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Export Quality Onion (Mountain Garlic) Red White 2 Vitamins C A

The amount of export quality onion supply and demand in the stores is regular and sufficient, and this onion has its own fans, which are offered at the best price.

Export Quality Onion

The onion is a very particular type of vegetable belonging to the narcissus family, with very high therapeutic and medicinal properties.

This product is one of the complete food sources with many properties and characteristics.

It can be said that this type of onion is a completely therapeutic product and plays a very important role in the health and well-being of the body.

This onion helps a lot in bone health and keeps the body away from osteoporosis and is very beneficial for the body.

This product is commonly called mountain garlic and is also known by this name.

This product can be very helpful in getting rid of bacteria in the human body and is a kind of antibacterial onion.

Export Quality Onion

Export Quality Onion Features

One of the characteristics of this onion is that it is slimming and this onion has easily solved many problems of overweight people.

High-quality export onion with very low calories can reduce people's weight to a great extent and is popular among people as an excellent diet.

Title Description
Known As Mountain Garlic
Diet Low Calories Can Reduce Weight
Rich In Vitamins C, A, Mineral
Color Red and White

This onion plays a very important role in the health of the skin of the body and can heal all kinds of skin lesions and infections.

Red onion is used in sandwiches and salads, and white onion, which is the hottest type, and sweet onion are usually suitable for frying.

It can be said that this product is rich in vitamins C, and A and mineral salts and can greatly help the health of the body.

export quality onion size

Buy Export Quality Onion

When buying export-quality onion, you should pay attention to the important points, so that you can have a safe and loss-free shopping experience.

When buying this type of onion, make sure that there is no yellow color or mold around it, as the presence of mold can endanger your health.

If you need to dry and powder the onion, use the type of onion that has less water to reduce the possibility of its spoilage.

Try to buy this product from reliable sales centers so that you can buy it with confidence.

When buying this onion, make sure the onion is small so that it is not black or hollow, and you have no problem when using it.

export quality onion nashik

Export Quality Onion Price + Buy and Sell

The Export Quality Onion Price on the market varies according to the quality and quantity desired and is not the same everywhere.

The final price for each kilo of onion varies according to the amount of your purchase and the type of your request.

Of course, the higher the amount of your request, the lower the price.

Today, all kinds of onion buying and selling markets are fluctuating and drastic changes can be seen in them.

The average price of this type of onion starts at $1 and goes up to $2.

To get more information and buy this product, you can contact our experts using the number below and you can get this product from us with the best quality and the most affordable price today.

export quality white onion

The Answer to Two Questions About Export Quality Onion

1: What family does Export Quality Onion belong to?

The onion is belonging to the narcissus family.

2: Does Export Quality Onion have any skin benefits?

It can heal all kinds of skin lesions and infections.

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