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Registration of Arad Employees' Trip to Turkey + Attendance of 10 Arad Businessmen in the Meeting with the Russian Delegation + Other Topics today

We are grateful to God for giving us another opportunity to be with you and spend happy moments together.
We are happy and grateful that you are following us.

1. Training: Iran's Name at the Beginning of Negotiations with Foreigners and Accuracy in Pricing

In this educational file, Mr. Shabani, the Chairman of the board of directors of Arad Branding, states an exciting point about communication with foreigners.
Carefully write down these points and remember them with all your heart.

2. The Winners of this Week's Pilgrimage to Mashhad and Qom

It should be noted that considering sending many employees of Arad Branding on these pilgrimage trips, the group decided to allocate more than 80% of the trips to businessmen and their families and 20% to the rest of the employees who did not go on this trip.

The names of this week's winners are as follows.

Arrival on December 8th and departure on December 10th to holy Mashhad
Mehdi Asadi
Ahmad Reza Ghaemi
Ebrahim Rezaei Mehr
Alireza Rezaei Mehr
Somayeh Shourideh
Hadi Shourideh
Hamidreza Shourideh
Hussain Khoshakhlagh
Masoumeh Sadat Safai
Amir Reza Khoshakhlagh
Amir Hossein Khoshakhlagh

Mohammad Reza Ghadiri
Samira Shafi Hosseini
Zoha Ghadiri
Mohammad Saleh Ghadiri

Arrival to the holy city of Qom on December 8th and departure on December 10th
Zahra Yazdan Far
Ali Akbar Zare
Ziba Mohammadi Vand
Abbas Azimi
Sara Azimi
Aida Azimi

While begging for prayers for these loved ones in the vicinity of Ali bin Musa al-Reza (peace be upon him) and Lady Fatima Masoumeh, peace be upon her, we ask the participants in next week's registration to complete the link below.

Arad Branding covers the cost of hotel accommodation in Mashhad and Qom.

Mashhad and Qom pilgrimage registration link

3. A part of the Conference of Arad Employees with the Training Tips of Mr. Ziyarkolai

We will watch parts of Mr. Ziarkolai's speech at the Arad Branding employees' conference.

Please accompany us

4. Arad Branding Competition in Business vs. Varzesh3 in the World Cup; Google is the Judge

These days, both the business news and commercial content of Arad employees and the news of the World Cup are hot.
In the last 24 hours, Google has indexed 36 pages from the Arad Branding site and 30 from the Varzesh3 site.
Let’s see the photos of the results at Google. 

Arad Branding with 36 pages and news with stars

Varzesh3 with 30 pages without stars

It should be noted that the number 30 is very high in and of itself, and we recommend anyone claiming internet branding by getting a site to see if it has more than ten pages in a day.

The number of more than ten pages in 24 hours is a sign of the power of a site for Google to read its content.

5. Interesting questions from Arad colleagues in Arad-Negari (Arad-Introduction)

 We asked the employees some exciting questions about Arad Branding and got their answers, and we will see the questions and answers together.

6. Readiness of Arad Branding to Create a Face-to-face Negotiation for Arad Businessmen with their Customers

Mr. Ziarkolai, the deputy of education at Arad Branding, announced that those who want face-to-face negotiations with their customers can negotiate face-to-face with the coordination of group managers at Arad Branding offices.

It should be noted that the presence of group managers or Arad Branding representatives in the meetings is mandatory to get the best results.
Let’s see the video about Mr. Ziyarkolai

enlightening views.

7. Decision of the Policy Council on the Meeting with Russian Businessmen

In its latest decision, the Arad Branding Policy Council decided that, along with the international negotiators, ten Arad businessmen will also participate in the meeting with Russian businessmen to increase their experience and better introduce their products to the Russians.
This meeting is held in the Pasdardan office of Tehran Arad Branding branch.
The date of this meeting is Tuesday, November 29th at 10 am.
Interested businessmen should register by completing the link below for the council to select ten people from among the registrants.

Registration link for meeting with Russian businessmen
The number of Russian businessmen on this trip has been announced as 68.

8. Business Etiquette: Avoid Exaggeration and Overstatement.

Many traders exaggerate the quality of their products.
Exaggeration or overstatement means showing too much about a part of the product's merits and hiding its defects.
Exaggeration in business is a hidden defect that many people ignore it.
For example, we say about Arad that, in addition to its good qualities, it also has some disadvantages that people would not enter or would enter less if they had known about them.
One of those critical points is that you have to work hard in Arad, and our society has become such that it likes to give money and get back much more without any effort.
Day by day, our people are becoming more alienated by trying, and unfortunately, seeking comfort has spread to our young generation.
Convenience combined with extravagance led to a deadly poison for the seventies and beyond.
You can hardly find a young person under 30 who is not demanding and bold in a negative way, mainly if he has acquired some knowledge from these universities.
Most of them are lazy and impatient and are not persistent in seeing brilliant results; they want results effortlessly and quickly.
This is why we see that most of the disturbances are also blamed on this and that.
At the end of this article, they will criticize and censure us because of the harshness we have given to them in their comments.
Unfortunately, this majority overcomes the excellent and hard-working minority, leading the atmosphere toward indolence.
In the university, if someone wanted to study, they would humiliate the hard-working person with nicknames like a bookworm and so on, to the point where the hard-working person would stop trying not to be called a bookworm.
Dear Arad employees
Hear this advice from us.
If the friends you choose for yourself are people of effort and determination, look forward to reaching the high pinnacles of business, just as the old Arad employees did.
If your friends are not trying hard, sooner or later, they will push you away from trying to change your life, and you will become an average person in society.
Please do not listen to the words of those who have not experienced success or progress, and no one has become successful because of them.
The experience of these years has proven to us that anyone with hard-working friends stays and becomes more prosperous daily. Anyone who does not have such friends becomes pessimistic with a simple change and says goodbye to Arad.
Believe us; we will be happy if the number of Arad employees increases, but not at any price.
If we increase, it is a place of happiness, but if we are less, it is not a place of grief.
Because we know that our path is complex and not everyone is worthy of healing the pains of the people of his homeland.
This requires great assistance from God to make whoever He wants worthy of serving the people.
So let's remember three lessons today:

  • Never exaggerate and say enough about ourselves and our products.
  • Please choose the right friends to move you forward, not to stop you from progressing.
  • We should always ask God for success for our growth and that of others because without God's success; a leaf will not fall from the tree to the ground.

9. Registration of Business Trip of International Negotiators and Arad Traders to Turkey

In line with Arad Branding's trips to the far corners of the world, this week, we plan to make the necessary arrangements for a business trip to Istanbul, Turkey.
This trip will be from December 6th to the 9th, and the registration deadline for those interested in passports will be until tomorrow, December 4th.
There will be both traders and negotiators on this trip.
Women are also present on this trip.
We hope interested employees who want to be present on this trip finalize their registration as soon as possible through the link below.
Arad Branding will entirely cover the trip costs, and the business consultants are not responsible for any expenses except for the gift they buy for their families.

Registration for a trip to Turkey

Currently, the graph of the conquest of the position of keywords in Turkish on the Arad Branding site is increasing exponentially.
Together we see the image taken from the Google search console.
The term /tr/ is used to identify the Turkish pages of the Arad Branding site, which can be accessed through Turkish Arad Branding.
Currently, 400 Turkish users enter the Arad Branding site every day, and we hope to reach more than 4 thousand by the end of the year.

10. News of the Day 

We will conclude today's article with the news of the day.

Be happy and proud.

Have a good day

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