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Note: Engaging in trade during adolescence, significant progress, looking at commerce simpler and the kindness of Aradis.

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Note 1

Author: Mohammad Hossein Soheili, Qom, Iran 🇮🇷, Persian t.me/aradhorse_sale

I lost my father during adolescence, which prompted me to decide to have a job alongside my studies.

Since I didn't think I could be my own boss, I turned to service-related businesses and became involved in labor.

I worked in various fields until I realized I had a talent for equestrian sports.

However, I still didn't know how to make high incomes and would earn insignificant amounts through educational services, transportation, horseshoeing, etc.

Unfortunately, sometimes life became so tough for me that I thought about suicide because I had no motivation to continue living until I accidentally got acquainted with the Arad group.

After this acquaintance, dear and honorable people, to whom I owe my entire life, never abandoned me to my own devices and not only showed me the path of growth in all aspects of life but also acted like a caring father, supporting and guiding me.

This was while sometimes out of ignorance I did not appreciate their kindness.

I started my first business at the age of 18 with the kind help of God and the love of dear Arad, and through buying and selling horses and equestrian equipment, I made good profits.

Now, as I write this note, Arad has transformed me from a lonely teenager wanting to end his tough life to the manager of a strong team in the field of equestrian sports.

At least 8 people directly earn a lawful living from this team.

In this writing, I have only touched on a small and insignificant part of my achievements with the help of these dear individuals.

I am grateful to the merciful God for placing me in such an exceptional community.


Note 2

Author: Ratih Dhyan, Solo, Indonesia 🇮🇩, English wa.me/6287836554117

When I lost my mother, the messages sent to me by the Arad members provided great comfort amidst this profound grief.

Many people sent beautiful prayers for my mother in the messages.

As I read the messages, tears rolled down my cheeks, and I thanked God for introducing me to such a compassionate family.

Even my father embraced me and said, "You are very lucky to have joined this group."

From the very first day, I felt the warmth of reception in Arad, a level of love that my words are inadequate to express.

I stand strong again to fight the world and accept what God has ordained for me.

I know my mother is happy, and I will always love you, Ibu (which means mother in Indonesian).

I hope all the good and beautiful prayers return to each and every member of this group.


Note 3

Author: Ali Tahmasebi, Shiraz, Iran 🇮🇷, Persian t.me/pourbeh

We usually feel scared and confused when faced with an unexpected, dangerous, and ambiguous situation.

But is commerce complex and terrifying?

If we look at commerce more simply, we will realize that commerce is not difficult and terrifying at all, and fortunately, confusion has a solution.

We are afraid of commerce because of a common misconception in society that views commerce as something exclusive to certain individuals who are separate from the rest of society.

When we think about the most basic elements and principles of commerce, we come to three main elements: knowledge, experience, and capital.

Everyone can start from zero on the first day, but with time, effort, and patience, an ordinary person grows and matures.

Commerce, in its simplest form, is a triangle with three vertices: supplier, trader, and customer.

As a trader, you stand somewhere between those other two vertices, and to fulfill your role effectively, you must possess a crucial characteristic.

You need to have the ability to establish connections with the other two vertices.

If you lack this skill, you will usually become frightened.

To put it simply, you are not actually scared of commerce, but rather, you are anxious about establishing connections because you believe you lack this ability and may be ridiculed.

Establishing connections is a skill that can be learned and strengthened.

When you reach a suitable level of mastery in communication skills, commerce will no longer seem terrifying to you.

Now, for a better understanding, let's address a question: What is confusion in commerce and how can we resolve it?

Confusion in commerce arises from being perplexed about where to start and how to begin.

Let's assume you have taken the first step and establishing connections has become easy and even pleasant for you.

Now, you want to take another step forward but are unsure which direction to go. What would be best?

Do you agree with this simple definition of commerce? Commerce means the ability to sell a product to a customer.

As a trader, you must be able to sell any product.

To overcome confusion and indecision, completely eliminate which product to choose in your mind and focus solely on selling.

Simply take a product and apply all your communication skills and knowledge of selling to make the sale happen.

Certainly, you will face challenges on this path, but do not worry because these are challenges that anyone embarking on this path encounters. So you are not alone.

Now is the time to recognize the difference between yourself and those who reach a dead end in this path and become discouraged.

See the problems as challenges and focus on finding their solutions.

You will be amazed to find that the more focused and precise you are in addressing this issue, the more solvable it becomes.

Once you move past this stage of confusion in commerce successfully, because you have found the pathway to selling and realized that it does not matter what you have in hand for sale, as you know you can sell it.


Note 4

Author: Peter Zwegar Logan, Monrovia, Liberia 🇱🇷, English wa.me/231776695669

Arad Branding has helped enhance my knowledge and information in the field of international marketing.

I have gained a lot of information by listening to business podcasts.

The meetings organized by Arad have a significant impact on our progress and success.

The prices of products stated by traders are often very suitable for buyers outside the country, leading to increased commercial transactions.

I hope to participate in Arad Branding's international conferences to discover more opportunities and connect with various business people.

Ultimately, I must say that this great collection serves as a crucial communication bridge between global buyers and sellers.


Note 5

Author: Alhaji Ali Busari, Kwara, Nigeria 🇳🇬, English wa.me/2348128959020

Arad Branding is a top-notch business that really cares about satisfying its customers, and its team of experts work diligently to ensure that every project is done on time and with high quality.

Their attention to detail and focus on customer needs make them unparalleled in the business.

As an investor, I recommend you choose this group for the prosperity of your business.

Innovative products, excellent customer service, and commitment to their duties have turned them into an excellent investment option.

Investing in this family of workers is a wise move that will surely bring high returns.

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