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Iranian Silk Carpet Price

A real Iranian silk carpet is a priceless item.

The globe over, beautiful rugs like this can be seen in residences and workplaces and also they are a peice of art.

Iranian Silk Carpet

Traditional iranian silk carpet weaving techniques from Kashan and Fars were included to the Representative List of the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2010.

The back of the carpet is uniformly knotted because Kashan carpets are woven in the Persian style, often known as asymmetrical knotting.

Nomadic weavers in the Fars region created plain, horizontal carpets.

Iranian Silk Carpet

Iranian Silk Carpet Features

lets take a look at the most important features of iranian carpet.

Wool, cotton, and silk are the only natural materials used in authentic Persian rugs.

Title Description
Natural Dye Natural Plant and Animal
Origin Kashan and Fars
Known As Asymmetrical Knotting
Wool Typical Material

No one is exempt from this.

The most typical material is wool.

Real Persian rug weavers create their own dye from a variety of natural plant and animal ingredients.

They have mastered the ability of producing vibrant dyes that adhere to the textiles well after many years of practice.

Silk Carpet

Buy Iranian Silk Carpet 

It can be difficult to tell whether the carpet you are looking at is genuinely Persian or just has a Persian appearance if you haven't done your research.

Because there are so many machine-made carpets and Persian reproductions available nowadays.

Without a careful examination, it might be difficult to tell some similarities apart, especially when they are hand knotted.

in order to buy our iranian silk carpet, you can take a look at our carpet selection.

iranian silk carpet blue

 Iranian Silk Carpet Price + Buy and Sell

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The Answer to Two Questions About Iranian Silk Carpet

1: What distinguishes Iranian carpet from other types?

Persian rugs contain elaborate designs with a central medallion that are frequently flowery with occasional animal or human motifs.

2: How can the quality of a Persian carpet be determined?

The procedure is such that the pattern on the top and bottom of the rug are identical.

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