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what is opal apple + purchase price of opal apple

Do you know the facts about the nutrition of the apple Opal and its wholesale price within the market? When it comes to lunch boxes and extended car drives, baby carrots are more hardy than apples. On the other hand, apples are not as durable as baby carrots. The correct response is "no."  We felt it sounded too good to be true when they said you could obtain freshly sliced opal apples at any time of the day, so we decided to look into it for ourselves. Golden Delicious , gala apple and Topaz apples were utilized in the natural breeding process that resulted in the creation of Opal Apples, which the Non-GMO Project has verified as being free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Opal Apple NutritionApple

It has a bright yellow skin, may be grown through organic or conventional methods of cultivation, and can be purchased for anywhere from $0.99 to $2.99 per pound. The season for Opal Apples begins in November and lasts all the way through June. These apples provide an excellent option for snacks to enjoy after school. Who cares if the green apple becomes brown or not if it doesn't have a flavor that's enjoyable after it's been sitting out? Our good fortune continued when we discovered that the Opal Apples we had purchased were actually quite delicious. They have a very sweet flavor, but there is an acidic aftertaste that serves to keep things in line, and the texture is crisp and juicy without being the least bit mushy. The flavor is really sweet. Opal Apples are now available in all fifty states; consequently, if you or someone you make lunch for is a picky eater who simply cannot stand apple slices that have brown spots on them, it may be worthwhile to give them a try.


Opal Apples have been bred to be resistant to browning, making them ideal for people who are particularly sensitive to the appearance of brown spots on apple slices. One of the alleged qualities that distinguishes it unique from other sliced apples is that, contrary to the widespread notion, it does not turn brown when exposed to air. This is one of the traits that is purported to set it apart. This sounds like a lunchtime miracle, as packing apple slices or an apple-topped salad would be wonderful if it weren't for the fact that apples oxidize and turn an unappetizing brown shade by the time we're ready to eat them. If this problem could be solved, then packing apple slices or an russet apple-topped salad would be wonderful. As a direct consequence of this, we have chosen to examine Opal Apples. Do they, in fact, stop the browning process, and, more importantly, do they have a flavor that is enticing enough for us to want to consume them even if they don't prevent browning?


Opal Apple Nutrition

The apple Opal has much beneficial nutrition. A true comparison between a conventional apple and an Opal® apple is not possible. These vibrantly colored fruits are unlike any other; not only do they have a stunning appearance, but they also have an unmatched crunchiness and a flavor that is both sweet and sour. Despite the fact that it has been chopped, the flesh of this apple does not turn dark. This is one of the most amazing and natural features of the crimson apple  As a result, by adding one Opal® to each of your salads and lunches for your children every day, you can keep the crispness and freshness of those foods. FirstFruits Farms, located in the southeastern corner of the state of Washington, is the only place on the planet where Opal apples are cultivated. Because this particular orchard is the only one in the United States that cultivates Opals, it is safe to believe that this type is unique.


Because they have over 6,000 acres of land dedicated to the cultivation of apples and cherries, FirstFruits Farms is a market leader in terms of packing, growing, and shipping. The corporation has over 5,000 continuous acres near Prescott, 625 acres in Benton City, and another 550 acres in Wallula, Washington, all of which are dedicated to the cultivation of certified organic fruit. Their orchard is the largest single piece of land in the United States, and it is located in the Prescott area. "What is it about an opal that makes it so exceptional and one-of-a-kind?" you may question. It's likely that the query "What exactly is an opal?" has crossed your thoughts as well. We are, thankfully, able to provide detailed responses to each of those queries. The parents of the kids that mature into an Opal apple, which is considered a specialist variety, are a Golden Delicious and a Topaz. These apples are grown in the green countryside of eastern Washington, close to the waters of the Snake River, which are characterized by an exceptional degree of transparency. it has a beautiful golden top that is mottled with natural russeting at the stem; the crisp flesh beneath has a sweet and tangy flavor that is very delicious to crunch on. The exterior of this edible fruit, which is shaped like a sphere of sunshine, is similar to that of a sunflower. Despite possessing an enticingly sweet taste and an irresistibly crisp texture, what truly distinguishes these superb pommes from other apples is their intrinsic resistance to browning when cut. This is what genuinely distinguishes them from other apples. Because of this, you don't need to bother frying the vegetables before slicing them up and adding them to a salad. If you cut them up and put them in your lunchbox, you won't have to worry about them becoming brown. If you serve the wedges on a cheese plate as usual, you won't have to worry about them browning. As a result, they appear almost as appetizing split up as they do whole. Almost. I know one of your New Year's objectives was to increase the amount of fruit you eat, and I have the ideal apple for you to accomplish that goal. The golden-colored flesh of an opal apple is absolutely gorgeous and cannot be matched by any other apple variety. The product's key selling point is the innate resistance it possesses to oxidation in its environment. If we translate this into ordinary language, it would mean that the apple does not become brown when it is exposed to air. That means you won't have to bother with using elastic bands or any other tactics to preserve the cut-up apples that your child has packed in his or her lunch anymore. Instead, all you'll need to do is remember to put them in a separate container. It is not necessary to worry that the opal apples and rockit apples you add to your slaw, salad, or other meal will go bad within a few hours if you use them because they will keep their freshness for quite some time after being used. It has even been sent into orbit to test its capabilities. In 2015, the crew members of the International Space Station were each given an opal as a gift.   So, if you don't mind, could you walk me through the history of Opal apple ? Your questions on this unique fruit have been taken into consideration, and the information that follows is intended to provide a thorough response to each and every one of them. The genetic material that makes up an opal may be traced back to Golden Delicious and Topaz. They are strong and crisp, and have just the right amount of acidity, just like their parent apples, which were also strong and crisp. They have taken after both of their parents in the most admirable ways. Farmers will also value their resilience to illness, which is in addition to the benefit discussed above. Where did opals first originate, and how did they get their name? The Institute of Experimental Botany in Prague is responsible for the creation of the first opal apple in the year 1999. Orchards all over Europe were responsible for their upbringing and cultivation before they were transported to the United States in the year 2010. Opals are currently being cultivated at Broetje Orchards in the state of Washington, and FirstFruits Marketing is in charge of the distribution of these precious gems. Is it feasible to purchase apples that have been genetically modified to be Opal? They are not equivalent in any way. The claim that opal apples were the first non-GMO fruit to be cultivated in the United States was backed up by the Non-GMO Project, which is an organization that provides independent verification and labeling services for non-GMO foods and products. Opals are a new variety of apple that came up as a consequence of natural breeding between two distinct types of apples. This process led to the birth of Opals. For many years, we have been shipping apples around the world, offering our customers with a wide range of services. Please fill out a form on our website if you'd like additional information or have any other questions.

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Ali Vafadar

Like other apples, the Opal apple contains vitamins and minerals necessary for good health. The fruit contains fiber and is a relatively low-calorie food.


The apple in question can be sold at different prices in the market, and to know the price, you can refer to its sales site.

mobina shoja

Greetings and respect and have a good time. It was very useful. Thank you. Apple has many properties and is good for health.


This type of apple is crispy and delicious and has natural sweets and is good for health


It is rich in all kinds of vitamins and it is necessary for every person to prevent Alzheimer's by eating it once a day


Doctors advise not to peel the yellow apple because there are many properties in it


Eating apples is healthy, you can serve them in every meal, garlic refreshes the body, it is obligatory to eat an apple during the day.


Hello, golden yellow is the best apple that is spicy and sweet and can be used as jam and as a drink


Opal apple or agate is one of the products that has a relatively high consumption and its skin color is golden yellow.

Sincerely, we have been shipping apples all over the world for many years and providing a wide range of services to our customers. Yes, it is exactly the same, thank you!


Onyx apple is very tasty and popular and it is one of the types of vitamins, it can be bought in bulk and at a reasonable price.


Hello dears, good time, apples contain many vitamins, including C and others, and I always use them


Yellow apple is one of the different types of apple that has a relatively long shelf life and is very sweet and delicious


The yellow apples of this collection are very organic and natural and very tasty, sweet and juicy


Apple is a nutritious and characteristic fruit, white apple is also very suitable for small children to teenagers.


Apple is a fruit rich in fiber, delicious and widely used, which is used to make jam, compote, dessert, cake, etc.


good day.
Apple is a fruit that is useful for everyone, including children and the elderly.


These golden apples, which are known as agate apples, are a good idea for those who are interested in gardening. They have a very high yield in a short time and are very affordable.


Apple fruit and its compote are very delicious. Eating apples daily prevents many diseases.


This apple is a good snack that can be included in the school season

neda bozorgmehr

Apple is one of the most popular fruits

Zohreh mirsofian

We can use apple in all kinds of salads and all kinds of food, such as Syed stew, which is the best stew and the most delicious.


Hello, Zard Tala is one of the best sims that is delicious and can be used as a jam or drink.


We have many plants and fruits that are very important for the body in terms of health. One of these important fruits is yellow apple


Hello, agate apples are the best apples for nutrition and they are very high quality, delicious and have a lot of antioxidants


Onyx apple or yellow apple has a sweet taste, which is mostly used to make jam and compote.


Apple is a symbol of health and consumption of any type is beneficial for the body and health.


Opal apple has a skin that deteriorates slowly and gets a brown stain


Golden apple has a very good smell and also has many benefits for the skin


If you want to avoid hair loss and your hair will be very strong, you can eat an apple a day


Opal apple is one of the most nutritious apples that has a very unique taste and texture


Be sure to give children an apple every day, it is good for oral and dental health


Yellow apple is the best type of apple that has many fans


These apples are big and sweet and completely natural, so be sure to buy from them


Apple juice is very useful for the beauty of the skin, especially it is effective for removing skin wrinkles, for this purpose, apply and massage apple juice on the skin of the neck and face in the morning and at night, of course, always use fresh apple juice.


I have apple jam for breakfast every morning because it's very tasty


Nowadays, they make a variety of drinks and desserts from apples, which are very delicious

Alireza Salehi