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Purchase Price black raisins 500g + Quality Test

Most companies like Good life are trying to provide different black raisins packaging from 500 g to 10 kg. Raisins are unrivaled by any other dried fruit in terms of the number of nutrients that they contain. Because they come in such a rainbow of tastes and colors, they are a hit not just with children but also with adults and other members of the general public. Even in places like the United States, where raisins aren't typically consumed as part of a meal, they are often found as an ingredient in desserts, health tonics, snacks, and high-energy food supplements for hikers and campers. Include raisins in your diet to increase the number of antioxidants that are present in your body. Depending on the kind of grape that was used to make them, raisins may be found in a variety of colors and sizes, including green, black, blue, purple, and yellow. Numerous benefits come together with the purchase of the green raisin from Value. The vitamins and minerals that are good for you may be found in raisins. In addition, they do not contain any fat or cholesterol, are a good source of fiber, and have a high antioxidant content. It assists in improving general body health as well as the immune system, particularly in cases of malnutrition, sickness, or advanced age. If consumed on a consistent basis, it will enhance the body's strength as well as its endurance. Black raisins 1 kg

Black raisins 1 kg

You may get1 kg of black Jumbo raisins without any extra sugar — they only contain the sugar that occurs naturally — and without any preservatives by shopping online. Every raw ingredient goes through a painstakingly thorough selection process to ensure that the finished product is 100% natural, has no added sugar, and is sold at a reasonable price. When you purchase our black Jumbo raisins, you are helping to support agriculture of the highest quality and the farmers and farm workers who toil in the fields with love, effort, and respect. For those who are true connoisseurs of dried fruits, black Jumbo raisins are available in packages of one kilogram. Storage is crucial! When storing raisins, use an airtight container or a big plastic bag that can be sealed to prevent them from drying out and clumping together. Unless you expect to eat the raisins within a few months, you may wish to keep them in the refrigerator to extend their shelf life. It is necessary to press into a specified region on the side of certain boxes, such as those for hot cereal. To open the tab, you'll often have to cut along the dotted lines. It's tough to reopen a tab that you've already closed. Black seedless raisins 1kg

Black seedless raisins 1kg

As seedless raisins are popular among chefs, black raisins are available in 1 kg packaging for partial purchase. Raisins come in a wide variety of colors and flavors, including black, currant, sultana, and many more. There are also green, red, and yellow raisins in addition to the golden ones. The packaging of raisins is determined by a number of different aspects, such as the value proposition of the product and the personality of the brand. This piece of vector art with creative elements has been blended with a real photo of raisins to create an image that is both realistic and beautiful. Raisins are often purchased in bulk and then packaged up for sale. The price per pound of raisins varies depending on whether you buy them wholesale or retail. On the other hand, the price of a pound of raisins sold by wholesalers might vary significantly from that sold by online sellers. One well-known example of an internet retailer that sells raisins in wholesale quantities is Amazon.com. Due to the enormous amounts of raisins that they need, this type of customer should be deemed to fall within the wholesale category. Black raisins per kg price

Black raisins per kg price

Packaging of black raisins can affect the price. Per kg, raisins are made of dehydrating 4 kg fresh grape. Each grape cluster has a plethora of grape segments inside its confines. Every grape berry that is allowed to wither and dry into a raisin is converted into a raisin in the process. When we harvest a great quantity of raisins, we call them "bulk raisins," and we refer to them in this way. Farmers are accountable for the process that took place before their step. After that, the producers of raisins will split the raisins into their respective sizes and then sort them into the various classes that they have been assigned. At this point, the raisins that are good enough to be considered Grade A are separated from the raisins that are good enough to be considered Grades B and C, and they are then packed individually. In addition to that, the packaging has been altered. ۱۰kg packaging, ۵kg packages. The packing for gram amounts is much more expensive than the packaging for kilogram quantities. 6 soaked black raisins benefits

6 soaked black raisins benefits

Consuming soaked dry fruits, such as black raisins, is said to provide a number of health benefits; our more experienced relatives have often conveyed this information to us. Luke Coutinho, a life coach, emphasizes the importance of eating six black raisins after they have been soaked in water and refers to the practice as a "strong" tradition that has been followed in our nation for many years. He believes that it might be a simple but significant adjustment to one's way of life. Just put six of the dark raisins in a bowl of water and let them sit there for the night. Take it on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. If you want greater results, make sure you stick to this regimen every day. In a video posted on his social media accounts, Luke goes into greater detail about the advantages of eating raisins that have been soaked. Luke claims that soaked black raisins are high in fiber and can be used as a laxative without giving the appearance that a person is suffering from diarrhea. The substantial fiber content makes certain that bowel movements in the morning will be unobstructed and easy. The condition of your gastrointestinal tract and the regularity of your bowel movements have a direct bearing on the quality and health of your skin and hair. People who have issues with constipation are also able to develop this condition.

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Raisins should be eaten together with pistachios and walnuts for further strengthening and better absorption of nutrients


As mentioned, pilaf raisins are yellow, but evening raisins or snack raisins are black.


Daily consumption of nuts strengthens memory

Sahar kamali

Eat black raisins with walnuts or peanuts to have a greater effect on health and make the brain more active.


Since they are available in so many flavors and colors, they are loved not only by children, but also by adults and the rest of the public.


Raisins have a lot of calcium, magnesium, copper and manganese and these substances are the best brain and memory boosters


Raisins are unmatched by any other dried fruit in terms of the benefits they contain.


Even in places like the United States, raisins are often not eaten as part of meals, but are often used as an ingredient in desserts, dietary supplements, snacks,


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Dates and almonds are very effective in strengthening red blood cells and anemia.


Hello good day ?.My favorite combination of food is raisins and walnuts. They taste good together


You can eat raisins with dried fruit, they are very strong

Kamelia Rostamnezhad

Raisins are a nutritious and energy-rich food that is very useful for athletes.
Raisins are used to prepare desserts and sweets


To prepare raisins, first wash the grapes cleanly and then pass them through the rope, which can be dried both in the sun and in the shade.

Ali vafadar

black raisins are an amazing addition to your diet as they help eliminate impurities from blood, reduce blood pressure, hair loss, keep anemia at bay as they contain natural anti-oxidants and are rich in iron.


Dried fruit is very tasty and has many health benefits. Raisins are obtained by drying red seedless grapes and are smaller than regular and sweet raisins.


Using raisins in cakes, jams and other foods gives them a very delicious taste. Raisins are rich in iron, antioxidants, and fiber, and by consuming them, they provide your body with excellent nutrients


Raisins, sunny raisins and plum raisins are related to each other. These dry fruits are obtained from different types of grapes. Among these three types of dried fruits, raisins are the rarest. Completely black and red currants have a relatively sour taste, and unlike sour and sunny raisins that are obtained from grape vines, they are obtained from bush grapes.


There are many properties of raisins. Only 100 grams of it contains a lot of energy and nutrients, including carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals, etc


Currants are naturally low in sodium and free from fat and cholesterol, but they are high in vitamins and minerals. Raisins are rich in iron, potassium, calcium and vitamin B. Also, this dried fruit is a good source of dietary fibers and antioxidants.


Consuming 100 grams of raisins gives you 1,184 kJ or 283 kcal of energy. Also, there are 74 grams of carbohydrates in this amount of raisins, and this amount of carbohydrates is ideal during work and activity, when you need more energy

Fatima Abbasi

Hello,Raisins are unrivaled by any other dried fruit in terms of the number of nutrients that they contain.


Black raisins can be used in yogurt, dessert, and mixed sliced ​​fruits


This type of raisins is called grafted raisins and they are very popular and have a delicious taste, thank you


Hello, how is it high in fiber, good for diarrhea, good for anemia, laxative and anti-constipation


Black raisins are very good for the body, I always use them for my acne


Chashma Sarvardi is a dried black grape that has good quality and is used in most homes

Reza javadi

You can always have black raisins with you in addition to using them in food along with chickpeas and walnuts, and enjoy of them

Muhaddith Abbasi

Black raisins are also sold in 500 grams at a reasonable price


Black raisins have wonderful and unique properties and are very useful for the body. They contain various vitamins and iron. Black raisins combined with walnuts are considered a nutritious and tonic food for children and teenagers.

Zahra shiri

I am doing the plant based Vegan thing for athletic purposes. I use these as my natural sweetners


Black raisins are very useful
It is very good for breakfast with oatmeal


Depending on the kind of grape that was used to make them, raisins may be found in a variety of


Raisins are a very useful and energy-rich food that can be used in meals that are also very tasty


No matter how much I say about the properties of raisins, we have not said enough. Raisins have many antioxidants and high filters that can introduce nutrients into the body. They are mostly used in cakes and desserts. They are a strange source for a snack.


Raisins have many uses and can be used in a variety of different ways. Raisins can be sprinkled on salads, added to yogurt, consumed with cucumber buttermilk, and used as a seasoning in some dishes such as lentil rice.


Black raisins are very tasty and high in calories


Raisins were used in Rome as prizes for people who decorated places of worship and for winners in sports competitions.

Hossein inanloo

Hello, I bought this product, it's great, I can't say enough about it, I recommend it, it's great, very sweet


You can eat black raisins with your tea and tea without worrying about calories


Ajil has many properties and benefits, and consuming it daily provides energy for the day


Ajil has many properties and benefits, and consuming it daily provides energy for the day very nice


Ajil has many properties and benefits, and consuming it daily provides energy for the day,,!


Ajil has many properties and benefits, and consuming it daily provides energy for the day..!

Sara Maleki

Different types of raisins are used in different types of food. For example the type of raisin you add to rice differs from the type of raisin you add to cakes.

Hossein inanloo

Hello, I bought this product. It's very good. I suggest you fruit for healthy breakfast at a reasonable price


All kinds of dried fruits and nuts, which are very nutritious and delicious, have various vitamins

Seyyed Mohammad Babaei Chigini

These black raisins are really delicious and they are made from fresh and delicious grapes and these raisins are really useful


Produced raisins have a premium and unique quality and are among the top export varieties and are sent to markets all over the world. Raisins are very tasty.


Black raisins are my favorite kind to add to cakes. They're quite delicious


Daily consumption of nuts strengthens the bones of the body


Using nuts strengthens physical strength and improves memory


Black raisins are used in baking and Iranian dishes

Mohammad Navid Arabi

The best food for daily use in free time is only black raisins


My favorite combination of food is raisins and walnuts. They taste good together

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