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raisins are made by drying grapes in the sun

How to choose high-quality and healthy raisins made in the sun? To really reap the benefits of raisins  for the whole body, same drying grapes by it is very important to carefully consider your choice. It is worth paying attention to the variety of raisins. You can often see very beautiful raisins with a shiny or golden color. All berries are about the same size. Such a product is undeniable, it pleases the eye and you want to enjoy it. But you have to be careful with these raisins because they are often artificially processed with lots of unnecessary preservatives to look great. Such a product has practically no taste, and the preservation of useful substances is undeniable. Real quality grapes should have natural grape color ranging from yellow to deep blue. It should be soft and without visible damage. There should be no extra particles or dirt on it or a bag of raisins. There should be no taste other than sweet. Otherwise, one speaks of a significant chemical treatment. It is better to buy raisins that have tails. This is a sign of freshness and almost no unnecessary processing. Packaged raisins that are hermetically sealed, with a production date and an expiration date, are a great option. Raisins are best stored in the refrigerator. It is not recommended to store this product for more than six months. It is advisable to scatter raisins from the package into tightly closed jars. It should be remembered that you should not buy sticky raisins that have a sour smell and are in an open package. Because this is the first sign that the expiration date has expired. Thanks to these simple tips, you will be able to preserve the maximum quality and useful properties of raisins, a favorite dish of many, for a long time. 10:12 Raisins are a nutritious dried fruit. After drying the grapes, useful substances practically do not die. It contains many useful elements, including vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Let's see what are the benefits and harms of raisins for the body, what is its chemical composition, nutritional and energy value, which raisins are more useful - dark or light, and whether it is useful for pregnant women, children and the elderly. general information This delicacy was brought to Europe before the birth of Christ. Dried fruits can be obtained in two ways: by drying in the sun or in the shade. The second option is considered more correct and accurate. But it takes more time. Raisins are white or black depending on the grape variety. It can also be with a bone (quish mish) or without a bone (bidani). Raisins are good for health, help fight many diseases, strengthen the immune system. Used in beauty. In the kitchen, he proved his elegance. How to choose raisins When choosing dried fruits, you should pay attention to the following factors: Which raisin is better for the heart - black or white? Black raisins, in comparison with white, are considered more useful. Watch the video, which raisins are the most useful, how to choose them and what are the requirements for this product: Chemical composition, calorie content of white, black and brown varieties Product includes: The question arises: what is the calorie content of raisins per 100 grams of product? It is impossible to determine the exact calorie content of raisins, since it depends on many factors - where the grapes are grown, its varieties and drying methods. The calorie content of black grapes varies from 250 to 260 kcal per 100 grams. The white index is somewhat lower and amounts to 240-250 cm3. The calorie content of raisins increases to 300 kcal. The glycemic index is 65 units. This is a high figure that has a serious impact on elegance. Useful properties for human health The main feature of berries is that when dried, they lose a minimum of nutrients. They retain two-thirds of the vitamins and 100% of the trace elements present in fresh grapes. Dark blue and light blue raisins have the following beneficial properties: Raisins also eliminate puffiness and strengthen the immune system. Due to the high calorie content, it leads to weight gain. This medicine is rich in fructose and glucose. Athletes and bodybuilders should include dried fruits in their diet as they promote energy storage. Prohibited use While raisins have many health benefits, they do have their limitations. To avoid unpleasant and dangerous consequences, you need to get used to them. Be sure to wash the berries before eating. But not everyone knows how to properly wash raisins before eating. You can pour boiling water or pour hot water and leave for 15-20 minutes. This removes contaminants and chemicals processed by the berries. Raisins are rich in carbohydrates, so it is better to eat them in the morning. The daily norm does not exceed 100 grams per day. If a person is on a diet, then 50 grams is considered the norm. The use of dark and light berries in cooking Dried fruits have been used in cooking for a long time. Adds a delicate flavor to everyday dishes. Add to baked goods, cookies, muffins, cakes, pies and other treats. Culinaries prefer ruthless delicacy. Raisins go well with cereals (muesli, etc.), added to various salads, meat dishes. It is flavored with homemade kvass, fruit drinks and even homemade wine. dieting The calorie content of the delicacy is even higher than that of white bread. It helps a lot in the fight against belly fat. . Raisins improve and cleanse the intestines and are useful for chronic constipation. A thin body gradually weakens and needs support. Dried fruits are great for this. Contains many vitamins and useful elements that strengthen the immune system. cure the disease Dried fruits are used in folk medicine. Helps with many ailments. Treatment of cough and runny nose: pour 100 g of raisins with a glass of boiling water and leave for 10 minutes. Strain the infusion and add 1 tablespoon of fruit juice. Take 100 grams three times a day before meals. Strengthen your heart - buy a pound of berries. Eat 40 different foods every morning, strictly on an empty stomach. After half an hour you can have breakfast. When you run out of nuts, buy another pound and keep eating, but try to reduce the amount by 1 pound each day. Cleansing: Mix 4 parts plums, 1 part raisins and dried apricots. Add part of horsa and half of senna. Place all ingredients in a meat grinder. Add honey and eat one spoon in the morning and one in the evening. in aesthetics Preparation of a face mask: Prepare a handful of berries, after soaking them in boiling water (5-6 minutes). Grind the resulting sour cream and honey and mix in equal proportions (1 tbsp each). Apply to a clean face and wash off after 15 minutes. The skin becomes velvety, fresh and soft. Hair mask: boil 30 grams of raisins (boil the berries over low heat for 15 minutes). Boil the broth for 2 hours, then add chopped dried fruits, egg yolk, a teaspoon of honey and the same amount of vegetable oil. Apply the mask to your hair and massage your scalp. Then create the effect of a sauna - Vkontakte Few people do not like this oriental dish. Its use is very wide, as a prenatal vitamin, as a general tonic for the body, and as a regular alternative to sweets. Keep in mind that this can be harmful. The benefits of raisins for the body Raisins are often mentioned in ancient treatises. Indeed, at that time it was one of the most important components of the drug ... but even today it has not lost its beneficial properties. Due to the content of boron, such a duet is an excellent prevention of osteoporosis and osteoporosis. Raisins have a diuretic effect. Together with potassium, it has a beneficial effect on the body in case of poisoning and edema. If you often deal with stressors, including dried grape seeds in your diet can help manage tension, loss of energy and vitality, and fatigue. Raisins are a storehouse of B vitamins and magnesium, which give this product excellent abilities in the fight against insomnia and depression. Contains fructose and organic acids. Oleic acid has a positive effect on the condition of teeth and gums. Make decoctions and tinctures from it, and you will catch a cold less often. antioxidants help

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