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Golden Apple Fruit in India; Carbs Water Pome Fruit Sweet Taste

Golden Apple fruit in India is a kind of apple that is mostly sweet and yellow.

However, it is possible that a golden might be tart in taste.

Golden Apple Fruit in India

You might think that Golden Apple would be an especial apple.

But you are mistaken.

The word Golden would refer to many kinds of apples.

Some people would even call a Gala which predominately red a Golden apple sometimes.

However, we would try to introduce you the most common Golden apples in this article, and point out their features.

The most common Golden Apple is Golden Delicious.

Golden Delicious is popular mostly because of its sweet taste.

It is also the most common Golden apple because it is completely yellow with only black dots covering all of its surface.

This apple is also known as a reliable competitor for Red Delicious.

yellow apple

Golden Apple Fruit Features in India

The predominant feature of a Golden apple is to have a ubiquitous yellow color.

However, sometimes there are not completely yellow.

Title Description
Mainly Composed of Carbs and Water
Type of Fruit Pome Fruit
Most Common Golden Delicious
Popular for Its Sweet Taste

Some Golden apples are partly red.

Some other Golden Apples are partly green or even pink.

One of the golden apples is Jonagold.

This is one the golden apples that is partly red and partly yellow.

Jonagold apple is quite a large type next to other golden apples.

The taste of this apple is mild, neither tart or so sweet.

Another type of golden apple whose color is dotted by one or more pink spots is Newtown Pippin apple.

golden apple in hindi

Buy Golden Apple Fruit in India

The first thing that you have to bear in mind when you want to buy a golden apple is the size of it.

Golden apples are offered in different sizes.

In this respect, between the two golden apples that we introduced above, Jonagold is larger than the Newtown Pippin.

Ginger Gold is another kind that is mostly found in large sizes.

However, Winter Banana is a type of golden apples that is so small in size.

Golden Delicious is among those golden apples that is purchased in different sizes.

We also have very small golden apples that is not yet designated.

golden apple fruit

Golden Apple Fruit Price in India + Buy and Sell

The price of golden apples is so much depended on the availability of these apples.

Golden delicious is one of the most prevalent golden apples, thus the price of this apples is cheaper globally.

This is despite the fact the Golden Delicious is also the most sold type of golden apples.

Winter Banana’s price is high for example.

This is most due to the fact this apple is quite non-existence in many global markets to the extent that its name is hardly heard anywhere.

The price of golden apples range from 00.50 to more than 4.00 US dollars globally.

We have been known as a company that pledge itself to know the quality.

Do not wait to contact us.

Golden Apple

The Answer to Two Questions About Golden Apple

1: What are golden apples good for?

A good source of potassium, iron, and zinc.

2: Where does golden apple grow?

Southern California, Florida, and the Bahamas.

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