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Squat Pan Toilet Size vs Squat Toilet Height

As you are aware, you are required to consider the size of your bathroom to have a successful purchase and if you have decided to purchase a squat pan toilet, you should be totally aware of each type of squat pan toilet height and its exact measurement because each model is appropriate for the specific bathroom. For example, flat squat pans are 18 to 20 cm in height and are commonly used in apartments. The height of the bowl in semi-squat toilets is between 20 and 22 cm, this model of squat pan toilet is a good choice for apartments with typical ceiling heights. Squat pan toilets with concave are 23 to 26 cm in height and are typically found on the ground floor, in villas, and in gardens. When the depth and height of the toilet bowl are inappropriately chosen, it might make a person feel uncomfortable when using the toilet. Whatever the dimensions of the squat pan toilet rise, the height of the squat pan toilet should reduce as well. Squat pan toilet manufacturers have provided standard sizes and heights for squat pan toilets, but each model has its own unique height. For example, the semi-medical squat pan toilet's sitting area is slightly higher than that of the flat squat pan toilet model, resulting in a small angle between the feet and the squat pan toilet.

Squat pan toilet

Squat pans are separated into two types based on their construction: rimless or closed rim toilets and open rim toilets.(closed rim) This is the most recent and modern style of squat pan toilet. As well as the most basic type of squat pan toilet. The squat pan toilet lacks normal holes and instead features a canal through which water runs after entering the bowl's depth. If there is no rim, there are no water drainage holes alongside the foot or inside the bowl, and the surface of the bowl is smooth and without holes in this regard. Another thing to think about when buying a squat pan toilet stone is its ergonomic shape. The majority of manufacturers have created medical toilet stones as well as ergonomic squat pan toilets. Ergonomic and medical squat pan toilets minimize the pressure on the back, knees, and ankles, resulting in less joint and spine discomfort.(open rim) This type of squat toilet is a simpler type of closed squat toilet. It is more common in the old houses, and it consists of an open channel with no regular perforations through which water flows after entering the canal into the depth of the bowl. This type of toilet is a potential source for waste and insects (beetles, for example), therefore it is hygienically substandard and less recommended. The weight of the body is pushed forward by a squat pan toilet, generating a slope that experts have estimated where the feet are. When you sit on the squat pan toilet, you put less pressure on the back, knees, and ankles. When you use this toilet, your body is in a more comfortable position, and squatting is easier and less stressful.

Squat pan toilet

Squat toilet size

The size of the squat pan toilet is an important point in purchasing this product, and you should pay attention to its suitability for the bathroom space before choosing it. The non-standard size of squat pan toilets makes it difficult for family members to use, while heavy or elderly people and children who do not have the right balance and mobility will certainly have problems. In addition, if the size of the squat pan toilet does not match the space of the bathroom, the installation process will be difficult and may not be done correctly. In this case, it will make problems for you regarding the proper disposal of waste water. The standard size of a squat pan toilet bowl is 60 cm long and 40 cm wide. But manufacturing companies also make squat pan toilets with special dimensions due to ergonomics and safety requirements. In any case, the width of the squat pan toilet should be proportional to the sink. It is especially important to pay attention to this point with children and the elderly. The toilet bowl varies depending on the type and ranges from 12 to 26 cm. As a general rule, the size of the squat pan toilet should be proportional to the size of the bathroom. In this situation, you should also consider the size of the plumbing fittings, such as the toilet bowl or the presence of a toilet bowl, so that the Iranian toilet bowl is easier to use and the installation process runs as smoothly as possible. Some toilets are larger than the standard size, which may be difficult for the elderly and children. Also if you are not used to using the squat pan toilet, pay close attention to your child's convenience when using the squat pan toilets during shopping.

Western toilet vs squat toilet

Any squat pan toilet or western toilet has its own range of benefits and drawbacks that should be taken into consideration before purchasing. Squat pan toilet bowls are typically constructed of ceramic or porcelain and are available in a range of styles and shapes. According to scientists, Squat pan toilets put the body in a better position. A new style of squat pan toilet with an ergonomic and medical design was just released.

Benefits of squat pan toilets

  1. Easy to dispose; In fact, a squat pan toilet compresses the intestines and makes them easier to empty. In the squat pan toilets, the canal is at a right angle (90 degrees).
  2. You will spend less time sitting on the toilet. Sitting time is shorter than other benefits of squat pan toilets, which have a major impact on people's health. According to researchers, people who use squat pan toilets sit on the toilet for about 51 seconds on average, but in the case of other types of toilets, the time is 114-130 seconds.
  3. The risk of infections and skin diseases is reduced; Squat pan toilets are more hygienic and clean than Western toilets. This is because when using a squat pan toilet, the body does not touch the toilet seat and diseases such as skin diseases, fungi, and herpes are not transmitted to humans.

Disadvantages of squat pan toilet

Sitting on a squat pan toilet is not easy because it puts pressure on your knees and joints. When you use the squat pan toilet, as you know, you have to sit in a squatting position. The sitting position unconsciously puts great pressure on the knees and joints, which over time causes joint disease and osteoarthritis. Obese people should not use the squat pan toilet since they are overweight and are more likely to develop early joint disorders and osteoarthritis. Western toilets have been very popular in most countries for several years. Western toilets are generally drained with a strainer tank and siphon system. There are three types of models for western toilet : one-piece, two-piece, and wall-mounted so that wall-mounted toilets are more popular Benefits of the western toilet bathroom

  1. Sitting on the toilet is comfortable. Sitting on the toilet is much easier than the squat pan toilet and doctors especially recommend it for elderly, sick and pregnant women.
  2. The western toilet puts less pressure on the joints, which prevents damage to the body. The most important advantage of the toilet is that it does not put pressure on the knees and joints, while in the squat pan toilet a lot of weight is placed on a small area of the knee joint, causing joint problems and osteoarthritis.

Disadvantages of bathrooms

  1. Causes skin diseases ; When using the toilet, the body comes into contact with the toilet and the risk of skin diseases such as herpes is high.
  2. It is difficult to dispose of in the toilet; When a person sits on the toilet, the rectum is contracted by the levator, and making the ejaculation difficult. So the person has to try harder and put more pressure on himself. A wrong angle, a push for difficult defecation and long-term emptying can cause bowel disease, constipation and hemorrhoids.

The best angle to sit on the toilet is between 30 and 45 degrees. Use a stool or footrest to facilitate the position. Sitting on the toilet in a 90-degree position can cause body problems such as frequent constipation, urinary tract infections, local pain, frequent rectal irritation and hemorrhoids. Squat toilet size

Squat pan toilet height

If you have decided to install a flat squat pan toilet in your bathroom pay special attention to the height of the squat pan toilet and the height of your bathroom floor so that the height of the squat pan toilet should be as same as the height of the bathroom floor tiles. If the height of the squat pan toilet is not proportional to the bathroom floor height, it makes it uncomfortable when using the squat pan toilet. For this purpose, try to get the assistance of professional experts and workers to decrease the possibility of happening awful events. In the ergonomic design of the medical squat pan toilet, In order to place the feet on the toilet stone, a slope has been expertly made so that When a person sits on a medical squat pan toilet, their ankles and knees are pulled forward due to the same slope. The angle at which people sit on the medical squat pan toilet is superior to both the angle at which people sit on the WC and the flat squat pan toilet. Note that, because the top section of the toilet is greater in height than the bottom section, using medical squat pan toilets is suitable if you do not suffer from knee and back pain, otherwise, you are required to purchase the flat squat pan toilets.

Squat pan toilet elongated

Toilets are an integral part of any bathroom design and depending on the size of your bathroom, your needs and your bathroom aesthetic, you have many options to choose from. One such option is to use a toilet form. Squat pan toilet usually consists of two forms, round or elongated. They both work the same way but differ in size. It is required to say the elongated form is not so common for squat pan toilets and it is mostly used in designing the WC. The elongated toilet is oval and protrudes a few centimeters in front of the bowl. As the bathroom gets bigger, elongated bowls become more common and look more modern. The elongated toilet bowl is oval and extends a few centimeters to the front of the room. As the bathroom gets larger, the tall bowl becomes more common and can make the look more modern. Western toilet vs squat toilet Appearance The only difference in the appearance of an elongated and round toilet is the shape of the bowl itself. A toilet with a round front is close to a true circle. Therefore, there is less penetration into the bowl. Ease of Use Round and elongated toilets are used equally by both men and women. However, the longer, wider bowl of an elongated toilet may be more comfortable to sit on. It may also be easier for men or children to use. It has a wider entry and exit area for people with reduced mobility. The exact dimensions of the toilet bowl are determined by the manufacturer. An elongated toilet bowl will generally be about 2 inches more forward than a round bowl. At least 21 inches in front of the toilet is generally required. Some cities and towns may require more space, while ADA-compliant bathrooms require 48 inches. Maintenance Elongated toilets can be a little easier to clean than round bowls. The elongated shape in some brands has fewer cracks around the bottom of the bowl, making it easier to insert a cleaning brush. The Elongated shape also facilitates visibility inside the bowl, which can also help keep it lighter and clean. Power of Flush There are many different types of flush technologies, from pressure washing to double cyclone washing. If the toilet uses a flush that circulates water into the toilet using force, the elongated shape of the toilet can provide slightly better pressure.

Squatting pan for toilet

A squat toilet (or squat toilet) is a toilet that is used for squatting instead of sitting. There are different types of squat toilets, but they all consist of a bowl or a toilet standing on the floor. This type of toilet pan is also called a "squatting pan". A squat pan toilet can use a water seal and so can be a water toilet or can be without a water seal and so can be a dry toilet. The term "squatting" refers only to the expected position for defecation, and not to any other aspect of toilet technology, such as whether they flush with water. Overcrowded toilets are used all over the world, but are common, especially in parts of Asia and Africa, as well as in some Muslim countries. In many of these countries, cleaning the anus with water is also a cultural norm and easier to do than using a sit-down toilet. They are also sometimes found in some countries in Europe and South America. Crowded toilets were considered traditional by many, but have been abandoned in favor of high-tech toilets or even high-tech toilets. Squat pans are typically constructed of vitreous porcelain or stainless steel. Before installation, you should carefully analyze and validate your needs and order. Furthermore, The toilet bowl can be composed of a variety of materials, including stone, metal, and fiberglass. Sanitary porcelain is the most frequent and hygienic material. Each of these squat pan toilets has a distinct water penetration coefficient. If the porcelain absorbs too much water, pollutants, germs, and fungi will build up in the toilet stone, causing an unpleasant odor. The Standard squat pan toilets made of standard porcelain solid are less dense and absorb less water, but non-standard squat pan toilets made of rough solid absorb a lot of water. This factor causes the squat pan toilet to crack with cold and heat over time and also causes an unpleasant smell in the bathroom. Benefits of squat pan toilets

Squat pan for WC

Many historic houses have been demolished and replaced with contemporary architecture so that toilets are found in the majority of buildings. Due to knee discomfort and other issues, many individuals are more interested in utilizing these types of toilets in their WC. However, you should be aware that modern toilets are the source of many digestive disorders, and their design forces you to sit in an extremely unhealthy position when using them. In most houses today, especially those built in recent years, there is a toilet in the bathroom in addition to the squat pan toilet. If you have the tendency to purchase a squat pan toilet for your bathroom, pay close attention to minor but very important points: In the initial steps of constructing or rebuilding your house, try to install both squat pan toilet and WC, in this case, you can provide the possibility for your guests or other family members how used to utilize the squat pan toilets. Finally, we are proud to say that our company has manufactured and exported various types of squat pan toilets in a wide range of sizes and dimensions so that even if a customer requires a unique dimension or size of the squat pan, our skilled experts and workers can design it based on industry standards, even if you haven't decided on the proper squat pan toilet size for your bathroom. Our specialists and consultants will take care of everything for you if you provide the exact dimensions of your bathroom.

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Explaining the height of the toilets and the difference and which one is better or not, what is the difference


Explaining the height of the toilets and the difference and which one is better or not, what is the difference


Explaining the height of the toilets and the difference and which one is better or not, what is the difference


Explaining the height of the toilets and the difference and which one is better or not, what is the difference

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In the ergonomic design of the medical squat pan toilet, a slope has been skilfully built in order to lay the feet on the toilet stone, so that when a person sits on a medical squat pan toilet, their ankles and knees are dragged forward owing to the same slope.

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If your toilet is higher than 16 inches from floor to rim, you'll likely need a higher (9 inches) toilet stool in order to raise your knees up enough to unkink your colon. If your toilet is shorter than 16 inches from floor to rim, any toilet stool will likely work.Esfand 7, 1399 AP


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These toilets are used in Middle Eastern countries


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Squat pans are separated into two types based on their construction: rimless or closed rim toilets and open rim toilets


Toilet with open rim is one of the simplest types of drains in the category of Iranian type toilets. In this category, drains are mostly found in very old toilets. In Iranian type toilets with open rims, the hole space is not regular, and the channel is also open, and in the next step, the water enters the toilet. It will flow into the bowl


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