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Felicitations on the Birth Anniversary of the Lady of Hearts, Zainab al'Kubra+ In the Gathering of Russian Traders+ with the Deputy Chairman of the Parliament's Education Commission and...

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1. Felicitations on the Birth Anniversary of Hazrat Zainab Al'Kubra, Peace Be Upon Her

Felicitations on the birth anniversary of the daughter of Imam Ali (peace be upon him), the adornment of the father, Hazrat Zainab Al'kubra, peace be upon her, in the presence of the Imam of the time – May God hasten his reappearance - and all the Muslims of the world, especially dear Arad employees.
We ask God to grant us more and more respect for this noble lady.
We congratulate all the nurses on Nurse's Day and appreciate their day and night efforts in the country's hospitals.
In the hope of reducing the diseases of the people of Iran.

We hope that Imam Ali (peace be upon him) will show affection to us and comfort us, the lovers of this family, on the occasion of the birth of his honorable daughter.
Our birthday gift to this honorable lady is a prayer for hastening the reappearance of the leader of the family of Muhammad, with blessings to Muhammad and his family.

2. The Report of Iran-Russia Business Gathering on the First Day

Let’s have fewer words and watch the video frames with enthusiasm.
Together we watch a short film about this gathering.

3. The Visit of the Deputy Chairman of the Parliament's Education Commission to Arad Branding

Yesterday, Arad Branding hosted Mr. Mohammad Reza Ahmadi, the Deputy Chairman of the Parliament’s Education Commission. 
In this meeting, it was decided that the necessary assistance would be provided to Arad and its traders for spreading trade and creating suitable educational platforms.
The central office has already been making preliminary plans for establishing a comprehensive business education system in the country, and the conditions for implementing this grand plan are being prepared.
Together, we will watch a part of this honorable man’s presence in Arad Branding.

4. Increase in Visitors and Value of Arad Branding Site

In its latest update, the worthofweb valuation website increased the value of the Arad Branding website by 9 thousand dollars to 1 million 453 thousand dollars.

Our daily visitors also increased by 300 people and reached 62,900 people.
Of course, these daily growths increase the number of traders’ signals and make businesses prosperous.

5. A Misconception About Customer Relationship 

Mr. Ziyarkolai, the Arad Branding Deputy of Education, constantly strives to remind the traders of the minor points that may cause a trader not to make a profit.
Or express minor points that can be profitable if implemented.
In this educational video, he points out another tip about customers.
We are sure that if Arad traders, including international negotiators and goods supply managers who are Arad Branding employees, listen to these tips and follow them, the profitability of Arad Branding will be multiplied.
Let’s watch this short film together.

6. Business Etiquette; Do not Renege on Your Promises.

When you want to make a promise to someone in business, think carefully about whether you can keep your promise or not.
There is a time when you cannot act, and you do not intend to act, which is awful and reprehensible, and you will certainly not be a good trader.
There is a time when you intend to act, and your calculations confirm your promise, but over time, things out of your control affect your calculations.
In this case, it cannot be said that you broke your promise.
Although the other party generally does not understand.
For example, suppose you told someone that you would do such and such a job for him on a particular day, and unfortunately, there were some unforeseen problems, and the promise you made was a little delayed.
The other party says that I have nothing to do with these things, and you are breaking your promises, and he attributes all the sordidness of breaking promises to you, while God knows that you were not guilty, and the events of destiny changed your plans.
So always consider these two situations.
Never make a promise that you know you won’t keep.
So whenever you make a promise, it must mean that you intend to fulfill that promise and can do so.
Now, suppose you unintentionally did not fulfill the promise you made. Whenever the conditions are suitable, try to fulfill it and compensate the person to whom you made a promise so that his heart can rest assured.
The most important thing is never to make one-sided promises and make people your creditors.
That is, if you make a promise to someone, it is in exchange for a condition that obligates the other party to do something.
The general public does not stick to the promises they make, but they insist on your promises.
That is, if you say to do such and such work so that I will do such and such work for you, the party that was supposed to do something completely forgets and always tells you, weren’t you supposed to do such and such work for me?
So guarantee promises in return for mutual promises so that both you and he fulfill your promises.
And this is the word of God who said: Keep your promises so that I will keep mine.
And making one-sided promises is foolish.
That a person makes a promise to someone while the other person does not do anything.
Even a father, when he promises his child a bicycle, ties that promise to something from the child’s side; for example, he says, “If the grades at the end of the semester are good, I will buy you the bicycle.”
But if the same father makes himself indebted to the child without asking anything from the child, they will say what a foolish father.
The same is true in business.
If the customer makes a promise to you, make a promise to him.
For example, he says, promise me that you will not give the load to anyone but me in a particular country or city.
Tell him you also promise to buy a certain amount from me monthly.
Because you often say yes and promise him without making any conditions, he leaves and doesn’t make any more purchases. When you want to sell to someone else, he calls you, wondering weren’t you supposed not to sell to anyone except me and accuses you of breaking your promise.
Many people are like this.
And in business, you won’t be successful if you don’t know people properly.
And how beautifully the commander of faithful Imam Ali, peace be upon him, said:
Avoid breaking promises because breaking promises will make God and people hate you.

7. A Word With Newcomers; How to Respond to the First Signals.

Arad Branding's Senior Commercial Consultant informed traders about their concerns in responding to customers and reminded them of tips to guide them. She expressed her happiness about new traders’ signals.  

Let’s watch this short and educational movie together.

8. Arad Traders' Council Meeting 

When a person is alone, he may be disappointed, and the hardships on the way to victory might make him sad and tired, but when he is on a difficult path with a group, he not only does not feel sad but also has fun along the way.
We gather together in Arad to heal our pains, solve problems with collective solutions, and fight the enemy of poverty every day, stronger than yesterday.
The Council of Arad Traders meeting is one of these places to learn about each other’s potential while benefiting from the collective wisdom and moving forward with hopeful hearts in the hopeless days of the country.
Together, we will watch a report of the last meetings of the Council of Arad Traders.

9. Last Night's Defeat Should not be a Source of Disappointment for the Iranian People.

We wish we had won last night’s game against the United States for the sake of joy in the whole country, but God’s decrees always prevail over the will of us humans, and we are satisfied with what God decrees for us.
We hope that the people of Iran will pay more attention to trying to win in the economy instead of winning in football. They will prove their real scoring ability on a national scale by entering into trade and export, or if they cannot do business by themselves, send others to the field by equipping them.
We often saw that a person paid for someone else to go to the field because he could not go to the front.
Or someone paid for another person’s Hajj pilgrimage.
I wish those who could not accompany in the economic war of trade would equip others who had the intellectual power to conquer trade.
Indeed, those who step into business with a spirit of benevolence for themselves, their families, and the people of the country or equip others in this way, God’s will for their progress is far greater than those who are only in pursuit of personal gain and have no patriotism, and devotion to their soil and religion.

10. News of the Day 

And at the end, accompany us with news of the day.
May God protect you and us and grant you success in the ups and downs of business.
Have a good day.

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Hi my dears.

Congratulations this holy birthday of the greatest religious nurse; Hazrat Zeinab (A.S).

I would prefer to break my fast of silence; so as not to cause misunderstanding for the authorities in this high level holding.
After that, I will leave comments in English or Arabic, and if you'd like to appropriate, publish them.
"Pleasure in the job, puts perfection in the work."

The Great Aristotle; one of the most famous Greek philosopher and polymath.

maryam shakib

It was very interesting news. I hope Arad is always full of good events

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