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Synthetic Leather Price in Pakistan

"Synthetic leather in Pakistan" refers to a man-made leather fabric that is similar to genuine leather in appearance but is not really created from animal skins.

Synthetic Leather in Pakistan

Synthetic leather, as the name indicates, is a form of leather fabric made synthetically from plastic parts that have a similar look to real leather but do not contain any natural materials in its creation.

This type of leather is commonly used to make leather products and commodities such as furniture, office supplies, fabric leather for automotive interiors, clothes, and other consumer goods.

This means that, unlike natural leather, which is obtained by slaughtering animals, no natural ingredients are utilized in the manufacture of this type of leather.

Vegetable leather is another term for synthetic leather, which is created from industrial materials rather than animal skin and has no negative environmental impact.

Synthetic Leather

Synthetic Leather Features in Pakistan

Three types of synthetic leather exist.

PU leather (polyurethane): PVC-leather material (polyvinyl chloride) fibers made of leather PVC (polyvinyl chloride) faux leather It is made of different fabrics.

Such as woven fabric, tricot fabric, or non-woven fabric, as a substrate, and is then covered with a layer of PVC foam.

Title Description
Type PU Leather
Application Shoe Industry 
Made of  Woven Fabric, Tricot Fabric, or Non-woven Fabric
Advantage  Easy Cleaning 

The term "PU" describes a type of synthetic leather in which a coating of Polyurethane (PolyUrethane) has been spread over it.

The first industry to use PU artificial leather, which was developed and marketed, was the shoe industry.

fibers made of leather (microfiber) Microfiber leather, sometimes referred to as super fiber leather, is a type of premium synthetic leather that is totally made.

synthetic leather vs pu leather

Buy Synthetic Leather in Pakistan

Concerns for business owners include where to buy and how to choose synthetic leather.

The leather must not only be of the best quality but also be affordable in such a way that the consumer can buy it.

When deciding between synthetic and real leather when buying leather, it is essential to consider the advantages and disadvantages of PU leather.

The Advantages of PU Leather:

Because of its easier manufacturing, this type of leather is less costly than genuine leather.

Cleaning is easier since PU material does not absorb water.

Products manufactured with PU leather can be fake and synthetic at times.

So, take into consideration the type of leather, the quality, and the cost of it when embarking upon buying either synthetic or genuine leather.

synthetic leather material

Synthetic Leather Price in Pakistan + Buy and Sell

When it comes to leather products' price, it might be difficult to identify between the many different types of leather on the market.

Real leather, which is difficult to make, will be the most expensive, costing between $15 and $20 per square meter.

Real leather costs more than synthetic leather, which costs somewhat more than bonded leather.

Synthetic leather is less expensive to create than real leather, which costs between $7 and $14.

Bonded leather is the least expensive of all leathers in the market since it is the thinnest, made from leftover leather, and affixed to a thin paper backing.

For more information contact us, and our experts will provide you with your required information.

synthetic leather vs leather

The Answer to Two Questions About Synthetic Leather

1: Which synthetic leather holds up the best?

Polyurethane and PVC are currently the most widely used synthetic leather alternatives (better known as vinyl.)

2: How many chemicals does synthetic leather contain?

Polyurethane (PU) is the most prevalent polymer, however PVC and polypropylene are also utilized.

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