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Kashkuli Gabbeh Rug; Long Piles More Weft Softness 2 Colors Milk Cream

Kashkuli Gabbeh rug with high quality and beautiful designs and patterns is made by the hands of Iranian nomadic artists.

Kashkuli Gabbeh Rug

Gabbeh rug is a type of authentic Iranian carpet, which, like a carpet, has very beautiful and attractive patterns and designs.

According to the research, Gabbeh existed in the time of early humans, although not exactly in the style and design that is in the market today.

In ancient times, blankets were made of wool and skin of different animals.

This product is considered one of the common nomadic and rural textures of Iran.

Gabbeh is mostly woven in the southwestern regions of Iran by the Qashqai nomads.

The Kashkoli family from the Qashqai tribe produces the best and most famous type of this product.

Kashkuli Gabbeh Rug

Kashkuli Gabbeh Rug Features

Compared to the carpet, more weft is used in the Kashkuli Gabbeh rug weave.

For this reason, its material is very soft.

Title Description
Appearance Beautiful
Material Wool
Features Long Piles, More Weft and Excessive Softness
Colors Milk and Cream

Long piles, more weft and excessive softness of this product are its important and main features.

This product is thicker and sturdier than the carpet, and in terms of efficiency, in addition to being used for underlayment, in some cases it is also used to maintain heat and protect people from the cold.

Of course, be careful that the thinner the yarn used in the weaving process, the better and higher quality the product will be.

Kashkuli Gabbehs are available in the market as hand-woven and machine-woven, and they have many fans.

The colors used in this product are usually bright and use milk and cream colors.

kashkuli gabbeh carpet

Buy Kashkuli Gabbeh Rug

You should pay attention to various points when buying Kashkuli Gabbeh rug.

If the fiber is dyed with chemical dye, especially if it is of poor quality, it will fade and disappear very quickly in front of direct sunlight, so avoid buying them.

When it comes to distinguishing a hand-woven Gabbeh from a machine-made Gabbeh, one of the easiest things to do is to draw a wet cloth over the rug.

If your napkin becomes colored, it can be said that it is machine made.

To create harmony between the rug and the home decoration, you can buy single furniture in the same color as the rug.

indo gabbeh rug

Kashkuli Gabbeh Rug Price + Buy and Sell

The price of the Kashkuli Gabbeh rug is not only affected by its size, but the design, role and materials used in it have a great impact on its price.

The price of a product made of all wool is much more expensive.

Also, the way of dyeing this product, whether it is natural or herbal, has no effect on its price.

Sometimes you will come across low prices of hand-woven Qashqai rugs, which is due to low quality and the use of synthetic fibers.

This product has different prices in centers and stores, but in general, the price of hand-woven Kashkuli Gabbeh rugs is much more expensive than machine-made rugs.

Currently, the price of 1.5 meters of Kashkuli Gabbeh rug with synthetic fibers is between 18 and 82 dollars.

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persian gabbeh rug

The Answer to Two Questions About Gabbeh Rug

1: What are the features of Gabbeh Rug?

Long piles, more weft and excessive softness of this product are its important and main features.

2: What are the colors of Gabbeh Rug?

The colors used in this product are usually bright and use milk and cream colors.

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