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Inline Drip Pipe; PE Plastic Material 20 MM Size 300 Meter Long

Using inline drip pipes is an excellent method to reduce water use to a minimum while ensuring all plants have enough water.

Inline Drip Pipe

Irrigation or simply watering plants has always been a great concern of farmers and gardeners alike.

In the old times, farmers used canals and dams to redirect the water from nearby rivers into their fields.

This irrigation method practically worked well until a century ago, when the world faced a new challenge: water shortage.

As a result, farmers had to come up with other ideas to reduce the water used in their farming, without cutting down on their crops.

Drip pipes have been the right answer to all these challenges.

In the method of drip tubing, drippers are installed in specific intervals inside or outside pipes.

These drippers allow water to be emitted in drops at precise locations.

inline drip irrigation

Inline Drip Pipe Features

Inline drip pipes are very useful not just in hot and dry climates, but also in humid and rich lands because they have many interesting features to offer.

Using an inline drip irrigation system greatly reduces evaporation, waste of water, and runoff.

Title Description
Size 20 MM
Dripper Distance 40 CM
Material PE Plastic
Length 300 Meter

In drip irrigation, you transfer water directly to the roots of the plant, and as a result of which, all crops will be watered adequately.

Estimates show water consumption reduces from 30% to 50% in this method.

In this method, it is possible to automate irrigation by using an irrigation timer.

An irrigation timer or controller is very easy to work with and needs no use of manpower.

inline drip tubing

Buy Inline Drip Pipe

Here are a few points to be considered, if you are going to buy inline drip pipes for your farms.

First off, make sure the drippers work properly and that they are not clogged.

You should also check to see if these drippers are installed in precise intervals.

The material of these pipes should also be a major concern of yours.

Since these pipes will be used in watering farms, you must make sure they are resistant to radiation.

And finally, buy the right length of pipe, so that you won't have to use too many couplers or fittings during the installation.

inline dripper hose

Inline Drip Pipe Price + Buy and Sell

Inline drip pipes come in a variety of sizes, lengths, and diameters.

The quality of drippers used in these pipes can also impact the prices of these products.

In addition, drip pipes made from long-lasting and lightweight materials are naturally more expensive but still more cost-effective.

Considering these factors, you can see that the prices of these pipes differ from one type to another.

Anyways, you can have these pipes for about $0.15 to more than $1 per meter.

You can always visit our website to see a large collection of different irrigation systems at better prices.

Call our experts and they will let you know all the details.

inline dripper tubing

The Answer to Two Questions About Inline Drip Pipe

1: What is an inline drip pipe?

Inline drip tubes are produced by inserting a drip gun directly into the tube at regular intervals during the manufacturing process.

2: What is the spacing for inline drip?

Distance between drippers is 30, 40, 50, and 60 cm.

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