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Health benefits

  • maintains healthy intestinal function.
  • Figs are usually recommended to nourish and tone the intestines as well as serve as a natural laxative due to their high fiber content.
  • Antioxidants are plentiful.
  • may contribute to keeping a healthy blood pressure.
  • might improve bone health.
  • may benefit diet quality 

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5 Tonnes (MOQ)

Alireza Rohani

Alireza Rohani

Global Trader of Nuts

Type: Dried Fruit and Nuts
Cultivation Type:                    Organic
Product Type: Dried fig
Style: Fresh
Place of Origin: Iran               
Brand Name: Sany
Quality: 100% Natural
Package: Customer Need

Sany with the aim of increasing the quantity and quality of domestic products started its activities in the field of selling and exporting all kinds of Dried fruits and Nuts. Customer service is one of the main programs of our business and based on this, all our efforts to provide customer satisfaction and a good shopping experience are in the minds of our dear customers.

Company Vision and Values:

  • Considering all international standards
  • Interacting with all customers and stakeholders honestly
  • Training staff Continuously and comprehensively
  • Customer orientation 
Business Type Manufacturer and Supplier
Main Products Dried Figs
Year Established 2003
Country / Region Republic Islamic of Iran
Total Employees 80
Sany Company

Sany Company

Sany is the leading in the field of supplying wholesale dried figs. We serve a good number of buyers and suppliers around the world. Our company is structured to be one of the major companies supplying and exporting dried figs in large quantities. We are committed to providing authentic, fast, and innovative services, in an effort to move up the business ladder successfully and more importantly, flourish in the field of supplying dried figs. Last but not least, we are flexible on any terms you want, offering best-in-class dried figs in any large amount according to your desire.

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Alireza Rohani

Alireza Rohani

Global Trader of Nuts