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Let's review business related tasks once more + along with 2 pieces of good news and 1 exercise

Always compartmentalize commerce into two facets:

  1. Lead generation and signal acquisition
  2. Negotiating with leads and signals, converting them into contracts and revenue

Additionally, there are other aspects such as packaging and transportation that you can outsource to relevant companies, though through this process, you'll learn and the business and integrity school is the best aid in these matters.


Lead and signal acquisition

Before delving into lead and signal matters, let's recall a point.

Arad branding inherently involves merchants visiting the site daily, expressing their presence through comments, and grasping opportunities by having green lights in business school lessons, the lead and signal platform, and business and integrity school, thereby, branding efforts for lead and signal acquisition are entirely free for them.

Although those investing more initially in commerce will benefit more from branding efforts.

The first good news today is that an office with a capacity of over 200 personnel is being prepared and will be ready from Saturday, God willing, solely for hiring new staff in the technical department and the site, to provide more branding services for merchants completely free of charge.

Our intention is to deliver services to a point where every active Aradi merchant on the site, declaring their presence to us, will certainly engage in branding activities daily and we will help them beyond the agreed-upon benefits.

God willing, this promise will be operationalized until March 5 and merchants will witness the growth of their branding efforts daily.

Certainly, we won't take any extra steps for merchants who are not active on the site.

So, please take participation in platforms and comments seriously, so we won't be embarrassed, as we've seen before that our colleagues' energy was wasted on those who weren't actively present, while it could have been utilized for branding active merchants.

We've mentioned these to provide encouragement for merchants who feel that lead and signal acquisition tasks are burdensome or they do not have time for them.

Our request from dear merchants is to be assertive through the Arad User account and demand accountability wherever you feel there's negligence on our part and inform us.

Certainly, your reminders will enhance our supervisory and managerial performance.

Stay away from holding grudges or getting upset with us, and express your dissatisfaction through submitting tickets on the Arad User account, so your discomfort doesn't linger and doesn't cause distance between us, and avoids creating grounds for alienation.


4 main paths to lead and signal acquisition

But in general, the main ways of attracting leads and signals are as follows so that all traders should try to pay attention in this field.


A. Having a website and generating content on your own commercial website, as well as guest posting on the Arad Branding site:

If you can procure a site from outside Arad for site speed, do so, or if you prefer Arad Branding, increase your score and raise a ticket for our colleagues to design your site completely free of charge.

It's a shame that the capacity to post sites is available at the end of each comment, but some friends still don't have a site.

Now that Arad has provided this opportunity for everyone, increase your scores to have your site designed and delivered to you.

Those who have a site should try to post content on their site daily, and if not possible every day, do it once in a while, which takes less than half to one hour.

If Google robots index your site content within 1 to 2 weeks, it's excellent, but if your site is old and you produce content every day, it will take a day.

To do this, simply write the term ":site" at the beginning of your content's URL to indicate whether the content has been indexed or not.

If it shows the title and address of your content in Google, it means it is indexed, and if it doesn't, it means it is not indexed.

If Google doesn't index your articles, you need to do two things.

Firstly, post your site address through comments on the Arad Branding site and leave more comments at the end of other posts to get a backlink.

As mentioned before, Arad Branding is one of the few sites that provides you with follow backlinks, which are the most reputable type of backlink.

Secondly, share the content produced on your site on your social networks as stories and statuses to get more clicks.

Sending text messages with the link address also increases user engagement, and Google gives great importance to sites with users, and you won't have problems with robot crawling anymore.

It's worth mentioning that another type of content production is guest posting, which our technical team members post on the Arad site for you.

The indexing time range for content on the Arad site is less than 24 hours, and any content posted by you as a guest on Arad will be displayed to the public in the shortest possible time.

Initially, all your efforts should be focused on increasing the speed of indexing your content, and in the next step, increase your SERP power, or your position on Google, all of which are taught on the lead and signal platform.


B. Social Media

Under no circumstances should you miss out on branding yourself on social media platforms.

LinkedIn, Telegram, Eitaa, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Bale are the most popular active commercial social networks in Iran.

In addition to LinkedIn, Telegram, WhatsApp, and Instagram, you can benefit from Facebook, X (formerly known as Twitter), Pinterest for your product photos, and local social networks of other countries for export.

Launching channels and participating in business groups will give you a significant volume of leads and signals.


C. Presence on B2B Websites

In the business insights shared on the Arad Branding site every few days, we introduce B2B sites from different countries.

The most important ones in foreign trade are Alibaba, IndiaMart, TradeKey.

But in Iranian sites, they include Digikala, Torob, Basalam, Emalls, Buskooul, Divar, Sheypoor, Istgah, Niazerooz, and IranTajarat.

You can have an account on each of these sites for free or for a fee and acquire leads and signals.

The second piece of good news is that Arad Branding is currently negotiating with all the mentioned Iranian sites, and very good agreements have been made so that Arad Branding can obtain accounts at a lower cost and advertise for its merchants for free on these sites.

Of course, it should not be forgotten that all these services are free only for those merchants whose presence and participation on the Arad site is daily, and Arad has become a necessity for them like food.

When we see that you read the articles and accompany us every day with such interest, we become delighted and want to provide you with everything we can, but honestly, we have no desire to grow those whose priorities in life are other than Arad.

Further news about the signing of contracts with these sites and the publication of your ads, dear merchants, will reach you through messages on social networks, but it is expected that the completion of the process will take until Eid, mainly due to the length of time for the sites involved in the contract.


D. Paid Advertising Campaigns

Yektanet, Tapsell, and Kangaroo are the largest advertising campaign companies in Iran, with Yektanet being superior by far. 

Additionally, Google, with its platform known as Google Ads, is the largest advertising company in the world by far, with a contract covering 3 million websites, 650,000 applications, and Google's search engine, Google Discover, Gmail ads, and YouTube. 

Arad Branding currently has partnerships with all four of these mentioned companies. 

The only issue is that the costs of these campaigns are high, and we are currently planning to showcase these advertisements with Arad's expense for our truly beloved merchants, so that their number of leads and signals increases.

Google Ads has two common advertising models called Search Campaign and Display Campaign, both of which have numerous applications for merchants.

Most Iranians are familiar with the Search Campaign, which is the zero box on Google belonging to search ads, but they are not familiar with the Display Campaign, which will be introduced to eligible and qualified merchants during the screening process.


The second part of commerce is negotiation.

If you want your negotiation skills to be strong, first of all, you must have a strong business personality, and then be knowledgeable about negotiation etiquette and practices.

The best guide in this matter for you is the Business School, followed by educational podcasts by Mr. Talia, which are usually provided to you daily.

Take negotiation seriously so you can convert a higher percentage of signals into money.

We have reviewed business-related tasks together and also provided 2 pieces of good news, one about setting up an office for 200 new technical personnel and the other about contracting with reputable Iranian sites.

Now we come to the exercise that we expect from you, dear ones.


The harm of news far outweighs its benefit.

Almost all of you dear individuals follow the news on your phones or read newspapers at home or at work.

Political, economic, cultural, and other types of news dominate.

In most of these news stories, you hear nothing but reports of major embezzlements, flawed economic policies, wars and conflicts, violence and assaults, murders and lootings, failures and defeats.

When you expose yourself to these news stories, whether willingly or unwillingly, a sense of hopelessness about progress pervades your being.

This despair leads to a lack of motivation for growth.

No matter how much we strive to keep you upbeat with Radio Arad, Arad Namaj, and the news on your site, exposure to these news stories can deflate anyone's spirit.

Notice how you feel when you drift away from us and turn to those sites.

In the latest research involving 1200 Iranian youth who emigrated to European and American countries, it was found that 861 of them spent less than an hour a day actively engaged in efforts while in Iran.

234 individuals were active for 1 to 4 hours, and the remaining 105 spent more than 4 hours.

However, upon migrating to Western countries, 1157 of them engaged in efforts for more than 6 hours!

When asked why they didn't exert the same effort in their own country but did so upon arrival here, they cited various reasons, but a common thread among them:

Striving in Iran has no benefits.

It does not lead to personal growth.

When they traced this reason, they concluded that these young people had lost all hope for progress in their country due to hearing about mismanagement, embezzlements, inflation news, flawed economic and cultural policies of the officials.

When a young person struggles for years to buy a car and the night before the deal, the car price doubles, what motivation remains for them to strive?

Or when after years of effort, they hear that someone has embezzled billions from the national treasury, what motivation is left for them?

Or when obtaining a small loan requires multiple guarantors, and news arrives that someone, without any guarantors, has secured a huge bank loan, what hope does it give them?

Indeed, listening to the news makes every effort seem futile.

We and you cannot prevent these mistakes, but we can close our eyes and ears to such news.

Let's delete them from our phones.

Delete all news channels from your social media networks.

Tell yourself, after all these years of listening to the news, what has happened?

How much money has been added to my pocket?

Rest assured, there are enough people around you that if there's important news, they'll tell you.

So don't worry that if you delete the news, you'll remain uninformed about the world.

It won't be like that.

If every Arad merchant, whenever they intended to immerse themselves in the news, came to the Arad website and learned about commerce, we could enhance their branding even further.

Their situation would become so stable that whether the dollar rises or falls, or someone embezzles ten times more, it wouldn't shake them.

They say that one day an elephant and an ant passed by each other.

They reached a small pile of dirt.

The ant said, "What a huge mountain! How am I supposed to cross it?"

The elephant, ignoring the ant's words, placed its foot on the ground without realizing and said to the ant, "Which mountain are you talking about? I don't see anything."

Consider discouraging news as that pile of dirt.

Enlarge yourself, and they won't affect you.

Arad Branding has flourished in this country, even with these news stories.

The only difference is that it has closed its ears to most of the news and focused solely on its own growth.

Challenge yourself not to listen to the news for 3 months.

After three months, when you see your growth, you'll realize that you haven't lost anything valuable, and you won't listen to the news for the rest of your life.

One of the secrets of the people in first-world countries is that they don't pay much attention to their media unless it's a movie, series, or song they want to watch or listen to.

During the US presidential elections, Google's official statistics showed that searches for the election results in Iran were 12 times higher from the US, and other countries had no particular searches in this regard.

Dealing with these useless and less useful news stories distracts us from our priority and essence, which is money and commerce.

So, please, let's not destroy ourselves with our own hands.

Stand up right now and throw out all the news agencies on your mobile phone, as well as newspapers and magazines at home, so that peace returns to your mind, soul, and spirit and your family.

Then build your life focusing on commerce.

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Ahmad Ashkian

How to negotiate and having customers are the two most essential things in any business

Venus Falahati

Again, important topics were reviewed, all of which are important and key, and knowing each of them is the key to success in business.

Mohammad Sadeqi

Good news for all Aradi business people.
They need to take advantage of this great opportunity by constantly visiting the website of Aradbranding and leaving comments.

Javad, Gh.

Hello This is really an attractive news for all businessmen who cooperate with our site to get branding content site for free so that you can have more leads and signals.

Fatemeh Afrad

Having more lead and signals. How to index content on our website and how to start negotiations with those customers will connect us, means that here we are with all these points ready for those people who wanna be professional merchants just they should be active and hardworking....

Hasan Kaviani

The best ways to get leads and signals are mentioned and we should use all of these methods to increase the number of leads and signals we have. Thanks

Azin Fakhr

Throughout these years, Arad has always shown that based on how caring and active the businessman is, he uses his utmost ability and capacity for the growth of this businessman. So what is better if all the people who are looking for more and more growth, constantly use these trainings and opportunities and have the maximum growth.

Alireza Sharifi

Modern business is defined as converting signals into money.
According to this definition tarde has two important parts: 1. having signals. 2. converting signals into money. For the first part, you should have some important facilities like a website or social media. For the next part, you should have some important knowledge and skills.

Rahele Nateqi

No organization will support its members like Arad!

Ali AhadTajari

What good news, as a small change from Arad branding, there is nothing more heartwarming than to hear that Arad is getting bigger and more famous every day, also the topics that were about the news really made me think that Iranians follow American news more than Americans themselves!!!
All announcements were unfollowed

Ahmad Ashkian

That is such an amazing support for our dear traders for free.

Muhammad Fazeli

Business without lead and signal ( customer ) is meaningless, we need to use every platform and potential for gaining them and after gaining customer the art of negotiation will be significant

Mariya Salim

The most important part in the business is negotiation. In the negotiation, the customer comes to the conclusion whether to buy from us or not, so if we negotiate with skill and focus, the probability of our success will definitely increase.

Fatemeh hosseinkhani

To be successful, you must control the inputs. Arad always has good news and gives good exercises, and only those who are on the path see and act. If you want to succeed, do the exercise💛

Marzieh olamaei

Wow.. very impressive news...

All of these services are for our dear businessmen and are beneficial for them.

Thank you Arad

hadise motlagh

always changes will be good for a big system and can make us prograss.

Mohamad moosavi

You really expressed the reality of Iran, but according to the words of the great teacher Talia, we have a lazy mind and we always want to avoid work. If we want a good life, we have to change, otherwise there is no news. Thank you very much for your capable and valuable Arad.

Mohammad Reza Shafaie

True triumph is to transcend one's circumstances, even if it goes no further than lighting a candle and shedding that much light upon the reality that most people don't dare to look at in the eyes.

M Amir Eftekhari

Taking the content seriously, we should realize that it is about time we quited our false routines and pay more attention to our job.

Mohamed Mohamud Ahmed

Agreed with this article

Rahele Nateqi

To be better than others in anything, you need to do the things in a different way! so take advice from experts but always decide yourself.

Sharife Nateghi

By actively participating in the activities of Arad Branding as well as commenting in the website, you can walk in the main ways of attracting leads and signals and use these opportunities in which Arad can do branding for you.

Ahamd Reza

Lead generation is the systematic approach of identifying and engaging potential customers or clients for a product or service, employing strategies like content marketing, social media interaction, and targeted advertising to captivate interest. Simultaneously, signal acquisition involves the adept gathering and interpretation of relevant data or indicators that signify potential opportunities or prospects. In the context of lead generation, signal acquisition entails tracking and analyzing customer behavior, engagement metrics, and market trends to unveil meaningful patterns and insights. The synergy of effective lead generation techniques with strategic signal acquisition enables businesses to optimize their outreach efforts, refine customer targeting, and ultimately elevate the conversion of prospects into valuable leads, fostering sustainable growth and success.

Jay mark Palanas

i liked this article ,so informative. i have a lot of learnings. Truely, you must separate you selves from people who put in your minds negativity specially our news every day in soc.media or Tv ,so very bad news you always heard. As a merchants you always stick on your self how to improved yourself from being an effective commerce. which comes from the one who push you and nurished you to become an effective commerce. And this is arad branding!

Ahamd Reza

In the realm of business, two pivotal aspects revolve around enticing customers and engaging in negotiations with them, complemented by an astute awareness of signals that mirror their desires and inclinations. Initially, the emphasis lies in captivating the attention and interest of the audience. Strategies encompassing advertising, content marketing, and direct engagement are deployed to allure them towards our products or services. Subsequently, we transition into the negotiation phase, where the significance of personal connections, adept negotiation skills, and a nuanced comprehension of their needs becomes paramount. Following a successful negotiation, a formalized contract is established, culminating in the reception of payment as acknowledgment for the delivered services or products. The seamless synergy between these two elements coalesces to fortify and propel the business forward.

Roohollah Akbari Salim

Everyone should try to achieve his goals. the more he tries, the better results he will reach. In order to be seen, we should increase our effort in social media. Arad has done a great favor and prepared a huge opportunity for Aradis.


really great news heard here. it is great to have such a company and cooperate with you.

Fatemeh Faraji

It's really good news to have an office for 200 new technical personnel. It's a big opportunity for our merchants and they should use it.

Sepideh Afshar

With greetings may God bless you with hardworking and business-friendly intentions.
Regarding the first chapter of the news text, which was a lead and a signal, first of all, congratulations to Arad, who opens the country every day and the new office, the second is a very good capacity to receive the signal, because negotiation, which is easily learned with business school, only requires continuous activity. To be familiar with the site take advantage of this free capacity, and if we are active in the mentioned sites, it is much more effective and we get more signals.
Regarding the second part of the news, which was related to having social networks, it is a good opportunity nowadays that people have distanced themselves more from television media.
The last part, removing unnecessary news and stressful content can have a significant impact on a person's life and soul, in addition to focusing more on getting familiar with and learning business.

Mark C Wobil

I very much appreciate the extra incentives and innovative openings that Arad constantly brings on board.

Seyyed Mojtaba

Experimentally we see peoples who start with us seriously and listen our world, believe them and activate our training, the change their own and people's around like and become rich
So what is you decision?
Are you ready?

M. Abbas Mohsenian

Here are some advantages of presence in B2B.
Increased visibility: B2B websites often have a large and targeted audience of businesses looking for products or services. Having a presence on these platforms can increase your visibility and reach potential customers who may not have discovered your business otherwise.

Lead generation: B2B websites typically provide opportunities for lead generation. By showcasing your products or services on these platforms, you can attract potential customers who are actively searching for solutions in your industry. This can lead to a higher volume of qualified leads and potential sales opportunities.
Credibility and trust: Being listed on reputable B2B websites can enhance your credibility and build trust with potential customers. These platforms often have verification processes, ratings, and reviews that can showcase your business's reliability and quality. Positive feedback and testimonials from satisfied customers can influence the decision-making process of potential clients.

Rahele Nateqi

If you want a healthy and active mind you need to stay away negative news, so you will be able focus on your work and life much better!

Reza Karimi

Hi everyone
That is a good challenge for those who are seeking for a positive change in their lives. It will help you focusing on your goal which is to make more money by starting your own business.
It worth trying and I'm sure you would get good results after these 3 months 👍

🌹❤ Lovely family of Arad ❤🌹

Mohammad Ali Hussain Babla

It us a very good news that aradbranding supports its merchants in various ways according to the merchant's ability and involvement with the company.For example, facilitating of managing leads and signals for the merchants in various ways, giving technical support.Moreover, we should be active and follow smart approaches to reach our goal in our own country by avoiding distractars and various istability.If you are intelligent and smart, you will shine in your life and reach your desired goal anywhere of the world.