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Stone Bricks (Building block) Stable Resistance Against Wind Rain Snow

Stone Bricks in Bangalore are the most practical construction materials and every day their usage increases due to their long-lasting lifetime and flexibility.

Stone Bricks in Bangalore

Bricks made of stone are a kind of building block that is quite valuable in the construction industry owing to the fact that they are both functional and practicable.

It is one of the greatest solutions for constructing a sturdy wall as well as laying down paving for hard surfaces in open-air places.

As a consequence of one brick pressing down on another brick, the standing is made more stable.

When bricks are set in a wall lengthwise no difference in short or tall, the resulting structure is known as stretchers, and when they are laid transverse, the resulting structure is known as headers.

stone bricks wall

Stone Bricks Features in Bangalore

Stone bricks have many features.

Among them, they show great resistance against weather changes, including wind, rain, and snow.

These bricks can be used horizontally and vertically.

Title Description
Made of Stone
Function Valuable in the Construction Industry
Solutions for Constructing a Sturdy Wall
Feature Show Great Resistance against Weather Changes

Another feature of them is that after finishing the work, either on the wall or on the stone carpet, they can be painted or different shapes can be drawn on them.

Being washable is one of the other features of these bricks, and when they get dirty, they can be completely cleaned with plain water without the need for any detergent.

These bricks do not produce any dust when swept and do not disturb the residents.

Stone Bricks

Buy Stone Bricks in Bangalore

It is possible to buy stone bricks in different ways.

Since these materials are countable, you can buy them in bulk or by ton.

Of course, keep in mind that it is better to avoid buying in bulk because it is more economical to buy in large quantities.

Today, there are many companies in the world that supply this product and you can receive your order online.

If you are looking to buy bricks with the dimensions you want, you can refer to companies that work exclusively in this field.

By referring to these companies, you can give the dimensions of your bricks to be molded based on them.

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Stone Bricks Price in Bangalore + Buy and Sell

As it was mentioned, there are companies that buy and sell stone bricks online.

Our company is one of the largest international companies in this field.

Our experts are ready to guide customers about the types of this product, different dimensions, different prices, and how to use and transport it.

The price of each ton of clay bricks in the world market is between 500 and 700 dollars.

But the price of each of these bricks is 1.8 to 2 dollars.

Of course, in our company, you can get these products, whether in grain or tons, at a much lower price.

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The Answer to Two Questions About Stone Bricks

1: Are stone bricks stronger than stone?

The stone is stronger than brick.

2: Is stone brick brick resistant?

Cobblestone and stone bricks both have a blast resistance of 30.

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