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Lagos Tomato Paste Buying Guide + Great Price

The tomato paste that is imported into Nigeria makes it the third largest importer worldwide. Suppliers in Lagos claim all their products are organic, but that may not be the case. The high cost of producing ketchup is the primary factor that has led to the reduction in the number of ketchup companies in Nigeria. However, the cost of importing ketchup from international markets must be reduced. The limited market in Nigeria is the second issue that contributes to the country's lack of ketchup production facilities. Organic tomato paste Because of this, there are fewer people in Nigeria who drink ketchup compared to the rest of Africa; as a result, there is a smaller percentage of indigenous manufacturers in Nigeria that produce ketchup. The urgent requirement for promotion among food firms is the third factor that contributes to the small number of companies that are actively involved in the manufacture of ketchup. In this scenario, only a select few factories have the financial resources necessary to spend so much money on advertising in order to raise brand awareness among the public in the local area . On the other hand, the market for ketchup in Nigeria is a wealthy and successful one. According to a study that was carried out in the year 2020 by Nigerian economists, the annual profits that can be made from the sale of tomato paste in Nigeria are predicted to be 500 million. Some of the businesses that are active in Nigeria are exclusively involved in the distribution of food in some capacity. The money from the sale of these companies looks to be reasonable, and it can be a nice source of income for the management of these companies if they choose to pursue it. This is because there are a significant number of companies that supply ketchup. In this post, we are going to discuss organic tomato paste, organic tomato pastes suppliers, organic tomato paste in Lagos, Nigeria, as well as a few other problems that are very significant. Organic tomato paste suppliers

Organic tomato paste

At the beginning of 2016, the Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Investment issued a policy with the intention of reducing the amount of organic tomato paste that is imported and increasing the amount that is produced locally. These steps include restricting the import of ketchup to only possible through ports, outlawing the import of ketchup sold in retail outlets, and drastically raising duties. Additionally, import duties on greenhouse equipment used in the production of tomato paste were lifted, which will promote increased investment in the tomato business. Keita stated that the issue is that our production demands have not yet been addressed and that we need to enhance the supply to the farmers. Most people who cultivate tomatoes live in secluded settlements, making it challenging for cars to transfer tomatoes into and out of the plant. Tomato production may be increased by offering improved seedlings to farmers and encouraging more people to start growing the crop. Companies provide this assistance. Keita stated that the move assisted in increasing the number of farmers during the most recent harvest from 1,000 to 6,000; yet, the supply was still sufficient to cover 20% of the plant's capacity. At least 40 tons can be produced per acre by each individual farmer. The company is currently working on developing agricultural pools in preparation for the upcoming harvest. They will be relying on the suggestion made by the central bank to provide financing to farmers so that they can improve their output. Organic tomato paste in Lagos Nigeria

Organic tomato paste suppliers

Tomato paste brands are popular vegetables that are actually classified as fruits among organic suppliers due to their high vitamin and mineral content. In addition to being a rich source of the antioxidant lycopene, it is a staple of the diet in Nigerian households, where it is commonly used in stews, salads, and other fresh preparations. The annual production of tomatoes in Nigeria comes to 2.4 million tons, making it the largest producer of tomatoes in sub-Saharan Africa and placing it thirteenth in the world. Because of their limited shelf life and double seasonality, storing vegetables and fruits have become a significant obstacle in the rich vegetable/fruit value chain (shrinking after the harvest period). In the past, there have been several nontraditional storage techniques utilized, but none of them were sufficient and stable enough to be used. Although Nigeria's yearly production of tomato paste is approximately 1.7 million tons, the country's demand for tomato paste is over 3 million tons. Imports are used to make up for the shortage in the near term. The annual production capacity of the nation's ketchup factories is close to one hundred million dollars. The shortfall in demand was made up for by annual imports of ketchup and concentrates valued at one billion dollars. Because it is the continent's leading producer of tomatoes, Nigeria has the potential to become a significant market for the import of processed tomatoes. The domestic production of tomato paste in Nigeria has been boosted by 1.5 billion annually thanks to imports of tomato paste. Investor confidence has increased due to Nigeria's prohibition on the importation of fresh tomatoes. Domestic manufacturers often see a return on investment ranging from 17 percent to 35 percent of their initial capital. The rapid urbanization that is occurring in Nigeria at an annual rate of eight percent is another reason that is adding to the demand for bottled ketchup. Tomatoes can be cultivated at any time of the year and are always available for commercial harvesting. Because of the huge and rising population, there is a high demand for resale as well as a desire for it. Although there is a huge demand for the product in the nation, approximately half of the tomato paste that is sold there comes from other countries, namely China and Italy.

Organic tomato paste in Lagos Nigeria

The majority of tomato paste types in Nigeria are cultivated in the north and are not organic, but because the south is more populous, they must be transported south to Lagos on poorly maintained highways, which can lead to corruption along the way. In 2017, Sahel Capital, a consulting firm and a specialist fund manager in West Africa, revealed that Nigeria has lost between 40 and 50 percent of its tomato crop owing to improper use, the processing of the tomatoes, and their storage. Big wizards like Dangote are now interested in changing the way things are done. The organization has developed a greenhouse that has the capacity to cultivate up to 350 million tons of hybrid tomato seedlings on an annual basis. The production of tomatoes from hybrid seeds should be significantly higher than the typical norm, ranging from 40 to 70 tons per hectare and each growing season. One hectare of each seed will be distributed by Dangote, in collaboration with a financing scheme supported by the Central Bank of Nigeria, to ten thousand smallholder farmers in the state of Kano. The company's planting plan is designed with the expectation that it will enable farmers to produce at least 400,000 tons of tomatoes per year. The Spanish international food company GBfoods inaugurated a tomato processing plant in the Nigerian state of Kaduna in the previous year. The plant has the capacity to process 30 tons of tomatoes each day. The raw tomatoes will come from a test farm that is thirty hectares in size and will include more than fifteen distinct types, with an average production of between forty and fifty tons per hectare. One reason why the local market has grown steadily over the years is that Shiva tomato pastes are so much better than those of their competitors. It's obvious that this company has done quite well in the international market during the past few years. We know that the standard of our products and services is high, and we also know what it takes to keep our customers satisfied. These two advancements have allowed us to start selling our high-quality products to customers all around the globe. Since we first started selling online, we've seen a steady increase in the number of people from all over the world who are considering making a purchase from us. During regular business hours, a sales representative will get in touch with you after you submit the online form to talk about your sales goals and how we can help you achieve them.

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Greetings, dear friends, Nigeria is the third largest importer in the world and due to the high cost of preparing kojab sauce in Nigeria.


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The suppliers of organic tomato paste sell this type of product in jars or cans to other companies and have a reasonable price.


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