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Introducing: Easy Text Translation, Sarvban, Porsline and Alivitrine

Website or App Introduction: t.me/arad104


Easy Text Translation

Presented by: Ahmad Hafezi, Ardabil, Iran 🇮🇷, Persian, t.me/Hafeziahmad

This software helps the user translate their texts into a different language without switching to another program while chatting in any application.

Moreover, this program has features such as time-saving, faster response time, translation into all languages, and easy accessibility in any application.

It is worth mentioning that this program not only translates texts but can also translate text in images into all languages.

Download link for Easy Text Translation



Presented by: Rasoul Saleki, Birjand, Iran 🇮🇷, Persian, wa.me/989154963045

Greetings and good time.

I recommend the Sarvban website to individuals active in the field of agricultural products and food industries.

This website is a specialized market for wholesale buying and selling of agricultural products, and more than 120,000 farmers and suppliers offer their products on this site.

Furthermore, this website assists in specialized and scientific marketing of agricultural products, and users can easily showcase and sell their products.

Enter Sarvban



Introduced by: Sahar Sohrabi, Qom, Iran 🇮🇷, Persian, t.me/ssohrabi75

This website is an online questionnaire creation software service.

By registering on this site, you can easily create various questionnaires and forms online in the shortest time possible.

Using Porsline has advantages such as better understanding of customers, providing the most suitable solutions, improving product quality, and increasing customer loyalty without using paper, saving time, and costs.

Porsline is a useful tool for businesses, researchers, and various organizations to easily collect and analyze their opinions and data.

Enter Porsline



Introduced by: Mohammad Sadegh Ghaempanah, Qom, Iran 🇮🇷, Persian, t.me/aradghaempanah

Dear Aradi merchants specializing in leather products, bags, shoes, natural and synthetic leather, sandals, slippers, work shoes, and sports shoes can connect with this site.

In today's world, traditional methods of finding suppliers locally based on geographical location have become less prominent.

With the expansion of the internet, new advertising methods and supplier discovery methods have completely changed.

One advantage of this method is that every day more users are encouraged to experience these changes and break the old patterns.

This method has more alignment with modern business conditions, and the specialty of these resources is that they bring together the best.

Alivitrine aims to introduce shoe manufacturers, related industries, and expand e-commerce by implementing the first specialized platform in the field of wholesale shoe marketing and advertising, allowing bulk buyers and merchants to access locally produced shoe products and purchase directly from manufacturers without intermediaries.

In the Alivitrine website and app, manufacturers as users have access to edit factory information, add or delete products, write details and descriptions for their products.

By installing the Alivitrine app and selecting your activity categories, you can always stay up to date with the latest products from manufacturers.

Enter Alivitrine


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Shaharbano naqvi

I'm really appreciative of what Arad did
I can't thank you enough..Arad team is great you can always stay up to date with the latest products from manufacturers.👍


Muhammad Fazeli

Easy text translation is a very useful application specially for a businessman who want to communicate with other people in different countries also using this application is very easy


M Amir Eftekhari

Arad is a treasure! You know why? It is full of people each with different capabilities and skills. Looking at the writings above, you will discover the best ways that can help you with your trade.


Azin Fakhr

In today's technologically advanced age, there is no case or challenge for which there is no tool, site, or artificial intelligence.
All these things help the dear businessmen to have access to all the things they need in the fastest and easiest possible way and to carry out their work easily.
It is enough to be constantly learning and use the most up-to-date facilities.
Thanks for the dear ones who teach and share these things. 💛


hadise motlagh

Many thanks to all those who provide the sites and information they have to everyone so that everyone can use them and have positive and better results in their business affairs.


Zahra Alavi

Thank you for sharing.
I am interested to know more about other countries and their platforms. This is perfect opportunity to share and help your team to grow.
These are very useful and can be of great help to elevate your business.


Fatemeh Zamani

Easy Text Translation is a versatile app that offers instant translation across a wide array of languages. Its advantages include speed and ease of use, with many versions being free.


Venus Falahati Negotiator

An excellent job of introducing new systems is done in this article. From sophisticated data collecting and visualization to smooth language translation, each tool aims to offer unique solutions for a variety of needs. It's intriguing to see how these technologies could improve efficiency and simplify processes in a variety of industries. Finding out more about the special qualities and user interfaces of these platforms piques my curiosity. Well done for finding these crucial materials!


Zahra Rezaei

One of the essentials of success in business after choosing the right business path is to be equipped with modern technologies, for example new and useful websites and softwares. Today, advertising and buying and selling through traditional and face-to-face methods are not very popular anymore, and the Internet and virtual atmosphere have created tremendous results in the field of marketing and sales. This training, like previous practical trainings, is provided to you completely free of charge by Arad. For example, the Alivitrine website, which has provided a very suitable and specialized atmosphere for marketing and major advertising of bags, shoes, sandals and slippers. Sarvban site also provides internet and virtual services to the activists of agriculture and food industries in the same way and format. Let's try to experience the best possible situation in business by making maximum use of this technological and virtual progress.


Seyyed Mojtaba

Here is so many different website, applications count as trade tools and any Profesional trade know them and how to use them in the right way and expect situation
So by introducing you these different sites we helps you to expand your data and also your skills in the trade to make it easier and better.


Stephen Chege

This article does an excellent job introducing innovative platforms like Easy Text Translation, Sarvban, Porsline, and Alivitrine. Each tool seems to offer unique solutions for different needs, from seamless language translation to advanced data collection and visualization. It's fascinating to see how these technologies can enhance productivity and streamline processes in various industries. I'm particularly interested in learning more about the specific features and user experiences of these platforms. Great work on highlighting such useful tools!



Easy text translation app allows users to quickly and accurately translate text between multiple languages. The app typically features a simple interface where users can either type or paste text to be translated, and select the source and target languages. Advanced apps might include features like voice input, camera translation for real-time text recognition, and offline capabilities for use without internet access. Such apps are invaluable for travelers, students, and business professionals needing instant translation services, ensuring clear communication across language barriers.


Razie Rezai

According to my experience, usage of easy text translation app is globally and many people with every background can use it.
Now the important point is that as we trade and sell products internationally، some times we encounter buyers or sellers speaking in different languages.
Here we can refer to this app and develop our communication fast.
As it is told by our senior managers , traders and agents must develop their communication as well as information.
This app supports you in developing connections.


Mohammad Sadeqi

Great article, highly recommended to take advantage of thevplatforms and applications introduced.
Nowadays, we must learn the new technologies that come into existence and being equipped with them will help us in our business and marketing.


Malik Emmanuel

Easy Text Translation offers seamless translation within chat applications, including text in images, enhancing communication efficiency across languages.
Sarvban serves as a specialized marketplace for wholesale agricultural products, connecting over 120,000 farmers and suppliers, facilitating scientific marketing and trade.
Porsline provides a user-friendly platform for creating online questionnaires swiftly, aiding businesses and researchers in gathering valuable customer insights and improving product quality without the need for paper, saving time and costs


Busari Aliyu

"Discover the essence of unforgettable branding with Arad Branding Company. Transform your vision into a captivating reality with our expert design and strategic insight." 2348128959020

Shafiu Dahiru Abdullahi

In the below of the article you discussed about two activities, that is mentioned, Agriculture and software, if we looking it's or take One by one and discuss above or we debate in between, and we put it's in modern business, may there are not one rather than once,Les say we defined the definition of agriculture in short term, An Agriculture maybe defined as a rearing animal such as fishing and general management of farming, while,soft were involves as a user translate the difference categories of language or information with out switching to another program while chatting in any application.


Thank you for this good information. Much appreciated