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Natural Bitumen Price

Natural bitumen is offered at different prices by suppliers as it’s one of the Key ingredients in road construction and Many other industry sectors.

Natural Bitumen

Gilsonite or natural bitumen is one of the most practical minerals and a natural hydrocarbon.

Gilsonite is found as a solid but brittle rock that is found in underground mines.

In order to use this mineral, it is turned to powder form in different mesh sizes.

This mineral has various applications and can enhance the quality of many products and reinforce industries.

It is mainly used in road construction, oil and gas drilling, insulation and waterproofing, foundry, and many more industries.

Gilsonite was first discovered by Mr. Samuel Gilson in Utah, a town in America.

Recently, more mines are being discovered in many parts of the world such as Australia, Iran, Turkey, Colombia, etc.

Natural Bitumen

Natural Bitumen Features

In order to use natural bitumen in different industries, it is turned into powder form for easier application.

Gilsonite is powdered in different mesh sizes.

Title Description
Application Field Road Construction, Paint and Ink, Drilling, Foundry
Types Powder And Lump
Packaging Bulk, Jumbo Bag, 3-Ply Poly Bag
Color In Mass Dark Brown to Black

Gilsonite micronized powder with a mesh size of 80 to 400.

Granular gilsonite with a mesh size of 30 to 40.

It is also offered for sale in lumps which can be powdered by the buyer after the purchase.

There is also another important factor when choosing gilsonite to buy.

Another specification to pay attention to is the ash content.

Ash content is the amount of impurities in the gilsonite composition.

The lower the ash content, the purer the gilsonite.

Ash content varies from 0 to 25 percent.

Natural Mineral Bitumen

Buy Natural Bitumen

Finding suppliers to buy Gilsonite powder is quite a difficult task.

But purchasing Gilsonite directly from the manufacturer and people who own gilsonite mines, is a safe way.

There are also traders who supply this mineral from local mine owners.

In order to purchase this mineral, it is important to ask for a specification sheet.

The ash content, mesh size, specific gravity, flash point, and other necessary information are included in this sheet.

in addition to the specification sheet, you might need a material safety data sheet or MSDS.

This sheet contains safety requirements and caution that must be regarded when using Gilsonite.

Bitumen Powder

Natural Bitumen Price + Buy and Sell

Natural bitumen price depends on many factors.

The specifications such as mesh size and ash content play the main role in the pricing.

Bitumen with low ash content and mesh size has a relatively higher price than the one with higher impurity and mesh size.

Make sure to buy bitumen with specifications matching your intended application field.

Lower ash and mesh are suitable for more delicate industries such as the manufacturing of printing ink and paint.

Whereas Gilsonite with higher ash content and bigger mesh size is normally used in road construction and drilling fluids.

Based on its purity, the price of natural bitumen can range from $5 to $60 per pound.

Paying attention to these details can lead to secure purchase.

You can contact our experts for further information.

natural gas of bitumen

The Answer to Two Questions About Natural Bitumen

1: What are gilsonite powder mesh sizes?

30 to 400 mesh.

2: Where is Gilsonite found?

It is found in underground mines in America, Australia, Iran, Turkey, and Colombia.

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natural bitumen as gilsonite is being used in many industries.



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