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Corrosion resistance Grade Copper

Copper's ductility and conductivity make it ideal for use in electrical wiring and cable.
Plumbing, industrial machinery, and building materials use bronze because of the metal's longevity, machinability, corrosion resistance, and precision casting capabilities.
Since copper is such a good conductor of both electricity and heat, it has the potential to significantly reduce energy consumption.
To name a few of its many applications, copper can be found in the following: structural framing, electrical wiring, and electronic device production.
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10 Tones (MOQ)

Mohammad Abbas Mohsenian

Mohammad Abbas Mohsenian

Trader of Iron



Copper Application:  building ,Electrical industry


99.95% metal Cu (Min): 99.95%

Alloy Or Not:

Non-Alloy Ultimate Strength (≥ MPa): 315

Place of Origin:


Brand Name:


Company Values are as follows:

  • Observing all the regulations of export and import
  • Constant scrutiny over all stages of production to increase the quality 
  • Honesty with customers and trustworthiness
  • Designing and producing high-quality products in compliance with international standards


  • Sending catalogs via email and social networks 
  • Ensuring the quality of products in the process of transportation and delivery of products 
  • Offeri
  • Ensuring the price and authenticity of products 
  • ng support and consultation by experienced experts 
Business Type Manufacturer and Supplier
Main Products Non-ferrous or Non-ferrous Metals Such as Copper, Zinc, Lead, Aluminum, Titanium, Nickel, etc.
Year Established 2003
Country / Region Republic Islamic of Iran
Total Employees 80
Metaleila Company

Metaleila Company

Metaleila, with the aim of increasing the quantity and quality of domestic products, started its activities in the field of selling and exporting all kinds Non-ferrous metals . Customer service is one of the main programs of our business and based on this, all our efforts to provide customer satisfaction and good shopping experience are in the minds of our dear customers.

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Mohammad Abbas Mohsenian

Mohammad Abbas Mohsenian

Trader of Iron