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6 Business notes, 10 Social media groups, Bitter and sweet events, Newcomers

1. Note: Sale on the third day of starting a business, innovative strategic development, comprehensive growth in commerce, stages of commercial progress, and 2 other interesting notes.

Sending notes for publication: t.me/arad102


First Note

Author: Mahdi Gharaei, Qom, Iran 🇮🇷, Persian, t.me/mehdigharaeii

In early June, I decided to start a business, which was completely unexpected and I had no background in this area.

Considering the short time, I had to start quickly, and naturally the first step in starting any business is choosing a product, a stage that took me less than a day.

Immediately after selecting the product, the next step was choosing a brand name, which took me less than an hour.

The product I chose is completely unknown and may even seem difficult and challenging to most people.

Choosing a product and a brand name were the only tools for starting, and naturally, to do this, appropriate infrastructure had to be prepared and launched.

I immediately started watching some instructional videos, then the design of a logo related to the product and brand name was done by AI.

I created channels on different social media and started producing content, and then I looked for suppliers and talked to a few weaker ones in the form of a customer to understand common questions during negotiations.

The next day, I spoke to a stronger supplier, and an online meeting was scheduled, during which I received a lot of information about the product, presentation, price, quality, and warranty.

Immediately after the meeting, I advertised the product on the channel and page, after which the calls started, and one of them led to a sale after three days.

Therefore, taking the right negotiation path and the correct efforts brings everyone to the finish line in the shortest possible time.


Second Note

Author: Godwin Bekat, Plateau, Nigeria 🇳🇬, English, wa.me/2348163806026

With the experience I have in branding and marketing, I must say I had the privilege of collaborating with various industries including fertilizers and canned goods.

My expertise lies mainly in developing innovative strategies that foster brand growth and customer interaction.

In the field of fertilizers, I successfully changed the name of a company and increased their market share by 25% through targeted campaigns and product positioning.

Working with a leading producer in the canned food industry, I launched a new product line which resulted in a 30% sales increase in the first year.

My approach focuses on understanding consumer behavior, identifying market gaps, and creating a focused brand.

My future plan for fertilizers includes developing sustainable branding innovations that appeal to environmentally conscious consumers.

I intend to collaborate more with thought leaders in the agricultural industry to promote organic farming methods and sustainable living.

Furthermore, I aim to utilize digital marketing channels for canned products to reach a larger audience, prioritizing health-conscious consumers.

My strategy involves highlighting the nutritional benefits and availability of canned products.

Another strategy of mine is to explore new product lines that respond to emerging food trends.

Ultimately, my goal is growth and innovation in both industries through brand valorization and strategic marketing initiatives that leave a lasting impact.


Third Note

Author: Ali Salmani, Isfahan, Iran 🇮🇷, Persian, t.me/PARTCERAM1

What can clearly demonstrate the importance of commerce is that it can complement and develop various aspects of human ability, personality, and worldview.

In the sayings of religious leaders, we have the tradition that two-thirds of intellect lies in commerce, indicating that negotiation skills, eloquence, sociology, and social knowledge increase along the path of trade.

Moreover, understanding different geographical regions of the world as well as knowledge of history, culture, language, customs, and traditions of different nations leads to financial growth and increased prosperity, while enhancing insight and better understanding of the political, religious, and power foundations for meaningful analysis.

Now we must consider which occupation can similarly complete and influence our intellect and thoughts to such an extent as commerce.

In conclusion, it is commerce that brings comprehensive, sustainable, and stable growth for us and all diverse societies.


Forth Note

Author: Assane Diop, Dakar, Senegal 🇸🇳, English, wa.me/221775086039

Hello, I am a representative of Arad Branding from Dakar, Senegal in West Africa, and it has been almost a month since I started working.

I am very happy that I have gained abundant knowledge in this short period.

Working with the great mentors and consultants of Arad Branding has been very pleasant and beneficial for someone like me who is new to the business.

I have spent some time analyzing, and in this note, I want to share my views on new work strategies with you.

I believe this action can lead to the continuation of our collaboration and help new members of this family.

We have common goals in this group, and we all try to act towards achieving these goals. In this regard, we need to go through stages to grow and progress.

Firstly, we are here to represent a brand and be part of its members.

Next, we aim to help Arad Branding merchants have easier access to new markets and customers.

Ultimately, we all aim to learn, grow, and succeed.


Fifth Note

Author: Soosan Fatehi, Mahabad, Iran 🇮🇷, Persian, t.me/soozaf1349

Trading in the business world is like a diamond in a showcase, attracting discerning and selective customers who choose it.

These individuals invest all their assets and capital to possess this precious gem, in order to make it their own.

Therefore, among all businesses, trading is like a diamond that caters to and satisfies all individuals' needs with its rich and inexhaustible source.

Success in such an unparalleled profession is expected to be achieved by combining group knowledge with individual expertise, allowing one to reach their goals faster and taste success sooner.

Along this path, some individuals can make their progress and advancement smoother and lead themselves and others to happiness with their creative and dynamic minds, making it beneficial to utilize them as guides.


Sixth Note

Author: Rilwanu Salihu, Lagos, Nigeria 🇳🇬, English, Wa.me/2347062918413

I am Rilwanu Salihu, a representative of Arad Branding company in Nigeria.

In my opinion, joining the members of this company was an exciting opportunity that came my way, allowing me to be part of a creative and innovative team.

I must say that I have been influenced by this company, increasing my enthusiasm for branding and employment in the business sector.

I am committed to providing suitable solutions and the best quality to our clients.

I believe that my skills and experiences align well with the company's goals, and I am eager to contribute to the growth and success of this team.

Overall, I aim to stay updated on industry trends, and my collaboration with Arad Branding is a significant step in that direction.

I am very pleased to be part of this organization.


2. 10 Social media groups of Aradi traders and foreign representatives - June 29

Sending social media group to: t.me/Arad102


Group of traders and representatives Language Link
Yemen Arabic Whastapp
Syria Arabic Whastapp 
Ghana English Whastapp
Tanzania English Whastapp
Kerman, Iran Persian Telegram
Razavi Khorasan, Iran Persian Telegram
Qazvin, Iran Persian Whastapp
Industrial equipment and machinery Persian Telegram
Construction industry Persian Telegram
Food and dry fruits Persian Telegram


3. Bitter and sweet events in the life of Aradis - June 29

Inform us of bitter and sweet events: t.me/Arad105


Bitter events

Illness - Samaneh Rajabi, Qom, Iran 🇮🇷, Persian، t.me/samanerajabi


People born today

Name City Country Language Contact
Ahmad Nader Seddiq Nile Sudan 🇸🇩 Arabic Whatsapp
Mohammad Kyani Qom Iran 🇮🇷 Persian Whatsapp
Gholamreza Zamani ISfahan Iran 🇮🇷 Persian Whatsapp
Setareh Rasoli Qom Iran 🇮🇷 Persian Telegram
Jamileh Rajabi Tehran Iran 🇮🇷 Persian Whatsapp
Narges Hasan Khani Qom Iran 🇮🇷 Persian Whatsapp
Seyyed Mokhtar Razavi Behbahan Iran 🇮🇷 Persian Whatsapp
Zahra Sadat Ahmadi Qom Iran 🇮🇷 Persian Telegram
Eshagh Sahebi Bushehr Iran 🇮🇷 Persian Whatsapp
Ali Roshan Qom Iran 🇮🇷 Persian Whatsapp
Elias Pourpirali Najaf Abad Iran 🇮🇷 Persian Whatsapp
Negar toyoori Tehran Iran 🇮🇷 Persian Whatsapp


4. Newcomers: USA, Turkey, China, Malaysia, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Iran - June 29

Name City Country Language Contact
Gino Morasco New York United States 🇺🇸 English WhatsApp
Kotsal Aratsan Istanbul Turkey 🇹🇷 Turkish WhatsApp
Mohammad Moin Habib Yiwu China 🇨🇳 Arabic WhatsApp
Ahmad Saeed Ahmad Al Sayed Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 🇲🇾 Arabic WhatsApp
Fayaz Hashemi Manila Philippines 🇵🇭 English WhatsApp
Rowan Hart Kadawatha  Sri Lanka 🇱🇰 English WhatsApp
Anpin, John Chennai India 🇮🇳 English WhatsApp
Faride Seddiqui Kabul Afghanistan 🇦🇫 Pashto WhatsApp
Ali Hamadeh Mohammad Abu Dhabi UAE 🇦🇪 Arabic WhatsApp
Sunita Mahatara Nepalgunj Nepal 🇳🇵 English WhatsApp
Ishan jangid Jaipur  India 🇮🇳 English WhatsApp
Kamran Sattar Faisalabad Pakistan 🇵🇰 English WhatsApp
Mohammad Hamdi Mohammad Jeddah Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦 Arabic WhatsApp
Mahmoud Saeed Ahmed Al Maabilah Oman 🇴🇲 Arabic WhatsApp
Mohammad Abdul Dayem Hasan Sharjah  UAE 🇦🇪 Arabic WhatsApp
Mohammad Abdullah Ali Farhan Taizz Yemen 🇾🇪 Arabic WhatsApp
Ali Mohammad Al-Kari Kūt  Iraq 🇮🇶 Arabic WhatsApp
Khalid Ezzuddin Al-Mohammed Qamishli Syria 🇸🇾 Arabic WhatsApp
Bandile Koboni Johannesburg South Africa 🇿🇦 English WhatsApp
Abdulsalan Ismail Yusuf Nairobi Kenya 🇰🇪 English WhatsApp
Mika Joseph Kihengu Dar es Salaam Tanzania 🇹🇿 English WhatsApp
Amine Jamal Mohammad Cairo Egypt 🇪🇬 Arabic WhatsApp
Mohammad Fetri Moghari Fes Morocco 🇲🇦 Arabic WhatsApp
Numan Ganduz Jijel Algeria 🇩🇿 Arabic WhatsApp
David Makuba Sakwa Nairobi Kenya 🇰🇪 English WhatsApp
Yusra Salem Ali Omdurman Sudan 🇸🇩 Arabic WhatsApp
Osman Hossein Osman Kebbi Nigeria 🇳🇬 English WhatsApp
Ahmad Majdi Mohammad Kafr al-Sheikh Egypt 🇪🇬 English WhatsApp
Mubarak Mahmoud Accra Ghana 🇬🇭 English WhatsApp
Henry Netge Kampala Uganda 🇺🇬 English WhatsApp
Mohanand Habib al-Zaki
Port Sudan
Sudan 🇸🇩 Arabic WhatsApp
Billy Toogie Nakuru Kenya 🇰🇪 English WhatsApp
Prince Asido Accra Ghana 🇬🇭 English WhatsApp
Redwan Sunny Addis Ababa Ethiopia 🇪🇹 English WhatsApp
Assame Mohioddin Giza Egypt 🇪🇬 Arabic WhatsApp
Lloyd Sigavok Masvingo  Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 English WhatsApp
Ali Tany Abuja Nigeria 🇳🇬 English WhatsApp
Shine Fana Lucer Mokoena Mpumalanga South Africa 🇿🇦 English WhatsApp
Heitham Salah Hamide Issa Sumusta  Egypt 🇪🇬 Arabic WhatsApp
Ambu ovinis taka Douala Cameroon 🇨🇲 English WhatsApp
Vahid Pashaei Tehran Iran 🇮🇷 Persian WhatsApp
Ehsan Mokhtari Najafabad Iran 🇮🇷 Persian WhatsApp
Farzaneh Khamiseh Tehran Iran 🇮🇷 Persian WhatsApp
Sajjad Yazdani Mehr Dezful Iran 🇮🇷 Persian WhatsApp
Seyyed Sajjad Sajjadi Yazd Iran 🇮🇷 Persian WhatsApp
Morteza Mohammadi Sari Iran 🇮🇷 Persian WhatsApp
Shahram Rahimi Lahijan Iran 🇮🇷 Persian WhatsApp
Reza Hamidzadeh Gonbad-e Kavus Iran 🇮🇷 Persian WhatsApp
Mehdi Barkhordari Ardekan Iran 🇮🇷 Persian WhatsApp
Hadi Moradi Saveh Iran 🇮🇷 Persian WhatsApp
Alireza Farzaneh Tehran Iran 🇮🇷 Persian WhatsApp
Morteza Gerami Qazvin Iran 🇮🇷 Persian WhatsApp

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Welcome to new Aradis. I hope we grow and promote together in Arad. Arad provide every thing for its members growth. It's a great opportunity and we should say thank you to those who provide these opportunities.




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Greetings and good times to everyone,
It's great to learn from others experience as it gives us to think of new ideas 💡




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Hi there
I really enjoyed the notes, all of them show if you want to be successful you need to go to the right people to guide and help you, and these notes help you to understand more and more about Arad Branding and what it is doing to all people around the world🌱




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Hello and good day to my dear Aradis🌻
First of all, I must congratulate Mr. Gharaei for starting a business independently and for selling it in a short period of time. Naturally, this speed is the result of persistence and effort. Of course, hispresence in Arad is not a matter of one day or two days, and he spent years listening to the talks of the managers and seniors of Arad, received training, and this made him start his own business so sweetly and easily.




Gift Mapulanga

It seems to me as an opportunity and i take it with brevity and encouragement therefore let me given that opportunity.



Venus Falahati Negotiator

I hope you are doing well all Aradis. Welcome to all newcomers. We are grateful to have you here. Especial thanks to Mr. Gharai for sharing his experience with us. we hope you'll be successful in your business.




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Congratulations to the new Aradi and the new born
Arad is great👌🏻




Zahra Rezaei

I read Mr. Qarai's note several times, there were a number of numbers used in it that, if you want to use them verbally, it comes very easily to the tongue, but in practice, it is the result of repeated experiences, round-the-clock efforts, repeated trials and errors, heart belief, listening to words, proceeding step by step, pure ideas and so on and so forth. Mr. Qarai is among those who want to be completely immersed into Arad, spending time with Arad in any way, everywhere and anytime, socializing with Arad elders, nurturing their character and behavior based on that of the senior managers’ and now he is as a committed and loyal member. He is indeed with his own family, that is, Arad. There is a saying,” The perfection of my companion has an effect on me" and we should repeat it over and over because we owe Arad the perfection, honor, greatness, special power of negotiation, and the influence of our words and so many other things.




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Arad branding is indeed a great place to be, this is exciting🥰 2348062832783




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There was no more good news than this today. A belief that I always had, still have and will have, and tonight I was talking about it with someone and I said that Arad and Father Arad are God's willing. Sometimes things indeed happen that cause problems, but Arad will always go in the right direction. Even when the enemies think that we are at the end of the road, we rise stronger than before and continue.




Md Tanzil Kabir

Great inspirational articles for the newcomers to gain confidence. Looking forward for more and hopefully one day very shortly I’d be able to post my success stories 8801730711628



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The commitment to growth, learning, and collaboration within the Arad Branding family is truly inspiring.




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Excellent Business Notes from our dear representatives, it's quite inspiring.
Welcome To The Newest Representatives.
Quick Recovery on Every ill.
Happy Birthday to our birthday celebrants 😊
Many Thanks Arad Branding 🙌




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Thank your for publishing my comment. And Thanks all my fellow Aradis for their great insights. Welcome to the new members of this amazing family. I believe that ''impossible'' is possible so let make this partnership possible together.




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Greetings to all members and new commers of the Aradbranding company I am Joseph Antwi a representative of the Aradbranding company in Ghana🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭 Accra,I surely know unity, determination and being punctual promote a successful business So we all have to be United in the Aradbranding company and the family to promote food and a successful business thank you 🙏🙏🙏



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