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What Is Toilat Dimensions + Purchase Price of Toilat Dimensions

Wall hung toilets come in many different dimensions and they can be as big or small as you want your toilet to be but you should also consider the height of the toilet from the ground.

Wall hanging toilets, known simply as wall hung , are lavatories that have pans attached to the wall in some way.

The majority of the toilet's mechanics and piping are concealed in the wall behind the toilet, with the pan installed at a sufficient height from the floor.

This eliminates the need for a toilet cistern or unit with a pan that is linked to the floor.

Because of this, people sometimes refer to them as "floating toilets" because the toilet pan is typically the only part of the toilet that is visible.

Wall hung toilet dimensions

Typically, cistern frames are used in order to attach them to the wall.

With the help of these ingenious frames, you will be able to conceal behind the wall both the water supply and the waste of your toilet.

a wall-hung toilet frame will include the controls for the toilet.

These controls may take the shape of a flush plate, a push-button, or the more conventional form of a flush handle.

Wall Hung Toilet Dimensions

There is no definite answer for “what are the dimensions of a wall hung toilet since the types, sizes and models of wall hung toilets are overwhelmingly numerous.

The depth of a standard toilet may range anywhere from 27 to 30 inches (69 to 76 centimeters), while the width often hovers around 20 inches (51 centimeters), and the back height can range anywhere from 21 to 31 inches (53-79 cm).

To be in compliance with ADA standards, the height of the toilet bowl itself, not the distance measured to the top of the toilet seat, must be between 17 and 19 inches (43.1 and 48.3 cm).

Prior to relatively recently, the majority of conventional toilets were produced with a height of 15 inches (38.1 cm), which does not fulfill the standards for accessibility.

These toilets are maybe the simplest to clean because of their compact design and the fact that the bowl is suspended above the floor.

As a result, it is possible to clean all areas of the toilet, including underside and all around it.

It is possible to give the impression that your bathroom suite is larger than it actually is by utilizing the area below the toilet.

Because of this, wall-hung toilets are often considered to be the most suitable options for cloakrooms and other similarly sized restrooms.

Because of the demand for a wall frame as well as the concealed cistern, wall-hung toilets are probably best suited for usage in brand new or remodeled bathroom suites rather than as a replacement for an existing toilet.

This is due to the fact that they have to be put into the wall itself, which necessitates extensive work being done on the wall during the installation process.

Wall hung toilet height

Wall Hung Toilet Height

The height of a wall hung toilet may differ based on personal preference or model or size but they should be at least 15 inches and up to 19 inches higher from the ground.

It is recommended that a wall-hung toilet be installed at a height of 15 inches from the floor as this is widely regarded to be the typical height.

However, users who have particular requirements, such as the elderly or individuals with disabilities, may desire that the height of their house toilets be raised slightly so that it is simpler to sit on them.

The majority of toilets are securely fastened into the floor at an angle.

In point of fact, the pan of a conventional close-coupled toilet is intended to provide its own support from the floor upwards, therefore distributing the weight of both the unit and the user in an even manner.

When properly built, wall-hung toilets defy expectations and give the impression that they are floating; the only attachments are made horizontally into the wall or panel behind them.

Wall-hung toilets are a refreshing departure from the norm.

When it comes to installing them, wall-hung toilets provide more customization options than close-coupled and back-to-wall toilets, which both arrive at a predetermined height.

On the other hand, if the toilet is too low or too high, then it will be difficult for people to access it, and in certain extreme circumstances it might really become unsafe.

The typical height of a wall-mounted toilet is 400 millimeters (mm), which measures the distance from the floor to the top of the pan rim.

If, on the other hand, you want to install low-height toilet pans for youngsters, you may want to investigate alternatives that enable you put them as low as 300 millimeters.

Wall hung toilet weight limit

Wall Hung Toilet Weight Limit

A wall hung toilet must have a weight limit but nevertheless must be able to handle the weight of an overweight person.

The wall is built around the framework that serves to hold the pan and cistern in place.

Because of this, the wall in question needs to be strong enough to sustain the installation.

If it is destroyed or otherwise compromised, then the load bearing capacity will be reduced.

From destroying the wall to installing a sturdy metal structure that will support the weight of around 500 pounds, there will be a significant amount of stress placed on it.

In addition, the total strength of the structure is significantly impacted by the quality of the supporting frame as well as the brackets and bolts.

Installation that is both correct and comprehensive is another factor that is of the utmost importance.

If your toilet is not properly fastened to the floor, there is a possibility that the bolts will become loose as a consequence of normal wear and tear, which will cause the toilet's weight capacity to diminish over time.

Even though the carrier frame only weighs around 80 pounds by itself, it must be able to sustain at least 500 pounds of weight.

There is a wide variety of frame shapes available to choose from on the market.

The level of craftsmanship and thoughtfulness that went into their design determines how much weight they can support.

 Because of this, you need to make sure that you pick the one that is of a high quality.

This will guarantee that the wall does not experience an excessive amount of stress, and that it continues to work properly without becoming less secure over time.

Wall hung toilet depth

Wall Hung Toilet Depth

another thing to consider regarding a wall hung toilet is the depth which just like other factors can contain different setups.

There are different measures that are considered standard for toilets, including as height, breadth, and depth or length.

The depth is 18.

9 inches, while the breadth is 15 inches.

The height is somewhat more than 18 inches.

The distance from the front to the rear of the toilet tank is normally 10 inches, and the width is typically approximately 26 inches.

Because the tank is attached to the rear of the toilet, the total distance that separates the toilet from the wall is increased as a result.

Never make the mistake of basing your calculation of the distance your toilet has to be from the wall entirely on the measurements of the toilet itself, as these do not take into account the tank.

In most cases, the total distance between the toilet and the wall is measured as the distance from the wall to the center line of the toilet drain.

This is the distance that is stated.

It is a standardized technique of measurement, and it enables the consumer to choose a toilet depending on how well it fits the drain that is already in their home.

Keep in mind that the center line of the drain and the center line of the toilet are quite near to one another.

If you are intending on installing a new toilet, move the center line of the drain out from the wall by 12 to 14 inches; this will provide room for a toilet with a depth of 20 to 24 inches.

Consider purchasing a toilet that is smaller than the conventional size or has a depth of less than 18 inches if the distance is less than 12 inches.

Minimum wall thickness for wall hung toilet

Minimum Wall Thickness for Wall Hung Toilet

Since the frame and cistern of a wall hung toilet is hidden inside the wall, there is a minimum wall thickness and it only makes sense not being able to fit a wall hung toilet in a wall that is too thin.

The good news is that it is feasible to hang a wall-mounted toilet as long as your neighbouring walls are thick enough to hold and conceal the wall hanging toilet tank and waste pipes.

This is the condition under which the possibility of hanging a wall-mounted toilet exists.

Figuring out the minimum wall thickness required for a wall-hung toilet is a barrier for many people who are interested in doing their own home improvements.

In most cases, a wall-hung toilet must have a wall thickness of at least 10 inches in order to meet the minimal requirements.

Comfort height wall hung toilet

The wall thickness of ten inches secures the toilet seat and hides the water tank cistern as well as the waste sewerage pipelines that connect to the mainline of waste disposal for your local authority.

If your house or place of business was constructed during the past three decades, there is a good chance that the walls are at least ten inches thick.

This is due to the fact that contemporary homes have thicker walls, which provide them with additional insulation against the cold weather and the heat of the summer.

When it comes to wall-hung toilets, a wall thickness of at least 6 inches is required.

However, older buildings typically have walls that are quite a little thinner.

Checking the condition of your walls is necessary before purchasing a wall-hung toilet for this reason.

If your walls are thinner than that,you need additional framing at the back otherwise it’s not possible to install a wall hung toilet in your house.

Comfort Height Wall Hung Toilet

When it comes to the height of a wall hung toilet, there is a standard height but most of the times it is not your comfort height.

 The majority of toilets available are between 420 and 430 mm (16 and 17 inches) height.

However, since the flush toilet gained popularity more than 150 years ago, this measurement has hardly altered.

We were often several inches shorter back then.

These days, a lot of individuals find this arbitrary toilet height rather difficult, particularly tall persons and those who have joint discomfort, stiffness, or frailty.

A toilet that is a  bit higher in height might be considerably more pleasant to use if you have hip or knee arthritis or difficulties rising up from a low posture.

These days, the majority of wheelchair seats are adjusted to 480mm, which lowers a conventional toilet by five or six centimeters.

Transferring between the wheelchair and the toilet might be exceedingly difficult due to this mismatch.

The clearances for chairs used to roll over toilets, also known as sanichairs, commode chairs, or over-toilet chairs, can vary and can sometimes make it challenging to utilize them with conventional height toilets.

We always advise seeking expert guidance if you're unsure about your ideal height.

However, as a general rule, when seated with your knees and hips at right angles, your feet should be flat on the floor.

How far a toilet projects into your room is another crucial factor to take into account.

A typical toilet measures around 500mm (20 inches). Matching to height, having a toilet with a similar depth might be useful when transitioning from a wheelchair or walking frame.

The lack of space to line up over the bowl when the depth is too shallow might also make it difficult to

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