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The Russians' Gratitude for Mr. Shabani + Various Pieces of training and Unique and Exciting News

Accompany us with today's topics of Arad Branding.
We have good news.

1. The Russians' Gratitude for Mr. Shabani, the Arad Branding Chairman of the Board of Directors

We are counting the seconds and moments with a restless heart.
We want to know what happened in the meeting with the Russians, but the media, you know, do not leak information before shooting the videos beautifully and editing them the way they want.
Of course, they have all the right to do so.
We would have done the same if we were in their shoes.
Let's be frank that the Arad employees nailed it on the first day of these meetings and delighted the Russians to the extent that the leading manager of the Russians who had brought the Russian traders got down to business and presented a certificate of appreciation to Mr. Shabani in the audience. 

More interestingly, it was decided to change the venue of the meetings from the Esteghlal Hotel to the Tehran Department of Arad Branding office.
This morning, some Russian traders will visit the factories with their colleagues.
Necessary arrangements have been made for factories in Abek, Arak, and a few other places, which will be done in the morning, and in the afternoon, all the traders will be at the Pasdaran office, God willing.
Have this hot news until the media films arrive.
It is necessary to praise and thank God a lot.
We are incredibly grateful to all the Arad employees who are there working hard, and we also appreciate all who stayed and are helping behind the scenes.

2. Responding to Customers

Education is the key to the success of Arad branding, and Arad masters always try to activate Arad employees’ minds and trigger their business intelligence.
Those who hear well and understand by repetition, then believe with a vigorous heart and apply with diligence and perseverance, will surely succeed.
And those who walk slowly and lazily in the steps mentioned above either do not achieve success or do not achieve greatness as it is deserved and desired by the human heart.
So let’s take training seriously.
In today’s training, Mr. Ziyarkolai deals with the topic of responding to customers.
Let’s watch this educational video together.

3. Business Etiquette; Prohibition of Hoarding and Price Gouging 

One of the main reasons for the high price of goods in Iran is the act of hoarding by Iranians.
That is, everyone collects large amounts of the products he has until the shortage of that product is felt in the market, and then when people demand the product, they sell it at a higher price.
This is a hoarding move.
The Prophet of God says: Whoever spends one-night wishing price gouging for my community, God will invalidate the reward for forty years of his righteous deeds.
When wishing for price gouging has such a punishment ahead of it, what will be the condition of those who cause price gouging?
God will never spare them, and the burden of the sins people commit due to poverty will also be on their shoulders.
We, the Arad employees, pledge to follow their role models in faith, not to hoard products under any circumstances, not to charge high prices for Muslims, and always take steps towards the growth of people’s livelihood.
It is reported that Imam Sadiq (peace be upon him) had a large shipment of edible food in his possession, and he had ordered his commercial agent to go to the Medina market and check the situation there to send the food to the market the next day if approved.
The broker went, and after researching, he announced that there was a shortage of supplies, and if they waited a few more days, they could sell the goods at twice the price.
Imam (peace be upon him) said: I intended to send food to the market tomorrow, but now that I see that the Muslims are in trouble, I will do it today.
Then they ordered their merchants and workers to send the goods to the market and sell them at a fair price.

Master Mahjoub's work of art 

4. Assessment and Announcement of the Price to the Customer

Many people ask about a convincing price announcement to customers.
Always remember the three business principles.

  • Availability and receiving signal
  • Customer and supplier trust building
  • Fair price according to the quality of the product

Dr. Asghari, head of Arad Branding international negotiators, expresses some points about the critical issue of pricing that we see together.

5. Keywords Conquest; Every Day more Vigorous than Yesterday

The number of keywords on the first two pages of Google for the Arad Branding site reached more than 55 thousand words.
The technical team of Arad Branding is conquering new keywords in Google every day, while less than seven months since the Arad amendment in the strategy of conquering keywords have passed.
Previously, Google keywords were conquered by the personal sites of traders. Still, due to the high costs that other sites spent to conquer Google positions and many Arad traders did not understand the need to spend more, we decided to aggregate the power of Arad employees in a centralized site to increase our strength.
We are happy to see that the charts are growing, and every day more and more traders are expressing satisfaction with receiving more signals.
If you haven’t reached the signal yet, the only way is to wait until the technical unit of Arad Branding acquires the necessary positions in the keywords of your product.
Don’t stay idle while waiting; follow business training more seriously and fix your shortcomings to get money when you receive the signal quickly.

6. Google Connection With the most Reliable Sites in the World in the Previous Hour

If you write site: in Google followed by the name of any site, you will see all the indexed contents of that site.
Now, if you select the last hour option from the tools option, you will find out how many contents of the desired site Google has read in the previous hour.
Every ten contents form a page; if you see 1 page, it means between 1 and 10 contents.
Two pages mean 11 to 20 contents, and so on.
Now, in this section, we will compare different sites, and first, we will unveil Arad Branding.
These photos were taken at 5 am today.

Arad Branding with 3 pages (21 to 30 contents)

Varzesh3 with 1 page (4 contents)

Tabnak with 1 content 
Fars News Agency with 4 contents

Digikala with 1 content 

Torob with 2 pages (11 to 20 contents)

Amazon with 5 pages (41 to 50 contents)

eBay with 3 pages (21 to 30 contents)
Etsy with 3 pages (21 to 30 contents)
Alibaba with 0 content

Facebook with 6 pages (51 to 60 contents)
Instagram with 5 pages (41 to 50 contents)

7. Public Interview; Which Job Do You Select?

We went to the people and asked them about 4 jobs: doctor, teacher, bank Clerk, and trader.
Let’s watch it together without spoiling the movie.
Spoiling means revealing a secret.
Spoilers are those who, God forbid, have seen a movie and you haven’t.
They sit next to you and want to reveal the whole movie.
It doesn’t just end with the movie; if they know a secret about people, they want to tell everyone immediately.
God bless all our parents, who are the most loving spoilers of our lives.

8. Let's not gamble.

Gambling in the Quranic language is known by the word Mayser.
Mayser is derived from yeser, meaning easy.
It is gambling or possible money that a person does not make any special effort for, and it is easily obtained.
In repeated verses of His Holy Book, God has forbidden earning money from gambling or making it possible and has made it illegitimate.
In Surah Ma’ida, verses 90 and 91, while calling gambling, along with wine, idolatry, and throwing arrows and dice for the lottery, a despicable act among satanic acts, he orders the believers to avoid these acts, which will lead to salvation.
Then he says: Satan wants to put hostility and hatred between you believers with wine and gambling.
We understand why there is malice in wine.
In short, a drunkard does actions far from reason, and this behavior will become a source of hostility.
Even those who claim that we get drunk, but our minds are in control have been seen to have gone out of their control overnight and deviated from their natural state.
But why is gambling a condition for enmity and hatred?
First, answer the question, where does this easy money come from?
As they say in English: money doesn’t grow on trees
Money does not grow on trees.
So how did this gentleman or lady have a certain amount of money until yesterday, and today, it has doubled?
This makes no sense except that someone else has lost their money.
So the same person who lost his money easily for this person to gain easily will have a grudge against him.
For example, we hear that such an ewer company in Doghuz Abad; has tripled its shares in the last week.
So what happened?
Has people’s need for sunbathing and going to the bathroom tripled during this one week?
Plastic and metal hoses have gone extinct and disappeared, that ewer has been revived?
Has there been any change in the ewer industry this week?
Has he enlarged his factory by a week?
What happened that it tripled in one week, and why doesn’t this happen in the weeks before and after?
There is only one reason.
Some people have deceived the poor and unfortunate people into asking for shares of this ewer factory, and because the demand for the shares has increased, its value has increased.
And when a few more days pass, they realize they have been cheated. Then they lose their face and won’t be able to deceive others; therefore, this bubble growth will stop.
Imam Sadiq was asked about children who play with walnuts.
Imam said it is gambling and should be forbidden.
Someone said: My master, they are children who win and lose walnuts and throw them, and it is not a big issue to forbid them from playing with walnuts.
Imam said: Sin is sin, whether major or minor.
Do you agree that the child receives more walnuts and makes a profit while he did not make a legitimate effort?
And this will make him get used to this way of earning, and when he grows up, it will be difficult for him to work.
On the other hand, the children who lose will hate the children who win, and the bonds of friendship and brotherhood between the children of believers are broken.
Know that God has not forbidden anything except for its harm.
Therefore, whoever chooses to stay away from what God has forbidden has only acted for his benefit, and whoever does not pay attention has worked to his detriment.
Here is the question; What advice does Imam Sadeghi, who forbids children from playing with walnuts, have to think about getting rich overnight without any effort?
I wish people would turn to business instead of entering and investing in so-and-so and so-and-so that you can’t even name.
Because it is recommended by our Lord where He said: God has made buying and selling legitimate and usury forbidden. Al-Baqarah verse 275

9. News of the Day 

We leave you with today’s final news to the Merciful God.
Be happy and lively.

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