates the function of the immune system.

This vegetable is rich in fiber and improves the functioning of the digestive system.

red onion benefits

Buy 1 kg Onion in Nepal Today

To Buy 1 Kg of Onion in Nepal Today, you need to pay attention to some points.

To buy this product online, you must first find reliable sellers.

After finding these sellers, you can safely make your purchase.

Because these sellers send you these onions of the best quality.

Before buying, you should know the types of this plant.

This plant has different colors and sizes.

It is necessary to research each of them before buying.

Because they have different properties.

If you want to make broth, be sure to buy large onions.

For other purposes, medium and small onions are good.

You can buy all kinds of onions according to your needs and enjoy your purchase.

red onion calories

1 kg Onion Price in Nepal Today + Buy and Sell

The price of this plant depends on various factors.

Because it has different types, their prices may differ greatly.

Each of them has its own unique properties.

That's why their prices are different.

Of course, other factors are involved in the final price of this product.

Factors such as the way of buying and selling can have a great impact on its price.

One of the methods of selling this plant is wholesale.

In it, the seller sells large quantities of onions at a reasonable price.

Usually, wholesalers charge less profit for faster sales.

This makes the price of this product lower.

1 Kg Onion Price in Nepal Today is between 1 and 2 dollars.

You can contact us to buy this vegetable full of properties.

onion nutrition facts

The Answer to Two Questions About Onion 

1: How Onion is useful for cold?

This plant has antiseptic properties and can be useful for colds.

2: What is Onion cultivation?

This product is cultivated all over the world and in almost all weather conditions.

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