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Statuario Marble in Italy; Beautiful Color Exceptional Luster Décor Designs Uses

The Statuario Marble in Italy is expensive in comparison with other types, it is one of the materials that is known as luxurious and unique.

Statuario Marble in Italy

The statuario marble was known as one of the luxurious materials for decoration for a long time in Italy.

Because of the beautiful color and exceptional luster along with the unique patterns it provides, many people like the statuario type of marble and around the world to use it for their home décor and designs.

The statuario marble model offers high resistance against chemicals and taking care of it is easy in simple ways.

Statuario kind of marble contains a white base color which enhances its appearance and adds an exceptional look for any place that catches attention.

Statuario Marble

Statuario Marble Features in Italy

The features that are offered by marble in a statuario form are numerous in Italy.

About the texture, since the statuario marble provides different colors, it can go with various designs and models.

Title Description
Known as One of the Luxurious Materials for Decoration
Decoration for A Long Time in Italy
Use It for Their Home Décor and Designs
Patterns Unique

The statuario marble cannot be used for outside areas anywhere.

The best place to use the marble which is known as statuario can be used for interior designs as the main focal point of the room.

Many people use statuario for kitchen countertops or to add an astonishing look to the backsplash in the kitchen using this marble.

They also utilize marble with satatuario material as a large tile for the floor.

statuario marble texture

Buy Statuario Marble in Italy

In case you are thinking to buy statuario type of marble from Italy, you have to decide upon the size and where you want to use it.

Another case to consider is the installation and cutting of the pieces which is an important point.

Since this operation for marble of statuario requires complicated tools, the cost would be higher and it needs special cuts.

Also, the arrangement of the statuario marble would be another case that affects the cost.

A simple arrangement would cost less.

Despite the fact that this marble is a statuario stone, it is a soft material.

statuario marble tiles

Statuario Marble Price in Italy + Buy and Sell

It is true that the statuario model of marble offers a higher price.

The unique pattern that the statuario adds to the area tempts everyone to have them in their design.

The natural feeling that the statuario marble shows are a privilege, however, they are considered expensive in Italy.

The only thing to consider is how much you want to spend in your area since the price ranges from 300$ to 700$ per square meter.

If you are looking for any special stone, here is where we can guide you.

All you need to do is specify the quantity and size you want and contact us.

The Answer to Two Questions About Statuario Marble

1: How do I identify Statuario marble?

Bold grey veins.

2: Does Statuario marble stain?

Highly susceptible to staining.

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