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There is a brick by the name of peacock in tile size that is so practical from the beginning in building decoration, and also there are some countries export this product such as China, India and Iran. One of the most aesthetically pleasing and in-demand kinds of constructing stones is known as peacock marble. This stone is one of the first choices of construction workers and contractors in design and implementation because of its excellent resistance to wear and pressure. People like it because of its beautiful effect and natural and very special color play. Additionally, because it is one of the first choices, it is liked by the majority of people. It is the ground level as well as the steps. Limestone and sand are the primary components of peacock stone, which is classified as a type of marble and a stone that has undergone metamorphism. This stone, like the majority of marbles, is a resistant stone that demonstrates good strength when subjected to pressure and impact. In general, Iran is home to a number of mines that include Pertavosi marble. This particular stone has a light cream background with many irregular brown dots and flowers on its surface, which shows that it is flowery. When peacock marble is removed from the mines, it can be treated in two different forms: flowery and flowery. Specifications of the Goods Because of its high resistance to impact and wear, the peacock marble stone that makes up this section of the building is one of the primary materials used in the design and construction of stairs inside and outside the building. This is because, as was mentioned earlier, the peacock marble stone possesses high levels of resistance. In addition to the aesthetic value it contributes to the structure and the efficiency with which it can be utilized in the design of interior decoration, this stone possesses exceptional tensile strength and durability, qualities that allow it to retain its original appearance even after many years have passed. Because of the great density in its structure, the peacock stone in this area has very low water absorption and humidity. As a result, there is no cause for concern over the use of this material on external stairs or in weather that includes rain or snow. Because it is not susceptible to wear and tear, this product can also be utilized in locations that are quite busy. Because it is so resistant to both pressure and impact, this stone can also be used for flooring, which is one of its numerous purposes. This product has a very good quality and polish, and as a result, it creates the reflection of light and doubles the attractiveness of any room that it is placed in, whether that space is little or large, and whether or not there is lighting there. Other cuts and dimensions of it are also available in the product, which can be used on the floor and body. Of course, the product of this section with the standard dimensions of the stairs is mostly used in the construction of stairs and under stairs. However, other cuts and dimensions of it are also available in the product. Due to the flowers that grow in its field and the fact that it does not have a consistent appearance, this stone can be utilized either on its own or in conjunction with other stones and materials. Positive points A sufficient amount of polish and sub. High tensile and abrasion-resistant strength Design and coloring that is unchanging and natural A very long life Cons This peacock stepping stone's pricing is slightly greater than the other portion of the production's peacock example, which has fewer flowers but is still a peacock anyway because it has such gorgeous blooms. Conclusion One of the samples that can be seen in the export section of this company is called Par tavosi marble, and it holds a respectable position in the global market. The dimensions of this stone can be altered through the cutting and polishing processes; the sample presented here has a width of 35 centimeters and a length that ranges from 100 to 250 centimeters. You can get in touch with our specialists through the contact part and employ their direction in order to obtain superior and more correct counsel and selections.

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